My dear trans and nonbinary kids: 

A good response to “But you have a (wo)man’s body!”: 

Looking at them shocked and whispering “Oh gosh, you know about the body i buried under my house?”. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: Just kidding. But seriously: You have a body - and that body is your body. You identify as a man? Then you got a man’s body! Wonderful! You identify as a girl? Then you got a woman’s body! Amazing! You identify as nonbinary? Your body is nonbinary! So cool! Doctors assigned a gender to it based on the shape of your genitals and people may perceive it as a certain gender based on cultural norms - but neither doctors nor other people get to decide what you identify as.

A note about the anti-trans buses we keep hearing about:

“I don’t know if you already know this but I think it’s important that you know the story behind the (disgusting) “up with cis bus”.

Believe it or not it all started in Spain about a month ago, when this bus appeared on the streets of Madrid:

External image

It says “Boys have penis, girls have vulva, don’t let anyone fool you” (the best translation I can come up with). It was made by an ultracatholic association Known as “Hazte oir” which is against LGBT rights. The bus was in circulation for a day before people protested and it was inmoviliced by Madrid city hall for promoting a hate message.

A few days after that another bus was spotted but it had a slightly different message:

External image

It reads “Do boys have penis?, Do girls have vulva?” and they parked it in front of Madrid city hall as a protest for what happened to the first bus. It was again quickly inmoviliced and retired from streets.

But the story doesn’t end here because a third bus appeared after that:

External image

This one said “Boys have [censored], Girls have [censored]” and this time it could not legally be retired because the message was not splicit.

After all this the association moved to the USA, but I think you know that story better than I do. 

As a response to all this issue the media turned very pro trans for several weeks, you could see that news were suddenly filled with trans stories and positive messages towards trans people and a popular TV show (El intermedio) made its own pro trans bus and dedicated a whole week to trans people.

External image

External image

It had its own message “Gender identity isn’t chosen, don’t let anyone choose it for you”.

I’m proud that my country reacted so quickly and so strongly against a such a toxic message, but there’s still a lot to do.

I hope it was useful to you and anyone who reads it and sorry if it had any mistakes, english is not my mother language. Also I wrote this from what I could remember so maybe there are some minor mistakes with the facts but this is esentially the whole story.

Please keep people informed of the misadventures of the trans-hate bus in the USA if you can and spred the full story.”

Note from Lady Feral:  Thank you @aljini for this super informative submission.  Your English is amazing, btw!

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