Y/N isn’t expecting for Harry to be surprised much, at least not for sneaking up on him.

“Y/N, love! I’ve missed ye’ so much, kitten!”

He tucks his phone into his back pocket before wrapping his arms around her waist and picking her up, a grin so wide and a feeling so comforting that nothing in the world could ruin the moment.

“Missed you loads, too, H!” She whispers into his hair, the feeling of his breath on her neck soothing her instantly.

Harry pecks at her neck before setting her back down, his eyes scanning over her every feature. His heart melts at the way she looks up at him, and when he sees her stand on her tip toes, he leans down to press his lips to hers.

It’s a playful exchange of kisses, with Y/N’s hands gripping at the sides of his printed shirt, and Harry’s large hands cupping her face. Kisses with open eyes and big stupid smiles. Kisses that don’t last longer than three second before their lips separate only to press together again. And in between them, Harry whispers ‘missed ye’ too much’ and ‘I love you’ in broken phrases.

Missed. Kiss. Ye’. Kiss. Too. Kiss. Much. Kiss.

He nudges his nose against hers lightly before pressing one last kiss to her forehead and wrapping an arm around her neck so it dangles over her shoulder as they begin to walk.

“Didn’t tell me ye’ were comin’ for a visit, love.”

Not that Harry minds, at all. He just would’ve liked to have been the first person she saw, not some random cabbie or whoever picked her up at the airport.

“Thought it’d be fun to pop by unannounced. Jeff pitched the idea after he overheard Mer talking to me over the phone. Said you could use a little company in that empty hotel room of yours.”

She bumps his hip with hers, giggling for a moment at the famous half smirk he gives her.

“Hm, well if tha’s why ye’ came here then I reckon we should get t’ tha’ empty hotel room, ehh?”

He’s stopped dead in his tracks, moving to stand in front of Y/N to look at her directly. And Harry can visibly see her tense up, the playful look she’d been sporting a few seconds ago gone.

“Y/N-” he begins, eyebrows furrowed into concern, only to be cut off.

“I’m sorry, H. I know it’s taking forever, but it’s just-” and she’s trying so hard not to disappoint him. She knows they’ve been dating far too long for intimacy not to be part of the relationship already, and it makes her mad that she can’t let herself love him in that way. Not because she doesn’t want to, she knows they’re meant to be together, she just doesn’t feel ready yet.

“No. No, kitten, you’ve got nothing t’ apologise for,” Harry’s hands rub at her upper arms soothingly, hoping to assure her that he’s okay with it, “m'not ever g'na rush this. I want ye’ t’ be sure when the time comes that you want it as much as I do.”

“But I know that it’s frustrating and-”

“-and m'g'na wait as long as I’ve got t’. M'not g'na love ye’ less b'cos of it. Jus’ wan’ ye’ t’ be sure, love.”

He gives her that smile. That toothy smile that can make all their problems fade into nothing. And so she smiles, too.

“Tha’s m'girl.”


“Well would ye’ look at this lovely picture.”

A 'wuh-PSSSH’ sound follows the comment, a voice too familiar not to notice.

“Still whipped, mate?”

Harry just smiles, unwrapping his arm from around Y/N to stand up and greet his friend in a proper hug.

“Oh, look at this,” Y/N can hear Harry coo before she’s even got the chance to slip out of the booth they’re currently sat at, “Freddie’s here!”

And to say he completely disregarded Louis at this point would be an understatement, he might as well be invisible now.

Harry stretches his arms out, and Louis complies at letting him hold his one year old.

“Nice t’ see ye’ too, Harry. I’ve been great, thanks mate.”

Harry pays the sarcasm no mind as he sets the baby on his hip, and instead smiles and coos at Freddie who looks up at him with happy eyes.

“Don’t worry, did the same to me earlier.” Y/N laughs at the thought of Harry having left her side with out a second thought to hold who she came to find out was an adorable little baby girl named Ruby.

Louis welcomes her into a hug, whispering a low 'outta have kids then’ in her ear.

