Aly & Fila with Aruna
The Other Shore (Solarstone Pure Remix)

A sea of stars above me
A stream of shadows pass me by
Their bodies glow, their eyes blink
Their fingers miles apart from mine
We pad our hearts with static
And wander the earth alone
Til sparks ignite and light the way back home

Fall with me into the arms of night
And guide me through the storm
Til we reach the other shore
Stay with me until the end of time
I am centered, I’m renewed
I am whole again tonight
With you…

“If I said I want you back I’d be a liar, there’s nothing left of us to long for anymore, but inside the ashes burns an endless fire. And every night I can’t help reaching out for more. And I can’t sleep, you’re so far away from me. I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep. ”

This is my anthem. Every night. Well…the “I can’t sleep” part. I love vocal trance. I love Above&Beyond. Trance around the world!