if you’re a trans man, and you want to see yourself reflected in art, you’re allowed to want any form of representation you want, and it doesn’t make you ~not really trans~

if you want to see trans people in binders, or with their pronouns labeled, or with sex characteristics people don’t commonly associate with your gender, you’re allowed to want that,because all of that is your experience and that’s as valid as anything

and if you want to see yourself depicted as no different than a cis guy, you can want that too.

but whatever you want, that doesn’t invalidate you or anyone else.

Spectrum outfitters is a new UK BASED company that is about to start selling binders

I know this damn website is so Americanised but PLEASE reblog this! Transmasculine people in the UK have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for shipping from America. This could change all that.

Support your UK trans community. Reblog this. Get the word out.

support trans men who name themselves after their favorite characters

support trans men who name themselves something “common” in the trans community

support trans men who have a name close to their birthname or some variation of it

stop shitting on trans men for their names. they already have to deal with enough people disrespecting them.

“if you didn’t discover that label/tumblr/the internet, then you wouldn’t have identified with that bullshit gender.”

no, i wouldn’t have. i would have gone through life thinking something was wrong with me and every time someone uses the wrong pronouns/name, i would have felt like throwing up.

but i did discover that label/tumblr/the internet, and i realised that i wasn’t the only person who felt like this, and that made me feel supported and safe and happy in my own skin.

so kindly fuck off.

I hope pregnant trans men are doing ok. I hope that them and their children are healthy and I really want them to know that having babies isn’t just a thing for women, and that their gender is still valid. Your kid will love you regardless of your gender identity, don’t worry about it. I hope they have a safe, healthy birth with no complications and that they recover from it well.

Shout out to all those small trans men out there!

If you’re 5″ or under YOU’RE VALID

If your shoe size is 3 YOU’RE VALID

If your head is too small for hats YOU’RE VALID

If your hands are small YOU’RE VALID


Mentally ill trans people with stigmatized disorders are not less valid than other trans people.

Mentally ill trans people shouldn’t have their identities dismissed as just a symptom of mental illness.

Trans people deserve access to mental health treatment with competent providers who will respect their identities.

Trans people deserve access to hormone replacement therapy and gender confirmation surgery even if they are mentally ill.

Shout out to my fellow petite trans brothers out here
  • To the trans guys who are so thin their binder will NEVER work to sculpt “pecs” for them.
  • To the trans guys who go to try on XS clothing sizes and still end up never having clothes that fit snugly enough.
  • To trans guys who have to custom order men’s jeans because they rarely carry a size small enough for them, or to trans guys who just wear “women’s” jeans since it’s easier.
  • To trans guys who can eat all the “right” foods and do all of the specific exercises and still just… don’t ever beef up in the right ways because it’s not what their body is willing to do. 
  • To trans guys who are so small that even other afab people laugh when comparing the size of their hands or their shoe size to yours.
  • To trans guys that have height dysphoria worse than anything else sometimes.
  • To trans guys who know they’ll still be small/short even after starting T, and just have to learn how to cope with it.
  • To trans guys with a metabolism too high to be anything other than skinny.
  • To trans guys who don’t want to have the image of a soft, skinny, “smol” trans boy but always end up lumped in that category anyways.
  • To trans guys who get called ‘adorable’ in anything short of a leather jacket with bloodied knuckles.
  • To trans guys who do fit a softer stereotypical image and don’t mind that! Who embrace flower crowns and pastel sweaters and feel like they’re trans the “wrong” way!
  • To trans guys who can wear all the passing-guidebook clothing, change their gait, and deepen their voices and still get misgendered.

You’re all awesome and even other trans guys sleep on y’all but you’re just as much of a man as the 6′0″ well muscled guys you always see people praising.
You’re going to find a way to feel comfortable with your presentation some day, I promise. 
Whether that means starting HRT, getting surgeries, learning to self love, or a mix of any of these! You’re going to be happy with yourself some day, even if it takes a little bit of work.
Hang in there.

Shoutout to those who struggle to accept their own sexuality and/or gender.

Shoutout to those who force themselves into hyper masculinity or femininity to be safe and feel accepted.

Shoutout to those who laugh along with jokes and slurs that inherently hurt and degrade them.

Shoutout to those who force themselves to look a certain way to feel accepted and attractive.

Shoutout to those who force themselves to be someone they are not.

Shoutout to those who even after accepting themselves, still struggle with expressing themselves.

One day you will be able to love yourself for who you are. You are not a bad person, you are not wrong or less desirable. You are beautiful the way you are. There are other people who will see and love you for who you are.