Train like an angel

signs as musical instruments

aries: trumpet / triumphant, youthful, wild sound like a battlecry

taurus: cello / sound mimics the human voice, resonating like a low, warm hum in the chest

gemini: guitar / gemini rules the hands and guitars have such a diverse sound, able to be tuned in many different ways and able to blend into any genre of music

cancer: drumset / instinctual and improvisational, music in its most basic form calls back to the origin of music, rhythm

leo: alto saxophone / colorful, theatrical, and expressive sound like a breath of fire, demands a solo

virgo: violin / sounds of weeping, emotionality expressed by meticulous technique and training

libra: harp / sound has a lawful quality, like a chorus of angels reciting your sins to you 

scorpio: bass guitar / sexy, smooth sound evoking the mystery and allure of the deep sea 

sagittarius: flute / agile, clear, sounds of flight, playful but knowing

capricorn: double bass / supports the whole band with rhythm and a strong, mature, vocal sound

aquarius: piano / the accompanist, ties the different sounds and musicalities of an ensemble together, but has a unique, rebellious voice of its own 

pisces: theremin / otherworldly sound, quite literally untouchable, like a psychic instrument

Victoria's Secret Workouts! From Pop Pilates and VS!

Pop Pilates

  • Victoria’s Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout

  • Victoria’s Secret Model Ab Workout

  • Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Butt Workout

  • Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Stilleto Legs Workout

Victoria’s Secret - Train Like An Angel

  • Train Like An Angel: Jet Set (Full-Body Workout)

  • Train Like An Angel: Runway Butt

  • Train Like An Angel: Runway Cardio

  • Train Like An Angel: Runway Arms

Victoria’s Secret - The Sexiest Workout Ever

  • Workout #1: Arms

  • Workout #2: Legs

  • Workout #3: Core

  • Workout #4: Butt 

The feeling you get after a great workout. PRICELESS.


You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father


Train Like An Angel 2014: Candice Swanepoel Butt Workout

The Piano Man

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Prompt: Pianos have never really been Dean’s forte, but when there’s a dark haired guy at the train station, playing the piano like an angel, he might change his mind.

Tags: pianist!cas, mechanic!dean, winter fic

Words: 1955

A/N: Sorry for the pun in the prompt. Could be part one of a series if there’s interest. For @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire , her prompts are amazing <3 

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Gryffindor!Mingyu & Slytherin!Minghao

•has a yearly tradition of buying one of every single snack when the lady with the cart of goodies passes him on the train
•he’s not wizard born, both his parents are muggles, so his first year he was like “weird looking/moving food? Sign me tf up”
•it’s been tradition ever since
•let’s be real it’s the main reason that Soonyoung and DK sit with him on the train rides
•once during the prank war between Gryffindors and Slytherins (see Hufflepuff!Joshua and Slytherin!Jihoon post to understand), Chan slipped him what he thought was a shrinking potion.
•But in actuality it was a growing potion.
•so 6 foot tall Mingyu became 9 foot tall Mingyu
•the effects of the potion latest a week and Mingyu had to be excused from quidditch practice because he couldn’t fit on the broom…
•was peer pressured by Seungcheol to join the quidditch team and is like “mehhh” about it until you get the the quidditch game
•then he’s competitive and determined af
•the reason Seungcheol wanted him on the team is because he saw Mingyu sprint across the castle from the dining hall to divination because he lost track of the time and was gonna be late, and Seungcheol was like “if he can run that fast for that long, how fast do you think he could fly??”
•the answer to that is pretty damn fast as they both found out at tryouts
•he ends up becoming one of the chasers for the Gryffindor team
•the only thing Mingyu had to practice a lot to get good at was catching the freaking quaffle because he’s a clumsy giant and kept dropping it accidentally
•Mingyu: *drops quaffle from 100ft in the air*
•Seungcheol: “gOd dAMn iT, go get it!!”
•is dorm roomies with Seungcheol and vry happy about it
•just came here to have a good time and learn magic n stuff but Seungcheol and Vernon are always dragging him into their messes
•Seungcheol and Vernon are always tryna prank the Slytherins but Mingyu just wants to live in peace and not be targeted for revenge
•it’s hard for him to stay inconspicuous when it comes to pranking because he’s really freaking tall (he literally stands out of a crowd) and has like the worst poker face. Precious tol bean
•Mingyu: *walks into the dining hall with a really awkward/uncomfortable smile*
•Chan: *blows whistle* “TAKE COVER”
•all the Slytherins duck under their tables and then the cakes that were on those tables explode
•Seungcheol and Vernon just look at Mingyu with the most disappointed look
•they learn to stop including Mingyu if they want to be successful
•anyway moving on
•every year, the new first years are kid of wary/cautious around him because he seems like a tall, intimidating guy
•but then he runs into a pillar or almost falls off the moving stairs and they’re like “oh. he’s fine”
•generally a tall innocent meme who just wants to live peacefully but… naw lol his clumsiness and friends liven up things
•he enjoys it and appreciates them but he won’t say it directly
•he’ll bake Seungcheol and Vernon cookies or some shit and they’re just so skeptical about it
•Vernon: “did you poison these? Have we personally wronged you somehow? Idk what it was but I’m sorry please don’t kill me with these”
•Seungcheol: “no no I don’t think that’s it, he would have nowhere to hide our bodies. I think he did something wrong and we’re gonna lose house points or something so he’s trying to get on our good side before it comes to light”
•Mingyu: “wow I literally just made you cookies and I’ve been personally attacked. I’m gonna eat all three dozen of these with the Hufflepuffs, they’re way nicer than you guys”
•Seungcheol: “Mingyu we’re sorry come bACK”
•and Mingyu does come back and the positive vibe is restored via eating cookies and goofing off, what these three do best

