The relaxation fairies want you too remember that even if you are relaxed, you’re body needs to relax aswell. Listen too it, take breaks from your binder and don’t wear it anymore than eight hours a day. You’re just as much as aman without it as with it and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

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What NOT to ask a trans person — and why.

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Shoutout to all the transpeeps that have difinitive masculine or feminine features.

Shoutout to the transpeople that have disabilities. You are just as valuable as an able bodied person.

Shoutout to the transpeople who can’t transition because it might/would lead to them being attacked or harassed.

Shoutout to the transpeople who have already come out to their family, but have been denied the right to transition.

Shoutout to the people who can’t afford to transition, especially if it’s illegal where they are.

You all matter. You are loved. You are you and that is enough.

Dear Cis People:

When you say “seek help/therapy/a doctor/” do you realize that’s what a lot of us do, to help us transition. When we go to a doctor or therapist there here to help us transition, get on meds, (for some) HRT, and (for some) surgery. They’re not here to tell us that this is “a phase” or tell us our feelings about our gender (or lack thereof) isnt valid and that what we’re born with is what we have to live by.

Standing Faced Towards You (Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by KZ, Jun Down, Crazy Mind Rap Making by Dongwoo, Hoya)

Like a movie, there is a farewell scene that is appearing chronologically right in front of our eyes. Infinite portrays their charms as a vocal group with each individual’s voice with the dramatic music in the background.

translated by ifnt0827
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Toronto transgender woman represents Canada in dodgeball
Savannah Burton is currently the only known transgender athlete representing Canada on the international level.

When Canada goes for gold in August at the World Dodgeball Championship, the team will include what’s believed to be a first for any Canadian sports team on the international stage: a transgender athlete.

Canada’s dodgeball team is only three years old and not yet officially sanctioned, but it’s already making its mark.

Savannah Burton of Toronto, once a player on the men’s team, will play on the women’s at the upcoming world championship in Las Vegas.

“Growing up, I didn’t know of any trans athletes at all.” Burton told the Star in an interview. “People see me out there, and if it encourages them to play sports, I think that’s great.”

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cheap/free binding method!!

for transboys, masculine presenting non binary people, etcetera

ok so binders are super expensive and sometimes ordering them online is just not an option. for me it isn’t anyway! so i decided to share how i bind my chest at home! 

step one: find/buy a pair of tights. 

i think they’re called pantyhose in the usa? anyway, the less opaque the better! i find that tights that are really opaque are less stretchy, which isn’t a good thing. i really recommend nude coloured tights rather than black ones, especially now during the summer because it can get really hot - but i don’t have any so if you’re like me and you only have black ones, be careful not to end up too hot because black colours absorb heat!

step two: cut em up!

get yourself a pair of scissors and start to cut up the tights. firstly, you’re going to cut a line just above the crotch, like so!

then cut a line down the middle of the piece you just removed (only on one side), like so!

the end result should look something like this!

now, cut at the bottom of each leg to remove the feet, at the top of each leg to separate them!

then, finally, cut down the middle of each leg (only one one side again!)

and then you should have something like this!

step three: use the biggest piece to start binding!

grab the biggest piece that you made at the start and pull it across the middle of your chest so it covers the entire area of your breasts, then tie it at the back. not too tight! just enough so you feel secure.

step four: use the other two pieces to finish binding!

use one piece and wrap it across the lower area of your breasts, so half of it is covering the bottom of your breasts and half of it is covering the area bellow them. depending on how long the tights are, you can wrap it around once or twice, just make sure it isn’t too tight! then tuck the ends under the first piece you used. 

after this piece is secure, grab the other one and wrap it across the upper area of your breasts! do the same thing you did with the first one, wrap it around as much as you can without it getting too tight, and tuck in the ends so everything feels secure.

step five: put on your shirt!

this isn’t the best binding method in the world, and you’re not going to be the flattest, but for me i think i look pretty good when i wear a baggy shirt! this is how the end results look for me!

step six: make sure it isn’t too tight before going out!

my tip is to wander around the house or the garden for about 15-25 minutes, or take a small walk, and if you start to get laboured breathing or get small pains in your back, ribs, etcetera, it’s too tight! go back and try again, a little looser this time. 

step seven: don’t wear it for too long!

obviously this isn’t a professionally made binder, so you have to be very aware of how long you’re wearing it. i haven’t ever worn it for more than 3 hours, because i’ve had no reason to wear it for longer, but i wouldn’t recommend wearing it for more than 8 hours, less if possible. 

and that’s it! my askbox is always open for questions and advice, but otherwise stay safe and enjoy your flat(ish) chest! <3