Galatea & Miria’s Children

I’ve always thought of Renee as their “lovechild” because of her being No. 6 (Miria’s former rank) and the Eye of the Org (like Galatea was). 

Then Audrey, mainly because of her long but spiky (at the ends) hair.
To note: She also worked second-in-command to both Miria and Galatea on separation occasions; With Miria during the Rebellion and with Galatea during the Battle of Rabona.

Dietrich, initially, did not strike me as a match, at least not at face value. But, as noted, she definitely has a lot of relation with her hypothetical mamas.


The Dietrich Chronicles - Part 2. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. When Deneve looked in Dietrich’s eyes she saw something that would prove invaluable to the ghosts, something that they did not currently possess. And that thing was the flames of moe.

Dietrich is teh adorbs. I really hope that she stowed away onto that ship so she can get Helen and Deneve to adopt her.