Was digging through some old attachments in my email looking for something completely different, instead I found a photo series of me from the traditional New England autumnal roadtrip with @atkel.

In this particular photo set, we find yours truly around age 25, pissing on various things in New Hampshire such as:

  • The top of Mount Washington
  • Some guy’s lakefront property
  • A covered bridge

As you can see from the triumph in the fourth photo, the covered bridge has been mine ever since.

grandenchanterfiona  asked:

If the Avvar are early Scots, like I think they're intended to be, then they'd probably be more leftist than Ferelden, right? (I think I remember you being Scottish? Forgive me if I misremembered.)

Yes, I am. And that’s difficult to say - certainly we’re a lot more lefty than England these days and have been for the last century and a half maybe, but that’s mostly industrialisation-era stuff and for the first part of the period it mostly involved being more economically lefty than England rather than socially. 

We’ve always had our own definite traditions apart from England - Scottish education and the Scottish legal system are different from England, for example, and we’ve traditionally been a more secular society - marriage, for example, used to only involve a public declaration by the two people involved without any need for the church to be involved. And we’ve generally had more friendly alliances with other (European) countries than England - we had a long-standing alliance with France. I doubt that the Avaar would have the same with Orlais though.

If you were wanting to take modern day trends though, then yeah, the Avaar could definitely be more left-wing than Ferelden.