Blown Engine

Anyone who has been following my build has seen suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, cage, weight savings.. But no power. You may be wondering why. It was all because I wanted safety and reliability first and to get out to the track.

Well, I made it to the track for the first time today. After getting the day off of work, driving out for two hours, it started to rain. No matter! Rain driving is all about learning how to be smooth.

Unless, of course, after three laps you tear a hole in your radiator hose.

A lovely chap named Alex hooked me up with repair tape and we fixed it up. I owe him a lot. He’s currently watching over my car while it sits stranded at the track.

A few more gentle laps later (video to come), the engine froze on the back straight. I lost power, clutched in and it just wasn’t having any more. I’ll have to get the engine out and tear it apart to find the exact cause.

I learned a lesson in reliability today. Even if you build something up, it isn’t always enough if the parts you’re using aren’t up to the task.

Follow my build in the coming months to see what I decide to do for a new engine. I have a lot of options and your input will be taken into account.

Much love,

All Cooped Up
  • All Cooped Up

this has been gathering dust for a while now and I figured I’d post it and get it Off My Lawn

it was a track for a concept album which probably isn’t happening now (all the demos feel really dated…)

I won’t say much more about it unless someone asks but I figure it’s better to just get it out there as is so I can stop worrying about it and the abandoned project around it etc etc

anonymous asked:

Damn U got balls driving a 240 that far. I can barely leave track days with all cylinders intact. Drive safe, live the dream

I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal haha. cars are built to do this. they aren’t necessarily built to bounce off the Rev limiter for a few hours.
the way I see it: this car already drove 220,000 kilometers before I got it, every part on it has been replaced in the past three years, the motor was rebuilt this spring and has 20,000 kilometers or more of proving itself, all the fluids are new, what is another five thousand kilometers?
maybe I just have too much faith in my car haha


9/3/15 || Creating a “Master Syllabus”

Something that I’ve started doing this semester, (after creating one for my brother), is to make what I call a “master syllabus.”  The intent of this document is to gather all of the assignment, lecture, and exam dates from each of my syllabi in one consolidated document.  Once I complete an assignment, I simply highlight the completed section.  I have found that this keeps me fairly organized if I’m worried that I may have forgotten an assignment, or just want to keep track of my day.  Rather than using a planner and flipping to all of the dates I need to check, this is all of the information in one place, plus it makes life simple when I’m adding to my bullet journal for the next day.

All of the Kickstarter rewards and Magical Girl T-Shirt preorders have been shipped!!

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed and has helped support me by buying from my store, NONE of this would be possible without you!!!

I will be sending out emails with your tracking numbers throughout the day so be on the look out!