Peas (giant dragon bound by a pact with D.O) bears a great meaning in the story, his name (pronounced as peace) sends a hidden deep message.

He likes to call himself dad of little Black Pearl, the first and only wolf cub born without the curse cast upon its species.

Kai’s recovery time in Eordrice with these two indeed is something.

Finished Peter! 💕 I was originally going to ink and color but I like this in pencil and don’t want to ruin it haha. I may scan and quickly add color in Photoshop later on. I’m a very big fan of Evan’s version of Peter/Pietro, his silliness is quite lovely…please ignore the janky looking goggles LOL. Also on my Instagram!

Kinds of blue; the exquisite @vacheronconstantin Cornes de Vache chronograph, seen here atop a pair of @santoniofficial for The Rake blue camouflage suede monk shoes. Paired by @wei_koh_revolution, image care of #Rakish #Pairing #Luxury #MensStyle #Vacheron #Watch #Santoni #BlueSuedeShoes #Camouflage #DoubleMonk #Traditional #Craftsmanship #Contemporary #Design #TheRakeMagazine

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I'ts been a long time since I last drew my old character Vailly.
( Before anyone says “She looks like Sans” because of the blue glow in her right eye, I want you to know that I created this character before  undertale got out,  in 2014 to be exact.… )
I not consider this character to be one of my best characters but for some reason there are many people that like Vailly, and this is why I felt like drawing her again. xD
I created this character as a “creepypasta character” but now I would no longer consider her as creepypasta character, now it’s just my character, not creepypasta. (same with my character Elliot the pruner)
A long time ago I left creepypasta fandom, there are too many rude people. u_u"