•was really psyched to go to a wizarding school because he didn’t have any wizard/witch friends growing up
•until he got on the train and saw Vernon try to snort smarties because Soonyoung told him “it’s a thing the muggle kids do”
•Minghao was freaking out on the inside like “dear god… They’re idiots… I thought wizards would be more mindful people like me…”
•so he decided to keep observing the people on the train before actually initiating a conversation with anyone
•he sat down in an empty seat and started ‘reading’, but he was actually listening to everyone interact and figuring out who he might be able to tolerate for the next seven years
•the thing that got him to finally decide someone was okay to talk to was when Seungcheol accidentally elbowed Jun in the face as they were passing each other in the narrow hall of the train, and Jun started swearing in Chinese because ow
•Minghao looked up from his book so fast he got whiplash but was like “HIM. IT HAS TO BE HIM”
•Minghao’s thinking “we can talk shit about people right in front of them and they won’t know what we’re saying” (honestly, friendship goals)
•and he’s also thinking “if I have a friend that speaks my native language, maybe I won’t feel so homesick” but he doesn’t acknowledge that feeling bc he’s tryna be tough
•so Minghao walks over to Jun and is like “you okay?” in Chinese and Jun is just like !!! New Chinese buddy??
•they sit together and by the end of this train ride they’re close friends and have talked a lot of shit. About eVeRyOnE except that one kid Joshua because like they tried to find something bad to say about him and literally couldn’t?? Like why is an angel on this train??
•they gossip lightheartedly, obviously they’re not really hating on everyone
•they’re just being like “how many times do you thing Vernon will silently stare at Seungkwan until he stops talking and pays attention to him”
•casually blunt observers
•turns out Jun and Minghao both planned to try out for the quidditch team even before they got to Hogwarts
•the Slytherins captain at the time was like “listen all you people wanting to try out, it’s not gonna be easy”
•the people who really wanted a position on the team were the ones who stuck through all the tough drills and training
•and the only two left in the end for the two open spots were Jun and Minghao
•Minghao earned the position of beater (not even a little surprised) and Jun was made a Chaser
•the literal definition of resting bitch face. He does not look approachable by any means if he’s by himself
•he also looks really stylish in his robes by adding accessories and doing his make up real nice, etc. But to some people that can be a little off-putting because wow?? This person has their shit together enough to accessorize?? I sure don’t.
•so that adds to the 'unapproachable’ vibe.
•but when Minghao is talking to one of his friends, he has the cutest happy expression on his face
•the kind of loving look that everyone wants someone to look at them like that
•at first everyone thought that Minghao and Jun were dating because they spent so much time together
•when someone nosy *COUGH CouGH s e u n g k w a n* asked them about it, it ended up a lil something like this
•Jun: “you think I’m dating Minghao? I have this thing called standards, don’t kid yourself”
•Minghao: “why would I date the moron who’s probably backhugged every other boy in this school. Do I look like the kind of person to settle for an idiot like that”
•Jun & Minghao: *shrug at each other, fist bump, and walk away together*
•Seungkwan: “????? the fuck”
•so yeah they’re not dating, just besties that enjoy roasting not only other people, but each other
•because let’s be real if you can’t roast your friends, are you really even friends???
•When it comes to the prank war… You do nOT want to go up against Jun and Minghao
•because they only prank together and they have no mercy
•like you thought Monsta X’s No Mercy would make you cry?? Jun and Minghao’s wrath is worse
•y'all thought getting hexed by Jihoon was bad… At least that only lasts like 15 minutes, max. (Except for that one time… rip DK… but that’s a whole other story)
•these assholes will prank you until you break and beg them to stop
•they will not stop until you admit that they win
•if you tell them they’ve won, they’ll never bother you again.
•they don’t do any really harsh pranks, they just keep bothering you incessantly until you give up
•Jun is mainly the execution of these pranks, and Minghao is the brains behind it
•moral of the story, don’t try to fuck with them lmao
•Minghao’s favorite class is Care of Magical creatures and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me
•he tries to be cool, like “hmm I’m a Slytherin, I don’t care too much for this” but homeboy skips his classes sometimes just to go pet and feed Buckbeak (catch me sobbing, what a soft cutie)
•if you ask him nonchalantly a question about a creature he’ll pull up a projector and show you a PowerPoint full of fun facts about whatever creature you asked about, full of adorable pictures of said creature
•even if it’s a visually… challenged… (deadass ugly) creature, Minghao will describe it like it is the most precious thing and will convince you that it is precious. Because no one has the heart to disagree with this boy who’s so excited about these creatures??
•he is accidentally very cute
•just wants to be seen as independent and manly but is a spacey and cute boy

