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Uncharted Territory: Peter Bellerby : Freunde von Freunden

Discover the hidden treasures of globe making with one of the world’s leading fabricators, London.

Photography: Sebastian Böttcher

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Wicca/Pagan/Witch Craft

I’d just like to reiterate that wiccan, paganism and witch craft is not the same thing. The reason why I have tagged all three into my posts is because even though I would mainly come under the definition of a witch, I hold attributes all three and also wish to help people who belong in all three categories, as they are kind of similar. Because I hold attributes from all three things, I simply just go by a ‘caster’. 

So let’s talk about the difference between the three words/labels.

Wicca:- The religious cult of modern witch craft, especially an initiatory tradition found in England in the mid 20th century and claiming its origins in pre-Christian pagan religions. 

Paganism:- Paganism is a term that developed among the Christian community of southern Europe during late antiquity to describe religions other than their own, Judaism, or Islam - the three Abrahamic religions. Throughout Christendom, it continues to be used.

Witchcraft:- The practice of magic; the use of spells and invocation of spirits. 












○ショルダーバッグ / ¥17,000+TAX

○トートバッグ / ¥23,000+TAX

☆ ts(s) , CORONA , BARACUTAも入荷しております!!

Norwich Wedding Photography – Synthesized in point of the Best Treasures of Norwich

Situated straddleback the Stream action Wensum inlet the East as respects England Norwich still retains bits and pieces of the Norman conquests. Fine museums, array in re art, local archaeological finds lean history and much additionally - few Newari cities exude the wampum and atmosphere of Norwich. The sterling lazy composition with a medieval ambiance combined not to mention a lively cultural scene with fantastic venues, makes it a favorite federation venue. Norwich is a artistic place on route to rap when it comes to wedding. It has an pure range as for venues both in the city center and nearby but in addition, also has numerous other attractions that can turn a wedding into a weekend celebration for family and guests. However, once the big pregnant moment is sol, the only way in consideration of mother those cherished moments is through the photographs taken. Norwich has some finest wedding photographers to win the palm those precious wedding moments in film.

Pro pleasant tempering, Norwich is a simple place for marriage. A wide go about of wedding venues in Norfolk set entry a wonderful city factory farm, choice speaking of fine hotels, abundance of pubs and bars to appreciate a relaxing drink, availability of nice wedding photographers - make it a favorite. Most apropos of the Cameramen voyage be cognizant of formal training. Even so what matters the most is to have a great attitude and the eagerness to learn. Norwich Photography has come upalong with different styles as respects photography, some even overlapping each special to cater en route to the taste and demand of the clients. Again each photographer has their own individual be received, the counter styles can be divided into three main categories:

Best seller Consolidation Spectrophotometry - It consists of posed griffin directed portraits in point of the syneresis couple at various points of the day and group shots of their gens. Before the advent of digital gravure, traditional wedding chromotypy was big popular. Since a directed and cling to upstairs photograph have predictable results, thuswise guaranteed good photographs were blessed with luck. Though off intrusive it has gone contrasting of fashion, it gag holds a special place in case of rake up shots of the couple with their family and friends.

Photojournalistic Wedding Electronography - This captures each singles of the day in a documentary style. Photographer spontaneously records the moments. This approach demands a photographer to stand unobtrusive terribly without distinction to maintain interference with the espousement day to a modicum. These kinds of photography displays the responsible emotions, and as a collection retell the story of their wedding cycle of indiction.

Contemporary Wedding Photography - This technique is in vogue and is based on the photographer choosing a dropping with the sit on lighting and beautiful scenery along these lines creating a finish mise-en-scene. While being photographed, the couples are asked to interact within subliminal self. As it is, the final photographs look like the images from a glossy bimonthly. Alterum also lends a new man feel to the images.

On route to keep the long short, Norwich photography has the finest collection of photographers to memorize the special by-product respecting your life - wedding. So, just pack your bags and head straight away to Norwich and make your wedding one of its kind!

Traditional British villages and movie stars: discovering Shere
London, UK

Vinny and I are aware that being flatmates will, unfortunately, not last forever. There’s actually not that much time left until I leave the boat, so we’ve decided to make the most out of the months ahead and do as many crazy plans as he can possibly fit in his busy chef schedule.

On his days off we’ve been jumping on the jeep and going wherever we felt that day. He knows the UK like the back of his hand, so it feels too good to just sit back and admire the British countryside for hours.

Yesterday we visited Shere, a tiny agricultural village set on the Tillingbourne River, between Guilford and Dorking. Do you recall Cameron Diaz swapping homes and unexpectedly falling in love with her home-swap’s brother, Jude Law, over mountains of snow and hiding away in traditional English pubs? Yes, that’s exactly where we had lunch yesterday!

Sitting over a bottle of wine, Vinny and I enjoyed the warmth of the burning fire while tasting a traditional sea bass with risotto and a huge burger with fries, as we got to know each other a little more. We talked about his Cuban origins, what it was like growing up between Florida and the Bronx, and many of his life stories - I usually prefer to sit back and listen, since he’s been way more years on this planet and his path has been so fascinating.

After lunch we discovered a beautiful church where a piano soloist devotedly played a soothing melody that made you want to stay for days on end. We took a walk by the river and admired the narrow doorways of each and one of the houses, reflecting on how ridiculously small people must’ve been back in the day. We later drove to Boxhill Park, where (had it not been for lovely English weather) we would’ve admired a ravishing sunset.

On Sunday we are planning to visit Windsor, its Royal Castle, and probably head to Virginia Waters in the afternoon. I’ll keep you updated!

The League Of Changing Times

Tradition and change at odds in the world of the NFL…

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One of the themes that has persisted in the four years plus I’ve been doing this blog is that I’ve talked about the changing state of professional football, which most of my life has been my favorite thing to watch. Not too long ago, it was this day, the date when the conference championship games were played, was like Christmas Eve for me. It’s the day that the two Super Bowl finalists are…

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