I hear you bought a ship.
I did, then I discovered that it was formerly used for carrying slaves.
I checked the vessel’s log and, before it was taken by the Spanish, it was once owned by the Honourable East India Company.
The shackles were all cast in London.

East India don’t deal slaves.
No, no, they don’t.
But they do run cloth and trade beads to Tangiers with the Scarfe family, and then slaves to Trinidad from Bunce Island through Spanish privateers

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First, I’d like to thank everyone who liked and reblogged my earlier post with my new Captain Hook beadwork. You all are amazing and supportive, and I’m blown away by it. Thank you so much!

I said I would do a little explaining about the process I used to make our dear, beaded pirate, so here I am! 

First thing I did was find a good photograph I could use that would work in a relatively small area (see the left image up there). I liked the promo shots from season 3, so I went with one of those. That picture is actually too dark for the software I use to help me create the pattern, so I pulled it into Photoshop and tinkered with it and tried to simplify the colors until I got something I could work with. 

Once I got the picture light enough, I brought it into my software (Bead Tool 4). I was able to import the picture and then it “translates” the picture into actual bead colors. Sounds easy peasy in theory! Sadly, it’s not. There’s a LOT of tinkering involved and the colors in the software look very little like the actual bead colors. So while you may get an awesome looking pattern right off the bat, I can guarantee the reality will look leagues different. 

Because I work in a bead shop, I was able to take the pattern in and substitute colors that were close to what I thought would work and then went in and revised the pattern with the colors I had found at work. I also consolidated a couple of areas because I wasn’t able to find the colors suggested or one that was close. The pattern I worked from is the middle image. That was like draft number 4 or 5 of the patterns I futzed with. 

Finally, I was able to sit down over a week or so (25+ hours), and create the image with beads using a peyote stitch. I needed additional thread 3 times during the project, and each time I would have to weave in the new thread and weave closed the old. Also, the colors look very different in different light, and depending on the bead finish, you end up with a different look as well. As you can see from the 3rd image, the difference between the pattern and the actual is noticeable. 

Going forward, I’m going to tweak the pattern a bit more (there’s too much black up top and his hair gets lost, among a few, smaller things I want to change) and then offer the pattern in my Etsy shop as a download, and I’m considering putting together kits for anyone who is interested in learning how to do this on their own. I figure since I went to the trouble of finding the right colors, I could at least make it easier for people to get them. I have no idea how much a kit will cost yet. I’m still figuring all that out. 

That’s the basic process! It sounds crazy, but I loved doing this project. I plan to make more patterns and some actual pieces in the OUAT fandom, but also in other fandoms. Just don’t expect them quickly! I figure this is going to be something I add into my Etsy shop throughout the year. 

Thanks again for all the flailing and kindness in your comments and tags for the original post with the finished piece. You made my week! 

(And for the record, rendering chest hair into beads is odd to say the least. But for my shipmates, I’ll do it. ;) )

Glitch in the Matrix

Sixpenceee is collecting weird stories, so I thought I’d share mine.

For years, when I was little, I used to trade beads with something in the doorway of my bedroom. I was a little girl, so I chalked it up to fairies. I’m less inclined to do so now, of course, but I still don’t know what it actually was.

I collected things when I was little. I had bunnies, horses, wolves, those little ceramic miniature animals they used to sell at Michael’s on little white cardboard squares, and a drawer full of acorns I picked up walking home because reasons. And beads for craft supplies.

One day I was cleaning my room, and I found four tiny faux pearl beads nestled between the carpet and the door jamb. Cool, I thought, at that size it could be doll jewelry. I put the beads away. Two days later, more beads appeared, different shapes from the first time, oblong instead of round. I put them away. Pink pearls showed up later still. None of them were like any beads in my mom’s craft supplies or mine–and I looked, because they came in groups of 2 to 4, not really enough to do anything with. I put them away, and experimentally left some of my own. They were gone the next morning, and the day after more small beads showed up, once again nothing like we had in the house. This went on for months, a year and more, picking beads out of the crevice between the carpet and the door jamb, leaving some, getting more.

Eventually I got to a chapter book reading level, and Hank the Cowdog commanded more of my attention than my hidden trade partner, but I kept those little pearls well into junior high.


This beautiful cuff is from kandicuff So much rainbow. The flower is so fucking cool and it has a little rainbow bead in the middle. Plus there’s glitter beads for the xbase 💓 The cuff says “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “EDC” I really love this :DD


Assemblage necklace <3 sold.
Love working with the larger gauge copper wire, my husband makes all the large copper bases for me to adorn fanatically with large bulky beads and salvaged objects.
This necklace in particular is one of my more recent favorites… including a very beautiful handmade copper ogham charm by my dear friend annabel, cowrie shell salvaged from an old flea market lei, titanium quartz received in a trade, some salvaged beads from various necklaces and broken jewelryobtained through flea markets and thrift shops, little seed beads ( of which i actually purchased new due to their cuteness) and a couple clay beads i made ( the larger gold disk bead and patterned drop bead on the far right. )
The subtle things are what make working so enjoyable for me….
The incorporation of my husband and friend, customers and eccentric ladies selling broken jewelry at flea markets…all little its of memory and energy woven and wrapped into one piece of ornamental jewelry.


Interested in a trade ?

here is what i have - shells , beach pottery ,stones, small fossils ,4 types of wire , beads , watch coggs, found washers, wood slices, hand carved mushroom , jewellery charms , Amethyst arrow head , willow wood for bead making and small willow hoop and keyring rings . 

what am i looking for? something new to make jewellery with, although some things are common to the world over some are unique to country and area etc so be interesting what i can trade, i love all old jewellery bits n pieces n beads and of course natural beads shells stones flint fossils etc, so open to offers, im in uk open to trading worldwide. what you see in pictures is what you get apart from backround wood and foliage of course ;-) ;-)

Inbox me with pics and list ;-)