the wedding

author’s note: i got really inspired to write this so i wrote it earlier than i planned. this also kind of went a different direction than what i planned, but i still included what the anon requested…..this is also my first loris karius imagine, so i hope you like it! (also you didn’t give me a specific team so i just chose arsenal. hope that’s okay!)

“I can’t believe you agreed to marry me.”

Loris says it wistfully, playfully, almost like he’s talking more to himself than to her. And he really means it – he doesn’t know what he did to convince her to spend the rest of her life with him, but he popped the question and for some reason she said yes.

He can’t stop staring at her. She’s wearing a white lace wedding dress that flows down to the floor, with a train that swishes behind her as she walks. She looks ethereal, like an angel, and every time she smiles it knocks the breath right out of his lungs. (Which has been happening a lot today, because she can’t stop smiling). She feels his gaze, so she turns to look at him and sees a small smile hanging on his lips. She takes a moment to appreciate the way he looks – dressed in a blue suit with a matching tie, his hair slicked back. He looks dapper.

“Well, it’s a done deal now,” she says, flashing her rings at him with a smile. “I’m stuck with you.”

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You shouldn’t get used (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Anonymous requested:

Can you do a Bucky x reader imagine where the reader almost gets into a fight with a girl at a coffee shop because she made a mean comment about Bucky’s arm. He tells her it’s ok that he’s used to the mean comments. The reader is heartbroken but kisses him and tells him he should never get used to hearing mean things about him. He tells her he’s really lucky to have her in his life

~so I have’t left my home yet, woohoooo! Although I’m leaving tomorrow morning hhaha, so this will be (I think) my last one shot written before holidays~

  • Words:  1.329
  • Pairing: Bucky Barnesx Reader
  • Warnings: Swearing, fluffiness overload.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name

