👴🏼 in the park on #parrellelbars, 👦🏻 claiming I was doing yoga, 🎶 from a radio = my kind of #gym!
This is the lowest #skinthecat for me so far and I’m guessing if the bar is higher I could go a bit lower. But enough for this time :) 💪🏼

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It’s a nice day to have the day off! It’s finally starting to feel like summer, I guess we just totally skipped spring. Yes, this is summer weather for these parts, so boo to those of you who say this would be chilly! This is the absolute perfect temperature! I love it! I was going to go to the beach or something today, buuuuuuuut, meh. I have plans tonight, so I’m just sitting around on the porch enjoying the weather instead. 

So since I can’t run right now and the only half marathon I have on my schedule right now is next month and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to actually do it, I’m thinking that I might reign in my running and focus on shorter distances for a while. I do Beat the Blerch every year, that’s in September, I’m thinking I might just do the 10k instead of the half and try to focus on upping my speed instead of doing super slow long distances. I still definitely want to do half marathons, I don’t want to give them up forever, but I’m thinking I should try to defer this years to next year (I don’t know if I can actually do that) and then spend this year working up to that again, instead of having a bunch during the year again. I really want to get up to a more “respectable” mile time and be able to keep up with an actual running plan or something. Every Half I do I’m pretty much winging it, haha. I want to go in feeling more confident than I have before and have actual time goals rather than “just finish.” I KNOW I can finish a half marathon now, I want to work on feeling better about my times and getting back to PRing races, since I haven’t in a while. 

So ya, that’s just my blabbing and thinking “out loud” (whatever the written version of that is.) I’ll gladly accept any advice for how to work on speed and working my way back up once I’m fully healed! 

So like I’ve been starting my days the last week edging and training for Master so of course I did it today and like I got waaaay too close to the edge today and I thought I could keep myself from falling over and like I pulled back my hand before I could cum but my pussy just went and came anyways :( I’m so sad but like at least I have all day to spend edging since I have the apartment to myself today!


Ok. I need answers… This guys just kicked through 4 baseball bats at a time. Legit? 😳#ufc #bjj #boxing #fitness #muaythai #jiujitsu #kickboxing #wrestling #martialarts #fight #thestrikerslab #training #workout #fighter #crossfit #judo #motivation #karate #fit #grappling #beaconmma #mixedmartialarts #fitfam #brazilianjiujitsu #repost #sport #boxe #beastmode #oss #fighting

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As much as I did NOT want to run today, I did. And it felt good! This is a genuine smile after I was done. Unfortunately I have to run back to work so I couldn’t stay to do weights but I’m glad I went and today was MUCH better than Saturday.

Just keep showing up.

Added .03 to my mileage and knocked :20 off my pace.

How to have a Strong Old FIT Body like Roshi, Silver Fang, Netero

New Video for those who happen to give a F*ck So we all age its a natural part of life to grow old and die and a lot of people associate getting older with getting weaker. But is that always the case? Could you have a Strong old Body like 

Master Roshi, Netero, and Silver Fang or is it all fictitious. 

Well today we talk about what it takes to maintain a healthy strong bod in old age so our twilight years can be even better!