Train Writing Weekend is a resounding success. Credit goes to my wife, Jessi, for the idea. We couldn’t take off on Friday for this trip, so we hopped an Amtrak in Chicago Saturday morning, showed up in a beautiful town along the Katy Trail about seven hours later, had dinner, stayed at a bed and breakfast, then caught the train back to Chicago today. I write this as we are en route to… I forget the next stop. I’m just writing.

Besides simply riding a train and getting to see the countryside, we realized one of the best parts of this idea is that it removes you from some of the most common and alluring distractions that can Get In the Way of That Thing You Want To Do. I’m on a train with nothing but my wife, an iPad, and a keyboard, and plenty of arm space and legroom—no dogs, no housecleaning, no errands, and for a good chunk of the time, no signal.

All we could do on this trip was talk to each other and write, and it was fantastic. If you enjoy or are curious about train travel, and you write or do just about anything creative that can fit in a roomy Amtrak seat, I highly recommend trying a Train Writing Weekend. It doesn’t matter where you go or stay, just go. You’ll thank me.

Update: For all those asking, I got that Tardis decal for Jess from DecalisArt on Etsy. It’s tougher to put on than most decals I’ve dealt with, but yes: if you have some patience and a steady hand, it looks great and the Apple logo does indeed light up the top bit.

I’m getting a lot of questions from the Train Writing Weekend post about my wife’s Dr. Who MacBook decal. It’s the Doctor Who Police Public Call Box Decal - Tardis, from DecalisArt on Etsy.

Yes, if you align it properly, the Apple logo lights up the top bit. Fair warning: this decal is a bit more complex than most I’ve dealt with; it was kinda tough to apply and keep all the little details straight. But if you have patience and a steady hand, it looks awesome.