Another Erik Soderberg hypnotic spiral. Reversed, in this case.

Gaze at it for even ten seconds and then look away. See the visual distortion in your field of view? That is the trance starting. Look back, now, and it is exactly like looking at a magnet. You can only look at the spiral. The spiral is all that there is.

And as you consciously focus your attention and gaze on the spiral, unconsciously your mind prepares to enter the deepest trance you have ever entered. Your thoughts scatter, your feelings evaporate, your focus lingers over the spiral and you cannot stop relaxing as you let go.

And the more you relax, the more you want to relax. And the more you let go, the more you want to let go, until you willingly plunge your mind into the very centre of the spiral and let go completely and your unconscious mind says hello.