Hey guys, hows'it. I never formally did this, so here we are:

My name is Ascher Lucas Hays, and I am FtM Transgender. I’ve been sure of this for quite some time now, but I felt the need to announce this publicly for myself.

I’m recently open to my parents, and I’ve been open to all of my friends for a while. There are still some folks at school and from High school even who are oblivious, but they wont be after I post this.

I am a boy, and even though I don’t have the body to show for it right now, I’m making the most of what I got (including my scoliosis which causes me to be extremely uneven, as you can see by the fact that my right side is much curvier than my left.) My body is beautiful, and even though its not the body I belong in, I’m going to be as confident in it as I can be, and as I deserve to be. Sometimes people try and tell me how to be in my body, and what I should do to be trans, but honestly fuck them. 

I hope all of you others can feel the same way too, regardless of your gender.

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