While You Watched The Unveiling Of Wolfenstein 2 On The Internet Last Night, This Guy Was Playing Sonic 2 For The Xbox 360 On The Subway

Actually, the image above, captured by my pal Derrick Sanskrit KC, is of a guy playing Sleeping Dogs on the Xbox 360. While on a New York City subway. I want to say the F train?

The above was also taken around the time myself and others were home watching Bethesda’s E3 presser, so it was a bit after midnight. And any resident of NYC can tell you that subway service has been garbage as of late, especially in Brooklyn on the F, so the dude was prepared.

Though I don’t understand why he’s allowing his console to rest on the filthy subway floor; my ex roommate used to leave Trader Joe shopping bags on the floor as well (and I get that, they can be f’n heavy) and then place them on the kitchen counter once home, which drove me NUTS.

Anyhow, here we have footage of the dude playing Sonic 2, as previously noted. Derrick states…

“AND THEN THE WHOLE TRAIN WATCHED HIM PLAY SONIC 2. Everyone pretended they weren’t into it, but there were, like, forty people behind me staring at the screen. Come on, you all loved that this was happening!”

A post shared by Derrick Sanskrit KC (@ducktastic) on Jun 11, 2017 at 10:01pm PDT

Not sure if it’s just the standalone XBLA version of Sonic 2 or if it’s part of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. Either or, am assuming it and Sleeping Dogs were both digital copies cuz if that 360 was running disc based games… on that bumpy ass subway ride… then having the system on the floor is not quite as crazy.

[UPDATE: 6/13/17] Derrick was kind enough to provide additional commentary…

“It was the downtown F a li'l after midnight this Sunday-Monday. He was playing Sleeping Dogs when I boarded at Broadway-Lafayette, switched over to some sort of Genesis collection around Delancey (a woman walked over and said something to him and he switched games. I’m guessing she asked for something less violent since she was with a young boy who was watching), and he had gotten to the end credits of Sonic 2 by the time I got off at Carroll (I looked away for a minute and suddenly he was entering the final boss fight, so I’m assuming he loaded a save file). It was the very last car on the train, which at that hour tends to be one of the most sparsely populated, but there were still 2x-3x as many people behind me watching the game and snickering to their friends as the people you see past him in the photo/video. Most of the passengers I noticed went “feh, get a load of this asshole” followed by “hey, Sonic is actually kind of entertaining” to “hang on, I gotta Instagram this” (so many phones) and finally “this is dumb and i’m laughing about it, but it’s honestly better than a mariachi band or showtime dancers"”

And on that note: again, it’s E3 season, a time in which the Attract Mode blog generally goes a bit quiet. Would have been a different story if I was there, but a trip didn’t pan out due to reasons… such as medical reasons, hence why there was no game culture re-cap last week. So perhaps there will be at the end of this one.

Otherwise… it sure has been a while since I shared other instances of game culture on Instagram, right?

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Just Meliorn Things
  • Always recycling the Trader Joe bags per instruction. 
  • Giving the beaus fairtrade chocolate and organically grown vegetables. 
  • Using increasingly archaic terms to refer to his lady-friends and gentlemen-friends. Isabelle has gotten called “fair maiden”, “sweet paramour”, “leman”, “inamorata”, “acushla” and “amoret”. All used very ironically and usually with an extra defining term to get around Seelie literal mindedness. 
  • Having an especial love for those plants which mundanes define as weeds. The dandelion is a noble and multifaceted flower. 
  • Showing up at ren faires unglamoured and wowing both performers and attendees, plus enjoying a bit of a trip down memory lane in the process. 
  • Being flattered and delighted by human interpretations of the fae. He has a special place in his heart for the more fluffy neo-pagans and any shop with tiny statues of always-female-faeries sitting on mushrooms, in cleavage revealing tube tops. 
  • Always winning jousting competitions.
  • Trying to enter fencing competitions as a mystery knight. (Apparently mortals no longer do that.)
  • Feeding the birds in Central Park and making small talk with Gladys on the next park bench over. 
  • Scoping out human musicians and artists the Seelie Queen might be interested in patronizing and flirting with their assistants.
  • Trying to convince local microbreweries to step into the wonderful world of mead. 

I blindly cut my hair the other night and it turned out okay. The humidity made my hair fuzzy and fidgeting with it straightened it, so this probably isn’t the best picture. (Yeah that’s a Trader Joe’s bag in the back, I bought gummy worms there 🐛)

The cashier at trader joes had an open bag of nuts he was eating and the customer thought it was free samples and he grabbed some and the cashier was like “uhm get out of there” omg omg I felt so much secondhand embarrassment