Foul Weather Food

Ireland in the Spring. Rain. Wind. Frost. More rain. Cold. More wind. Bored with rain? Have some sleet.

So we rummaged about in the kitchen to see what was lurking, and assembled the necessaries for Boston Baked Beans, using the recipe from Jocasta Innes’s “Pauper’s Cookbook”, which I inherited from Mum.

We made a few adaptations based on what wasn’t lurking, like using cubed smoked back bacon instead of salt pork; the result was a different flavour and mouthfeel, very pleasant, but the way well-marbled pork turns to savoury chunks of near-butter is better. It didn’t stop the level in the pot being noticeably reduced before D thought to say, “take a photo”…

That salt-glazed beanpot is another inheritance from Mum, who got it from her Mum, who got it from her Mum…

Except for D’s genuine late-medieval Venetian trade bead (1480-1500) on the braid of her replica netsuke rat, and a book about the Crimean war written while it was still going on (1855), this is the oldest thing in the house, about 150 years if I’ve got the figures right.

And it still works perfectly.

Glitch in the Matrix

Sixpenceee is collecting weird stories, so I thought I’d share mine.

For years, when I was little, I used to trade beads with something in the doorway of my bedroom. I was a little girl, so I chalked it up to fairies. I’m less inclined to do so now, of course, but I still don’t know what it actually was.

I collected things when I was little. I had bunnies, horses, wolves, those little ceramic miniature animals they used to sell at Michael’s on little white cardboard squares, and a drawer full of acorns I picked up walking home because reasons. And beads for craft supplies.

One day I was cleaning my room, and I found four tiny faux pearl beads nestled between the carpet and the door jamb. Cool, I thought, at that size it could be doll jewelry. I put the beads away. Two days later, more beads appeared, different shapes from the first time, oblong instead of round. I put them away. Pink pearls showed up later still. None of them were like any beads in my mom’s craft supplies or mine–and I looked, because they came in groups of 2 to 4, not really enough to do anything with. I put them away, and experimentally left some of my own. They were gone the next morning, and the day after more small beads showed up, once again nothing like we had in the house. This went on for months, a year and more, picking beads out of the crevice between the carpet and the door jamb, leaving some, getting more.

Eventually I got to a chapter book reading level, and Hank the Cowdog commanded more of my attention than my hidden trade partner, but I kept those little pearls well into junior high.


I hear you bought a ship.
I did, then I discovered that it was formerly used for carrying slaves.
I checked the vessel’s log and, before it was taken by the Spanish, it was once owned by the Honourable East India Company.
The shackles were all cast in London.

East India don’t deal slaves.
No, no, they don’t.
But they do run cloth and trade beads to Tangiers with the Scarfe family, and then slaves to Trinidad from Bunce Island through Spanish privateers

          ⇒  Taboo, 1x02

The One With Letters

I’m back! At a much slower pace, thanks to school.

(Also I have no real explanation for this. It just is)

His first letter is almost cast aside for a simple form letter response, but something catches her eye as her hand almost lets go.

She’s the youngest waterbending master in living history, a proud wave who’s renowned as an innovate warrior. Now, at 20, she’s finishing her training as a healer while he serves on her father’s Council.

Right, her father is the Head Chief of the Southern Water Tribes. He’s responsible for keeping all the scattered tribes friendly and trading fairly. Sokka, her brother, is functionally in charge of their tribe as he hones the natural leadership skills of their family.

She does help her father, no matter what the stuck-up noblemen in the North say.

She burns every single one of their marriage proposals.

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soooo hoooooooottttt outside…
sipping soy lattes, prepping for another etsy upload, prepping more items for LAST THURSDAY!!! finally able to vend at last thursday this month so for those of you portland dwellers…. come pop by and say hello!
Also did a small batch of etsy items this morning for the shop  : )

slowly slipping into workaholic hermit mode so hopefully some new projects will be manifesting in the next couple weeks along with larger curiosity collections, wall decor and ear hangers. Got a bunch of barn owl pellets to dissect for necklaces, bones to saw, bones to stain, paws to pull out of curing and more mice to wet preserve!!!
will be trying to get to your messages and emails as well as finishing up some custom orders and a couple interviews<3
thanks for your patience and wonderful messages.

lots of sweaty summer hugs and love to you all.

Also, any of you up for trades?
Looking for insects, beads, bones, furs, snake skins, tarantula molts, wings, feet, herbs,oils, tinctures, and everything between <3