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If you need to change the name on your DCI account it is actually pretty easy.
You can either email WotC or you can call 1-800-324-6496. I called and the person who helped me was quite pleasant and the change will be immediate. I am not sure how long it takes for the email process to take.

Additionally, if you have a DCI username (which is just for logging onto the DCI website) and you need to change it there is an extra step. You need to create a new DCI account with a new DCI number and everything. Then you use that account to make the username you want. Then contact WoTC and they will merge the accounts, allowing you to choose which username to keep.
'I'm a non-binary 10-year-old' - BBC News
Leo is 10 year old and, after living most of his life as a girl, has decided that he is both masculine and feminine.

“I’m feeling a lot happier than before. I’m feeling a lot more relaxed and I’m feeling able to talk about it without being all shy.” This inspiring 10 year old talks about being #nonbinary 🌈

If you need support, reach out to us 24/7 at 866-488-7386. You can also connect with us using Trevor Chat, available 3-9pmET at Trevor Space is our safe, online community, available at 🌈

160930 pledis_17 twitter update:

[ORIG] [17’S] 13인 완전체로 오랜만에 돌아온 안드로메다! #오늘은_정말_아무말_대잔치 #이것이_진정한_안드로메다

[TRANS] [17′S] Andromeda that came back after a long time with all 13 members! #today_was_just_really_a_big_party_where_anything_was_said #this_is_the_true_andromeda

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California Adopts Groundbreaking All-Gender Restroom Access Law
Beginning in March, all single-occupancy public restrooms in the state must be open to all genders. California is the first state with such a law.

California today became the first state in the nation to adopt legislation requiring that all single-occupancy restrooms in California businesses, government buildings, and other places of public accommodation be open to all genders. Gov. Jerry Brown today signed the legislation, Assembly Bill 1732, into law, as it had been approved by both the state Assembly and Senate. It will take effect March 1, giving the Golden State “the nation’s most progressive restroom access law,” notes a press release from the Transgender Law Center.

Several cities have such laws, according to the legal group, including Philadelphia, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Santa Fe, N.M. Many colleges and universities, including the University of California system, also have similar policies, and some private businesses have put inclusive measures in place — management of the Sacramento Kings NBA team recently announced that the team’s new stadium, the Golden 1 Center, will include all-gender restrooms, and Target is putting gender-neutral facilities in all its stores. But California has the first statewide law.

“California is charting a new course for equality,” Assemblyman Phil Ting, the bill’s author, said in the press release. “Restricting access to single-user restrooms by gender defies common sense and disproportionately burdens the LGBT community, women, and parents or caretakers of dependents of the opposite gender. Bathroom access is a biological need. This law will ensure more safety, fairness, and convenience … for everyone.”

The legislation won praise from activists for transgender equality and women’s rights. 

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