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op: i asked jonghyun for a tattoo recommendation but, before i even got to finish my sentence, he told me to worry / think about it more, that i should be careful with it - to think about it more than four times. when moving on to another talk he mentioned that he got four tattoos: “here, here, here and here at the back of my neck! i received approval from my mom! ㅎㅅㅎ” he was the world’s cutest.

Training Stations

Despite Haymitch’s order to appear mediocre, Peeta excels in hand-to-hand combat, and I sweep the edible plants test without blinking an eye.” (ch. 7)

With his wrestling background, I’m inclined to think that Peeta *thought* he was being mediocre when he accidentally showed off his prowess. I’ve known people who were high school athletes and not even starters, but they show up for a pick up game in whatever they did and wipe the floor. Right after spending 10 minutes talking about how rusty they are.

Katniss never quite sees his combat skills clearly (tracker jacker haze/running away during his fight with Cato, not present for his fight with Brutus), but the reader is definitely given the impression that this kid is not to be messed with.

Also, other than this, Katniss is making mental notes about what Rue is good at. Judging from how Katniss adopts people without really knowing it, she has already become an ally. Noticing Rue’s abilities mimics how Katniss has kept an eye on Peeta’s skills throughout the years.

Katniss also mentions the boy from District 2 practicing with a spear. I find it interesting that he later uses a sword as his weapon and Marvel has the spear. In the arena, Cato is arrogant about his sword skills, but Katniss didn’t notice it. Maybe he was never exceptional with the sword, and likewise Marvel wasn’t particularly skilled with the spear. A reassuring foreshadowing about Katniss’ fate for anxious readers as our time in the deathscape approaches.

Sweater Weather

Paring: Bucky x reader

Characters: The Avengers

TW: none

Summary: Reader steals a sweater from her soft boyfriend Bucky and refuses to give it back so he takes matters into his own hand

You sat on the couch curled up with two toaster waffles and engulfed in your boyfriends sweater. Watching the Sunday cartoons that someone put on you were guessing Thor or Clint. Him being a super soldier was a great gift because all his clothes were huge and acted as a warm blanket at any time. 

“y/n!” Bucky called from the bedroom.

“Yes?” You called not looking up from your breakfast.

“Have you seen my sweater?” You looked down and giggled. 


“You aren’t wearing it?” 

“Why would you say that?” 

“I can see you, you know” 

“What? No you can’t” 

You giggled as you heard him groan and rummage through the closet. Nat who sat next to you giggled and elbowed you. 

“you know thats his only sweater right?” she whispered

“oh i know hun, i hid his others” with that she lost it. 

“y/n! where is my sweater!” Bucky yelled in frustration thought the compound. He was the only one not at breakfast and you quietly ate your cereal as you wore his sweater. Not the one he was looking for yesterday, a different one from your stash. He came out and ran a hand through his wet hair as he walked out. He saw you in one of his sweaters and glared at you and threatened to throw his phone at you. 

“i don’t know dear…” you said as you turned around and faced him. 

“Not that one too!” He groaned and grabbed the pot of coffee and rolled his eyes. 

Bucky was fed up with you hoarding his sweaters. He found it cute especially when you gave them back and said something along the lines of “they don’t smell like you anymore”. Then a day or two later you would steal them again.

He walked into the training center to see you stretching in one of his sweaters. 

“Y/N! your getting it all sweaty!” he groaned and picked you up to get your…his sweater back but you wiggled out of his grip and ran and hid under Sam who was doing pushups. 

“Girl leave me out of this” He chuckled and helped you hide from Bucky. 

Bucky was fed up. Sure it was cute, but he never had any sweaters. He grabbed all your sweaters and hid them. He grabbed a deep maroon one and zipped it one. It didn’t fit him and it was stretched out but that was the plan. 

He walks out of the bedroom and goes to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before going to go train. He knew all eyes were on him as he was wearing a red sweater that was WAY WAY too small for him. 



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Pairing: FBI!Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2677

Author’s Note: In relation to the new teen wolf trailer, this! Lol I wrote this in a couple hours and I think it’s cute? I mean it’s probably shit but I couldn’t wait. I hope y’all enjoy! Thanks to my babe @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for meeeeeee.