And that warms her heart. To think that one day, she’ll be lucky enough to welcome a lovely little human that’ll be a mix of her and Harry, she honestly can’t wait. But now she feels even more guilty.

But Harry smiles at her adoringly, baby Freddie in his arms chuckling and trying to grab at Harry’s short but now longer hair.

“I see you two are still disgustingly sweet as usual,” Louis comments.

Just the way Harry looks at you, it’s unreal and anyone who knew you both would swear you were meant for each other, even before either of you realised it. And that’s exactly what your friends thought. Seeing Harry look at you the way he did at the many dinners and house parties everyone would gather for definitely added to those thoughts.

And you two have been practically inseparable ever since New York. You were glad Harry had gathered up the courage to find you that night, don’t know if you’d be in this position if he hadn’t. You were glad he was hell bent on not leaving that hotel room until things were cleared up because “really miss m'best friend. Tell me wha’ I did so I can fix it, kit'en.” And you were glad he’d said those three words that solidified the fact that he was there to make sure you were his, even though you had been all along.

“Will be. So long as this one will have me,” the press of Harry’s lips to Y/N’s has Louis grunting in pretend distaste.

“Better get going, don’ wanna interrupt Harry still being whipped.”

Harry hands Freddie over with a pout.

“Still no complaints though.”


To say everything is going perfect would be an understatement. Harry’s music is being praised and appreciated and Y/N can’t explain how happy it makes her that Harry’s happy. His performances are nothing short of amazing, and she loves seeing him gush over “they were singing along, babe! Just a great feelin’!”

She’s been flying back and forth along his side during all this. New York, London, Paris, and then back to New York. And Harry loves sharing this with her. He loves having her watching him from the side lines, singing along as she claps and gives him thumbs up and blows kisses at him for support. He loves getting off stage with so much adrenaline and kissing her so hard because Harry doesn’t take anything for granted, no. He’s thankful he’s getting to do what he loves and even more with his better half by his side.

“A'right. How do I look?” His jazz hands and that big smile plastered on his face are indication of just how hyped he is for this.

“I’ve never seen anyone pull off black better than you, H!”

And it’s true. Harry can pull off any colour. Blue, red, yellow, pink; you name it! But black. Black gives him a sexy sort of mysterious sophistication.

“Think so?” He looks himself over in the mirror, content at his choice.

Y/N looks at him through the mirror from where she’s sat on the couch of his dressing room, nodding a yes as she gets up to stand on the furniture.

“Please no stage diving today?” She’d be all for it, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s already tried it and it didn’t go as planned. She really doesn’t want him or any of the fans getting injured.

Harry only chuckles and nods in embarrassment as he strides over to stand in front of her, his head tilting up just a bit to look at her since she’s standing on the cushions.

“M'serious, Harry!” But she smiles anyway, arms lazily slung over his shoulders and around his neck. She brings a hand to tug at the hairs at the nape of it as Harry sets his at either side on her hips, thumbs rubbing at her hipbones.

It’s the last listening party before the album is released, and Harry’s pretty sure the second he mentions stage diving, Jeff will have him pulled off stage. Or carried because it is Jeff after all.

“I’ll try not to, kit'en.” Harry doesn’t know why it was a good idea to do it in the first place. But he had all that adrenaline and he was just so excited. Y/N of course had scolded him and slapped his arm after he got off stage because, “you could’ve broken something Harry!!” But he’d kissed the small amount of anger away.

“I’ll be watching from the sides?” Every time before a performance or an interview she says that, and every time she does Harry smiles just as big.


“Congrats, Ni!!!!!”

Finally, after a few months of all the boys doing their own thing, everyone’s finally got a chance to gather up at a small venue for Harry’s pre-launch party. Jeff had asked Y/N for help in terms of invitees, and it’d be outrageous not to have Liam, Niall, and Louis attend.

And so Niall is the last to arrive, and the moment he walks through the door, a very tipsy Y/N can’t contain her excitement at finally reuniting with another one of her friends.

“Oí, have enough drinks for the rest of us have ya?” Niall just about tumbles back with the sudden weight of her body as she throws herself at him, but he catches her in his arms and steadies her.

