Okay so one last theory from me on the spoilers and then I am going to write the next chapter of Forgetting because people are waiting *cough* @sapphicsugden *cough* and she might hurt me if I take any longer. 

I’m just putting my thoughts out there because if any of this does actually work out how I want/hope/think it is I want there to be a record that I was right about a SL for once, because I am usually very, very wrong. 

The pregnancy - Moira and Cain is my bet. Now for me this would make sense of the who spots a test and thinks they’re going to be a daddy spoiler. Because it’s plausible that Adam would see the test, knowing that they’re trying for a baby and assume that it’s Vic’s. I’m going for Cain as the dad because we had all that stuff a little while back about him trying to reconcile being a dad to Kyle with the way that Shadrack was with him as a child. He had all that doubt about being a good dad to Kyle, but came around in the end so he knows now that he can be a dad. This would also fit in with the big SL that Moira and Cain have coming up.

The Mind blowing news - So this is going to be for both Robert and Aaron. Mind blowing for me means something good, so good news not bad. It can’t be the reveal of the incident because, well that’s hardly going to be mind blowing for Robert. I think that the news is going to be Adam coming and telling Aaron that he’s going to be a dad and of course Aaron will tell Robert. Let’s face it, this is soap and Adam won’t wait to confirm with Vic before turning to his bet mate in his excitement. So Robert and Aaron are both ridiculously excited because they think they’re going to be uncles, and then Vic has to dash their hopes when it turns out it’s not her who’s pregnant but Moira. 

Ross and the blackmail - Again from the spoiler I’m taking that it’s both of them he’s trying to blackmail but I’m going with him seeing them making up for lost time (having sex) somewhere they shouldn’t. It’s going to be a stupid, meaningless comedy side plot and it’s not going to be real blackmail as such. It will be forgotten as soon as it’s mentioned. 

I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking tonight about what I need to do next in terms of recovery. Now that I essentially have bingeing and purging under control I want to start increasing my intake so I’m eating a proper amount of food everyday. I haven’t been *restricting* but I’ve just been eating enough to get by rather than enough to heal my body. But, I also want to stop calorie counting because I’m sick of my head swimming in numbers all the time and I think that in order to break free of my ED I need to be able to eat NORMALLY. So, here is my plan for the next couple of weeks:
• I’m going to increase my intake by 100 calories every 3-4 days until I’m hitting the amount that I need which should take around 2/3 weeks or so?
• When I hit the amount I need, I’ll keep tracking for a few days just to make sure I’m maintaining it.
• Now, here’s when breaking the calorie counting habit steps in. Once I’m definitely eating the right amount, I will take a day where I eat the exact same foods that I ate the day before WITHOUT tracking/counting/logging the calories. If I’d counted them the day before and I’m eating exactly the same that day I’ll have absolutely no reason to justify logging what I’m eating because it won’t be any different from the day previously.
• The day after that I’ll eat the same again but change a meal/snack.
• Then, the day after that I’ll eat the same again but change ANOTHER meal/snack…
• Do you get my drift?
• So eventually I’ll be able to eat differently everyday without calorie counting.
I’m not stupid and I know that this is going to be a long road and it’ll be hard and challenging and I’ll want to give up but I refuse to stay trapped in this illness for the rest of my life and calorie counting isn’t normal and as long as I’m still using any form of behaviour I’m still in the grips of my eating disorder. I think the biggest challenge for me is eating enough but not to the point where I feel *stuffed* because that’s a huge trigger for me so I’m gonna keep going with regular eating (3 meals + 3 snacks or tbh maybe even another snack on top of that if necessary) rather than 3 big meals. Ok I’m rambling now but that’s my plan for the upcoming weeks. Let’s see how this goes.

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Name: Kayleigh
Nickname: KayKay (bf) Magic Star (Group Chat) Tails (Mum) 
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Aries/Taurus Cusp 
Height: 5ft 6 inches
Sexuality: Straight :)
Hogwarts House: Slytherin! 
Favorite animals: Sloths, Snakes, Otters & Leonbergers 
Average hours of sleep: According to my fitbit an average of 7hr 30mins.
Current time: 11:31AM
Blankets you sleep with: A duvet, occasionally with a throw on top if it gets extra cold. 
Dream trip: Back to Italy or somewhere i can see the northern lights 
Dream job: Always wanted to be an actress, was on track to one day join the RSC but i snapped my ACL ligament twice and was told the physical aspect of stage performance was too taxing on my knees and i should stop or else id need my legs re-aligning :/
When I made my blog: February 2017
Followers: 1781
Account peak: I posted my progress pictures from my highest weight to now and that got a lot of attention and my followers started going up quiet quickly from there, although I did just post a picture of my weight loss tracker that got a tonne of attention too.  
Why I made a Tumblr: I used to have a fitness blog when i first started losing weight and its a great way to keep me accountable now i want to continue that weight loss again. 
Reason for url: I love cinderella! and instead of a glass slipper I have trainers! 

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the thing that impresses me most about the mental health storytelling on One Day at a Time isn’t just that it exists, it’s that so much of it is dependent on Penelope’s own agency. I can’t think of many (any???) other shows where someone goes to therapy because they WANT to, because they personally make that decision based on available information and curiosity and not in some kind of state of crisis or needing an intervention from a healthy character. She does it, she likes it, she continues to go because she’s getting something personally out of it, which in itself is remarkable because of the narrative of mental health treatment being a tournament of suffering before you’re allowed any kind of relief. She even finds community and connection with the women in her group!!!! 

It is just beyond refreshing to see a character who takes medication (again, because she’s like, maybe I want to do this, and decides to), whose mental health struggles are explicitly a part of her life, but who is also a stubborn goofy beautiful brave weirdo who enjoys her life and has so much else going on in it

that’s not even getting into the fact that this character is a woman of color, a woman with chronic pain, a woman who is consistently portrayed as a extremely competent at her job and a great mom and a great daughter and friend and person

#5: everyone is like okay guys. this is our one chance. on this day we have implicit permission to be as sappy as we want and they can’t say SHIT load it all up. all of it. every emotion. they are trapped in a prison of our well wishes. 

everyone gives speeches. some are better than others and karkat is totally wrecked by every single one because he’s a sappy piece of shit but dave holds it together until rose who expertly snaps his emotions over her knee and then john follows up with the KO blow. Dirk goes last and walks up to this smoking emotions crater and just gives dave a thumbs up, roxy is like holy shit is that your entire speech you fucking cheating cop-out nerd and dave is like oh…. thank god