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keith: love makes people dumb

lance: i don’t know, love makes me smarter. remember when i came up with that plan to get us out of the training center when we were locked in?

keith: that’s true, i was really proud of you for that

lance: [blushing] thanks, babe ❤️


Gaemgyu: Monthly Publication of purple egg. The man who writes letter with a bad writhing. Cho Kyuhyun.

From: Kyuhyunie 
To: Elf 

Hello ELF? I am public service worker Cho kyuhyun. Has everyone been healthy since I’ve last greeted you guys at the fan meeting on the 20th of May? I’ve ended my 4 weeks at the training center and unknowingly, I’ve already spent 10 days out in the society. You must find it odd me to suddenly write a letter. I’ve received a lot of fans’ letter at the training center. I’ve spent my resting time reading everyone’s letter one by one. So please think of this letter as a reply to all the letters. Even though my heart hurts at the thought of not being able to meet you everyone for 2 years but I feel like its a relief being able to convey news about me like this and seems like my handwork before I enlist is receiving praises so I think it is right. You guys should be receiving the presents that I’ve prepared one  by one. As expected, the present that I want to give you guys  the most is a song but I can’t deliver that to you guys so I’m pretty sad. There are may items that has been planned for my monthly publication of the purple egg but because of my status, it seems like unable to do so TT-TT

Anyway from now on, every week, oh no every first Saturday of the month, I will greet you through the publication of purple egg!! Thank you and I love you always

2017.7.1 From Cho Kyuhyun who really wants to sing. ©

anonymous asked:

Just curious! What's up with the fold up/white tipped cane being incorrect? I wanna make sure when i draw a character with a cane--that it's the proper one.

Oh sure, no problem!

So it’s not actually inaccurate, it’s just not the norm and by far not the best tool. They are often only used by people who were taught by sighted school officials who don’t really understand the pros and cons of different cane types, but if you go to a blindness organization run by blind people, the straight cane is so, so heavily endorsed because it is the absolute most effective type of cfane for feedback and navigation, and always with the little metal and rubber tip.

Allow me to explain a bit:

The way a cane works is both auditory and tactile. You want your cane to be long enough to always be reaching out two full steps ahead of you, so usually somewhere between chin and eye height. When using a cane, its purpose is to give you tactile information about the ground you touch, as well as to give you auditory information about the area around you, and this only works best with a straight cane with a metal tip using two-point tap technique.

Every time you put a joint in a cane to fold it, that joint slows down the vibrations going to your hand, and the more joints it has, the less information will ever actually reach your hand. With a straight, non-folding cane, there is nothing inbetween the tip of the cane and your hand, and everything goes straight up to your hand. This is also affected by the type of tip you use. Plastic is not nearly as good at generating tactile feedback as metal, so a small, circular metal tip is used on a straight cane. You can pick up an incredible amount of detail through a metal tip on a totally straight white cane.

Cane technique is also important, though. Many blind people newer to canes or with less instruction will use rolling tips and roll their cane back and forth in front of them, but this first of all affects your tactile feedback because rolling tips are often plastic, and secondly, it takes away most of your possible auditory feedback. Plastic tips are very quiet, and while many newer travelers prefer this due to nerves and being afraid to be noticed too much, it certainly doesn’t tell you much about your surroundings.

So seasoned travelers and people with lots of good instruction almost always use the two-point tap method, where you tap the little metal tip of your straight cane in time with your steps, the cane tapping the opposite side of the foot that is stepping. Your arc should be just wider than your shoulders, no smaller and not super big. Metal is fantastic for making noise, so the little metal tap is fantastic at telling you all sorts of info about your surroundings from nearby obstacles to the length of a hallway that has tile flooring and how high the ceiling is and all sorts of information.

The carbon fiber and fiber glass straight white canes with metal tips and two-point tap were also developed by the blind themselves, by the way, and it is the strict standard for cane instruction that they themselves teach in their blind-run training centers for the blind and is always the instruction they advocate for in other areas such as public schools. So it was all created by the blind, for the blind, by the only people who know what works the best for their own people, not by some sighted guy at Harvard who wanted to make money on a new patent.

So there you have it, the importance of prioritizing the straight white cane!

(P.S.: There are also confidence-building reasons behind the straight cane if you’re interested!)