Originally posted by gerrd

Bucky was not very keen on going out, people gave him the weirdest looks over the metal arm and he didn’t want to put you through such unnecessary scrutiny; you, on the other hand, loved him enough to take the looks and even the mean comments he could receive.
One summer day, you were cuddling on the couch of the apartment you shared, it was nice living with him. It was one of the few places in which the winter soldier never showed up. At first you were understandably nervous for one of those breakdowns Steve told you about; they were extremely violent, and they scared the living hell out of you, but he never got one. Not in the first month, not in the second, and after a whole year of living together, you never experienced nothing of the sort.
“Baby” Bucky said while caressing your bare legs “Are you sure you don’t wanna go out?”
“I mean, I’d like to go out… But if you’re not comfortable with that, I don’t mind staying here” you smiled at him.
“I think it’d be nice if we go out…” He shyly muttered “I hate having you trapped in here”
“I’m not trapped sweetie” you giggled “I don’t really mind staying here, I told you” You ran your hand through his long, dark hair and he smiled under your touch “but I guess it would be nice to go out for something to drink… It’s getting quite hot in here, isn’t it?”
“Yeah” he agreed “go get prettier baby, and we’ll have a date”
You went to your closet and picked up a nice flowered dress; Bucky’s favorite one and drew a simple line on your eyelids. He waited for you in a black t-shirt that hugged his body perfectly. It wasn’t extremely tight, but it did let you see that he was trained.
“Someone call heaven, it seems like they have lost an angel” He smiled at you “you look ravishing honey”
“I love you Buck” you walked towards him and reached out for his metal hand “You ready to go?” He nodded and before you were out the door, he cupped your cheek with his flesh hand and then, he leaned to gently press his lips against yours.
You walked a few blocks to get to a café and immediately, all eyes were on you both. Well, on Bucky’s arm to be honest; you really didn’t care, you were just looking at him, and being with him was all that mattered to you, but you could tell he was very uncomfortable. He was even quieter than usual. You sipped from your juice and you overheard a woman talking about Bucky and his arm. They talked about how hot he was and how hotter he’d be without that “fucking Terminator arm”
“Hey, you wanna shut up?” You said, turning around to face her “We’re trying to have a nice drink in here”
“Baby, don’t…” Bucky whispered, reaching out his flesh hand “It’s ok”
“No James, it’s not” You said deadly serious “This woman over here should suck up her nasty ass comments, or even better, shove them up her ass”
“Say that to my face!” She yelled.
“I’m saying it right to your face, bitch!” You stood up “Don’t you ever talk about my boyfriend like that, ok?”
“Or what?” She asked in between giggles “Are you gonna punch me?”
“Of course I will” You threatened. For Bucky you’d do that and more “So shut up”
“Baby, please…” Bucky stood up and tried to calm you down “Don’t do this…”
“Yeah Terminator, keep your girlfriend locked away, please” The woman laughed and her group of friends laughed as well.
Somehow, you got out of Bucky’s embrace and walked to that bimbo looking blonde. She was definitely not afraid of you and she stood up as well. Bucky was right behind you when she grabbed your arm, trying to keep you down and grab you by your hair. He held your waist and pulled you back as fast as he could. He paid for the drinks to the waitress and walked with you on his shoulder back to your apartment. Even though you protested to be put down again, he tightened his grip in your waist up on his shoulder because both he and you knew that you’d be reckless enough to go back to the café and kick that woman’s ass. You thought she deserved a good punch in the face.
He went up the three floors until your home and softly placed you down again. He didn’t say much from that moment. It was still around 5 pm so he just locked himself in the bedroom for a while; you made two attempts of going in, but before going for the third one you decided to leave him alone for a while. He needed it.
At 9 pm you were worried. So you started knocking the door again and you heard steps inside the bedroom. ‘God, please be him, god, please be him…’ You repeated to yourself as you felt the door handle being held; to your fortune, it was Bucky indeed and his face didn’t seem to be so fine. He had been crying, so you decided to skip to the next, ridiculously and definitely unnecessary question.
“Babe…” You bit your lip, feeling quite silly for asking such a stupid question “Are you ok?” He nodded, pursing his lips into a smile “Stupid question, I know” You thought out loud, grabbing your head between your hands “Bucky, we need to talk about this”
“I really don’t want to…”
“James” It was the second time in the day you called him James, and he knew that he couldn’t take the idea out of your mind “We have to talk” You pointed at the couch and he understood that he needed to sit down.
He sat on the left side of the sofa and rested his elbows on his knees, you sat on the small table in front of him and started.
“Why are you like this? Is it because of the arm?”
“No, I don’t care about it, I’m quite used to the… attention” He sighed “It’s because of you… I don’t want to put you through that again. I couldn’t take it… And I did nothing to defend you”
“I definitely can stand up for myself” You pointed out “What I can’t take is that you get picked on for having that arm… Honestly I find it quite cool”
“But that’s because you know where I got it from, and you know the story about it and you accept it…” His grey eyes were sad and your felt your heart being broken “I don’t care about what they say about the arm, really”
“Buck, are you listening to yourself?”
“Baby, really… I’m way older than you and I have heard so many times the same thing, all over the world…”
“Buck…!” You said, about to lose your cool “It’s you that we are talking about… You shouldn’t get used to hear nasty ass comments of any kind of sort related to any part of your body” You cupped his face in your hands and pressed your forehead against his “I don’t want to hear you saying you’re used to anything” Your voice cracked “Never again” He nodded, moving your head as well “I love you, ok?” He nodded again.