“You’re late mister,” she’s slurring just a bit, words somewhat coherent.

“Does 'arry know you’re drunk??”

He wraps an arm around her waist for support, in fear that she might be too over her head to even walk with out tripping and falling.

“Drunk? M'not drunk,” she pokes at his chest, and Niall only now notices the red cup in her hand threatening to spill over his shirt, “you’re just sober.”

He lets out a lively laugh. Drunk Y/N is something else, and he’s only ever seen her like this when Harry’s not really paying attention to her.

She hiccups and continues with a pout, “he’s over somewhere. With some girl,” she motions her hand around and nowhere in particular, again, the drink sploshing around in the red cup.

Harry hadn’t meant to leave her alone, he’d been pulled away from her side by someone he can’t even recall the name of, because that’s how out of it he is. So he’s been handed drink left and right, downing them with out retaliation because he doesn’t wanna seem like a downer. And although he really should go find his Y/N, he doesn’t think she’d mind if she’s having fun too.

But she’s not. At least not as much as she’d like. All she wants is for Harry to kiss her and hold her hand, because they’re both affectionate drunks, and it’s always a plus to annoy their friends in that way. But she hasn’t seen him in a while. Last she caught a glimpse was about an hour or so ago, when he was being led over to a group of people she doesn’t really recognise, and it made her notice how out of it she is. She doesn’t remember inviting half the people in the room, but the little attention Harry seems to be giving her has her drinking with out a purpose.

It reminds her of when they were only friends. In the same circumstance, she’d drink the night away in hopes of erasing the imagine of Harry smiling wide, eyes crinkled because some girl was whispering god knows what in his ear. He’d be hunched over just a bit to give the girl better access as she mumbled and giggled. And Harry would nod slightly before moving to whisper something back, face too close to her liking. But it, too, was always nothing, because shortly after she would have to turn away. Try to hide the fact that yes, she might have been staring at Harry for much longer than she’d ever admit to. And when he’d catch a glimpse of her doing just the same with a guy, giggling and whispering and smiling like crazy, he’d make his way over. Weaving his way around dancing bodies to get to her. And he’d smile that drink infused crooked smile of his before whispering something like “let’s get ye’ home, pet,” and leading her out of the place with his palm to her lower back.

So yeah, this sort of reminds her of old times. Only this time, they’re actually dating and he’s nowhere to be found.


Harry doesn’t remember getting home. He doesn’t remember taking of his clothes either.

In fact, the last thing he remembers is Y/N kissing at his neck and tugging at his pants.

And..oh no. If that’s how…if they were both drunk and-ah shit! Neither of them were suppose to be drunk when it finally happened. Harry wanted to make sure she would be okay with everything going on. He would have wanted to whisper how good she was taking him. Wanted to assure her that he was there with her, that all he wanted was to make her feel good. Harry just wanted to make love to her the right way.

And now he doesn’t even remember half the night.

So he bring his hand over his face, because not only does he not remember, he also doesn’t recognize the room he’s woken up in.

And then he looks beside him at the body under the white sheets.

He doesn’t recognize the person he’s woken up next to.

That’s not his Y/N.

Guy What Takes His Time*

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Natasha, Wanda, Sharon (mentioned) and Sam.
Rating: Mature
Summary: Wanda, Natasha and Sam think Steve has feelings for Reader, but she tells them otherwise while actually feeling the same way for the super soldier. One evening,  they all make a plan to make both of them confess the truth.
Word Count: 2.2k
Genre: Fluff/NSFW-ish
Warnings: build-up, suggestive themes, and innuendos, mentions of alcohol, sexual tension, a little bit of roleplay, flirting, Captain kink (?) and Steve being a cute flustered bastard.
Author's Note: It’s a rewrite of the flirty scene between Natasha and Bruce in Avengers: Age of Ultron (you can expect some references, though). I thought it could be fun to switch sides with Steve and see how it goes. It’s also inspired by Guy What Takes His Time covered by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque.

