Happy 76th birthday, Bugs Bunny!

“Golden Rule. Bugs must always be provoked. In every film, someone must have designs upon his person: gastronomic, as a trophy, as a good-luck piece (rabbit’s foot, which makes as much sense as a rabbit carrying a human foot on a key chain), as an unwilling participant in a scientific experiment (laboratory rabbit or outer-space creature). Without such threats, Bugs is far too capable a rabbit to evoke the necessary sympathy.

“From Hair-Raising Hare (May 1946) on, I did not have to ask for whom the rabbit toiled, he toiled for me. I no longer drew pictures of Bugs; I drew Bugs. I timed Bugs. I knew Bugs, because what Bugs aspired to, I too aspired to. Aside from a few stumbles, Bugs and I were always at ease with one another.”

–Chuck Jones in “Chuck Amuck” pgs. 211, 212


Animation techniques and effects from the classic era. For more vintage movie geekery, check out my Old Hollywood Special Effects, and my Early Color Film Processes posts! (And while you’re at it, take a look at my art blog, why don’t ya?)

20 things you can expect as a traditional (2D) animation student that they never tell you:

  1. you will love your rough drawings more than your clean
  2. if you don’t flip your drawings your teachers will know. oh they will know.
  3. you will draw an insane amount of detail at first in hopes to impress your teachers. don’t. they’ll get you to inbetween that shit and it’s not fun. trust me, there’s a reason successful cartoon shows have nice, simple, clean designs.
  4. line weight is hella important. as is colour theory.
  5. storyboarding is not easy. it’s actually in demand rn because of how time consuming/difficult it is. lots of fun though especially if you’re a creative person.
  6. the animator’s survival kit is your bible. doesn’t matter that thing weighs as much as a small child. take that shit with you everywhere. it is now your baby.
  7. glen keane is considered a deity amongst animators.
  8. your teachers will likely look hella young but irl be much much older. this seems to be a side effect of working in kid’s shows for over 10 years. it is a good thing.
  9. every animator knows the impending dread of deadlines. yes, this includes your teachers. it is likely many of them will be working at studios/their own projects the same time as teaching. that is why they are immortal and their wisdom incomparable.
  10.  speaking of deadlines, say goodbye to a regular sleeping pattern and balanced lifestyle
  11. if your wrist starts to ache like a bitch then start drawing more with your shoulder. loosey goosey baby. loosey goosey.
  12. life drawing is essential. don’t skip that shit. anatomy is important. even if your character has six arms and five eyes you still need to be able to make them move.
  13. you are regarded as a dying breed amongst the 3d kids. that’s ok. give them a pencil and paper and ask them to animate a 4 legged walk cycle traditionally. see what happens.
  14. however if you’re anything like me, maya will look like a foreign language to you.
  15. srsly wtf is maya? what sacrifice to the animation gods must i make to understand this program?
  16. watching your favourite cartoons and animated movies regularly is important not only to motivate but is essential bonding time with your classmates. only now everyone wants to talk about how beautiful the backgrounds in steven universe are as well as cry over the character designs.
  17. perspective is hard. period.
  18. there is always that one kid in class who’s already done their 10,000 drawings and are untouchable. those are the ones to sit near in the hopes you can try and get some of that raw talent to rub off onto you.
  19. coffee/energy drinks/sugar will rise to the top of your already crumbling food pyramid.
  20. you improve lots. and some days something will just click and all of a sudden you’re firing out 40 frames an hour. 

and finally no. 21 the most important thing of all: bring a blanket and something squishy to sleep on and leave them at school. there will be emergency nap times. sometimes weekly. sometimes daily.

After fiddling with this for a few weeks on and off it’s finally done! :D
This was mostly animation practice on top of just really fun and challenging fanart to do for myself. I wanted to see if I could come close to mimicking the show’s style, but then I started messing around in after effects and threw some simple lighting onto the whole thing so whoops. :V

I adore Steven Universe and getting to animate these two wonderful characters was a blast. Also below the reading line I attached a transparent gif version of just Lion and Steven as well as the background which I made separately if anyone is interested in looking at those. :)

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I did a couple of passes for this same shot. This one is a very short yet hard shot for me to do. 

My 1st pass is a very old take, and the early design of the character didn’t really have a focused direction - so it needed to be redone for sure. I realize he’s probably doing a bit too much for this scene; it being borderline over-acted.

The 2nd pass was definitely a lot more controlled, but I felt it lacked the intensity from the 1st pass. It was not dynamic enough, and the character felt like he wasn’t emotionally in the scene. It felt like he was just gliding to the poses, so it didn’t really have enough character to it. (Also, it’s evenly timed…)

The 3rd pass, I actually got advice and feedback from my friend Rune - who helped me figure out the poses. Draftsmanship and clear drawing are some of my wain weaknesses, so its always great to have someone else point out what causes the issues. Its pushed, yet more controlled and simplified. The gun leaving the screen as he swings adds a dynamism to the animation. It’s much snappier, for this being part of an action segment; it makes sense. I’ll have to come back and fix the drawing a bit so its a bit closer to the model of the 2nd, but I definitely learned a lot from re doing this shot a bunch. 


A short loop I animated for the Sticky Fingers ‘Dreamland’ music video, directed by Rhys Day. Every frame was hand drawn and coloured in Photoshop.

Check out more process shots on Behance or find me on Instagram: @elliotschultz

View HD version:

Watch final music video:

 Hey everybody!

  Wolfsmoke here! Do you all remember the animation short we put out back in 2011 called "Kungfu Cooking Girls" ( )?Well, we're giving this title a new look and continuing the journey! The characters, environments, and backgrounds are all going to be completely redone! We have a lot to share! and we are super excited to finally announce this to you all!

  For information about this project, please keep following our updates on our Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter page! We can't wait to show you guys more, but for now, here are a few designs that we already came up with! Enjoy and please stay tuned :).   

Thanks so much to Dan and Cassie Sprenger at the Complete Equestrian Company for answering all of my horseback riding related questions and for letting me go to their facility to film reference footage of them riding and shooting; I wouldn’t have been able to begin animating the horse segments without them!
Still got a lot of learning to do but it’s super fun.


Here it is! My short film, Lunette, which I have been working on like crazy for my final year of university, and managed to get 3 awards at the uhanimation expose including the grand prix 2016! 

Thank you once again for the and support! It’s been an incredible journey and I’ll keep it in my heart forever!

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