Bucky searched for your lips and captured them in sweet, gently motions. Your hands let go of his face and rested on his shoulders instead, his left hand cupped your face and the other rested on your knee.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you (Y/N)” He said in between kisses.
“Probably you’d be still living with Stevie and Sharon” You giggled.
“I love you so much, my doll. I’m so lucky to have you in my life”
“I know, right?” You smiled and kissed him again.

Nessian - Part 4

So this has turned into a collab with @cataclysimic-star

she wrote a post which we consider Part one

I responded to her post with Part two

Within an hour we had Part three

(Part 5)

Nesta POV  (1930 words)

We had been training for weeks, Feyre wasn’t back, but in every other aspect, life had changed. My combat skills had advanced greatly under Cassian’s careful training, but not nearly as far as my magical abilities. As Rhys had thought  when I had first asked him about my magic, the power had been evolving as I had learned to control it - beginning by understanding the magic of the elements as Feyre had, then moving to Tamlin and Rhys’s and Cassian’s magic, only imitating the darkness, but to such perfect likeness, that I may as well have been the High Lady of the Night Court. The darkness was only an imitation though. The power I had been given could be fashioned in any which way I pleased. I used it like the demati, a gift that did not usually stem from magic, but from ones naturally gifting, but yet I could push this raw magic, not of the courts like Feyre’s, into someone’s mind and create a tunnel through which I could hear and see and delve into the minds of others. The mental shields that I had initially build had been the same as those any fae might construct, but now the walls were fashioned not of my own strength, but of the cauldron's magic that even the most powerful high lord to ever reign, could not break through.

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anonymous asked:

my best friend from my hometown just asked me to prom. I used to go to that school with him, but i moved and i want to look amazing. i was an outsider at that school and i wanna fit it. i want to lose weight for it and i dont know how to go about it. I have a bout two months till the prom and i want to be at least 25 pounds lighter :( im not opposed to doing it an unhealthy way (ana) is there any diets you know that could help me lose 25-35 pounds in two months

well this is a difficult diet, but try it if you want to. Do not eat breakfast. Instead, drink a skinny juice (you can find the recipe on my page) and two cups of sencha tea. You should eat at midday though because if you dont eat at all the chances of a binge may increase. Dinner can be: oatmeal (1 plate with any fruit you want) OR spinach (1 plate) with greek yogurt if youre not vegan OR 100 grams of salmon/ tuna OR 1 plate of brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc.In the evening either eat 10 dates with a cup of sencha or skip the dates if you can. Also you can try black coffee throughout the day but make sure you dont add sugar. 

For exercise: Train like an angel by Victoria’s secret (on youtube), ballet barre fitness, jogging. If you don’t want to do any complicated moves and you just wanna slim down jogging is best.

If you need any more advice message or ask me more :) Good luck darling