  New Avengers Facility, Upstate New  York

“You did a great job, Y/N,” Steve announced in his deep voice as he passed the hallway with you, Natasha, and Wanda. “Ladies.” He stopped in his tracks, standing with this impressive physique, almost towering in front of you as his hands held the brown belt of his- oh, so sexy uniform.

“Thank you, Captain.” You smiled and he nodded slowly as if questioning whether he would stay to have a chat with you or not. He smiled gently and proceeded to take the stairs towards his personal quarters where he’d finally take a well-deserved shower after a hard, but successful mission with you and Sam.

Of course, he would’ve loved to linger awhile and see your smile just a little longer. He enjoyed spending time with you and the feeling was mutual. Maybe that after all these days spent with him, these missions where you saved each other, being partners and all this harmless flirting, there was something between you. Your chemistry was obvious to everyone after all.

“Have you seen the way he looks at you?” Wanda nudged your side and you winced, narrowing your eyes. “Don’t be silly, Steve likes you a lot.”

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Just Friends

Summary: Bucky finds you trying on some lingerie for your upcoming blind date.

Warnings: smut

A/N: Inspired by this post but with my own take on it.

You smiled at your appearance in the mirror. You looked utterly spectacular in the lingerie you had picked out. A red bra and panty set with a matching garter belt that connected to thigh high sheer stockings. You had a black dress laid out on your bed that you planned to wear with burgundy heels. 

You twirled, admiring every angle of your body. You hoped that your blind date would enjoy the lacy undergarments, that is if they earned it. You hadn’t gotten laid in months and you craved the feeling of someone else between your legs, not just your hands or your toys. 

You sighed satisfyingly and reached around for your dress. You held it up by its hanger, questioning your choice in attire. Your attention was pulled away by a knock on your door. Thinking it was Natasha you went ahead and gave them the okay to enter.

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Safe~ Finn Balor Imagine

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Mention of Wyatt Family 

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No one seemed to have a problem with you but the Wyatt Family, they were always asking you to join them. That you were sister abigail they were looking for and that you would lead them into greatness. 

You haven’t been on the main roster not that long, people adored you here. You came from NXT, being the one woman who defeated Asuka’s undefeated streak. Holding the title for a while before having your rematch with her. It was a match that turned your career around, the match that had became number one to you. 

“ She’s came from NXT, she’s defeated Asuka and became the one who woman who outsmarted the rest. I can’t wait to see here in action on the main roster”
“ I’m telling you, Y/N is one woman that you don’t wanna be in the ring with” 

As you pinned Alica Fox for the win, with the ref holding your hand up high, your celebration was cut off when the Wyatt’s theme went through the arena, you stumbled back until you felt like you hit something or someone. 

The lights came back on and you had bumped into Luke Harper, his eyes were wide and he stuck his tongue out at you. When you turn the other way, Bray stood there with open arms. 

“ Join us sister, our little lost lamb. You need to come home!” he shouted. Everyone booed, saying no, no, no. 

“ Go away!” you shouted running to get out the ring, just in time as Rowan lifted of his sheep mask to glance at you. 

Bray laughed and the lights went out again. You were left alone standing outside the ring, “ It’s been week after week as Wyatt’s torment Y/N to join them” Corey says as he looks at you looking around in panic to see if the Wyatt’s would come back. 

Making your way backstage, you stopped in your tracks to see Bray standing there with his arms across his chest with a deep frown. 

“ My, my, my little lamb is really lost. We have a home for you little lamb. You belong with us, were your brothers. This world can be such a cold, cold, dark and lonely place if you allow yourself to be blinded by all these illusions. What are you so afraid of man? Fear not the army of wolves lead by the sheep. Fear the army of sheep led by the wolf! And ain’t you tired of runnin little lamb? I think it’s time for you to come on home.”

“ I have no idea what you are talking about. You aren’t taking me! I’m not afraid” Bray chuckled darkly before he motioned to Rowan. Rowan took a few steps before a voice interrupted them. 

