A while ago I was watching an tfp episode in the beginning of season 2. First I noticed that megatron face was reflecting on his own armor. Thought first it was a normal detail thingy.




FUCK!!!! O-O

It’s like…. where did his mouth and part of face go!?
He’s is not only derpy anymore… .-.

It’s srsly just a pair of eyes!!!!

At least someones might be amused. :P

anonymous asked:

Can you do 22 and 23 with a little predacon sparkling hoarder. Maybe with rung or who you think will fit

When the therapist opted to be the caretaker of the predacon sparkling he didn’t about their habit of collecting or their dislike of sharing what they collected. Even if it didn’t belong to them. Rung’s glasses happen to be on of the collected objects. After searching for a while he found where you eventually went along where your little stash of objects were.

The orange mech got down to ground level. “Sparkling, it isn’t nice to take things from people. May I have my glasses back,” Rungs reaches in to grab his glasses. The sparkling not liking him touching the newly received item and puffs up with a hiss hoping to intimidate the larger Cybertronian. “Did you just hiss at me?” Rung marveled fitting his glasses over his optics. It didn’t help that there were little servo prints smeared on the lens. “You’re not big enough to be scary, little one,” he chuckled.

He picked up the grumpy sparkling and took a gander at their collection. “Do you really need all that candy?” Rung smiled now knowing where all his sweets were going. “No wonder you been having so many tank-aches,” he comments rubbing their tummy. They vent but curl into the mech’s touch anyway.