“ I suggest ya find another lamb to bother, Y/N said no. Weeks and Weeks ya bother the poor girl” to your surprise, Finn Balor had came to your rescue. Now Finn and you aren’t that close, a hey there and here. You loved hearing his accent, you had heard stories from Sami on how much he loved wrestling and he loved to play with legos. He was a dork and he was a gorgeous dork that was out of your league. 

“ Your nothing but a monster Bray!” you shouted, your hand suddenly grips onto Finn’s arm, holding on if Bray tried something. Finn notices, looks down with a small smile on his lips as he looks up at you. He always thought you were adorable. 

“ You can call me a monster. That’s fine. It doesn’t bother me little lamb; because you see that’s what society does. They put labels on the things they don’t understand” he chuckles before adding, “ You don’t see the real monster, I see the real one in him” he points to Finn. 

“ Get out of here Wyatt and take your dogs with ya” Finn growls putting you behind him. 

“ Mercy is calling your name,but I am the reaper and I am going to put you down!” Bray shouted in anger before the lights went out and they were gone.
Finn turns around to check on you, gripping on your shoulders as he looks down at you.

“ Ya alright love?” you nod your head. 

“ Thank you Finn..” he smiles before kissing your forehead backing away to leave.

“ hey Finn?” he stops in his tracks waiting for you to say what you wanted to say. 

“ Could you.. um… stay.. with.. er.. me? I mean tonight so Bray doesn’t come back..I .. uh.. sorry..” you chuckled looking down feeling stupid. 

“ Sure, let me go get my bags and we’ll head out..” you nodded, peeking at him through your eyelashes. He walked away but before he walked around the corner he called out to you. 

You rose your head listening, “ You’re adorable. I’ll be happy to save ya anytime Y/N” he winked, you blushed putting your hands over your face letting out a giggle. 

Reaction fic based on today’s riot. Here’s a link to the pics. You know…Just in case you forgot. ~1300 words. 

“You gonna be free for our Skype session tomorrow?” Chris asked. He’d been on the phone with Darren for over two hours now and didn’t feel like ending the call. 

It hadn’t been too long since they were in the same city, but even a day away from Darren seemed like too long at times. This was one of those times.

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🖤Drug Lord E [Part 2] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Y/N has been trapped by the Dolan gang for a little bit now and she tries to escape, but she gets caught and now she has to face the wrath of the head of the gang, Ethan.

Drugs/sexual assault/Violence

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan

Part 1 

Ethan’s POV

I opened the bedroom door and I see her back was towards me. She had no interest in getting to know me or even talking to me. She didn’t even turn around to look at me when I walked into the room. “Are you planning on ever talking to me or just giving me the silent treatment forever?” I chuckled, but I got no response from her. I noticed she had a few ear piercing and a bar through her ear. She slightly cocked head and gave me a sideways glance, before turning back looking at her lap. She doesn’t say anything to me still. I pull out a cigarette and light it which catches her attention.

“Oh my God.” She groans which a smile appears on my lips. “That’s disgusting.” I imagine that her face is twisted into a repulsive look. I started to laugh which causes her to turn around and finally look at me. “You think this is funny? You’re honestly holding a girl captive  and you’re laughing about it? What the hell is wrong with you?” She asks with furrowed eyebrows and narrow eyes. I just smiled to myself.

“Well it got you to talk to me.” I remarked as I cocked a crooked smile. She rolled her eyes and let out a huff. She turns her face forwards and continues the silent treatment. “It’s not my fault your boyfriend lost my shit. You’re here because of him. Remember that.” I snapped back sternly.

“And I’m still here because of you.” She snaps back before she turns around and goes back to turning around.

“Do you have your phone?” I asked with a huff. She huffed with an eyeroll.

“No. Your dirty blond boy who wrestled me in here took my phone, car keys, wallet, pepper spray and a pack of gum.” She snaps at me which makes me sigh in annoyance.

“Well get comfortable here. You’re going to be here for a while.” Before I walk out of the room I stop in my tracks. “Stand up.” I ordered. She looked at me with confusion in her eyes. “Stand up. Now.” I demanded more sternly, but she still didn’t listen. I grabbed her by her arm and I yanked her off of the bed.

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“Hey!” She screamed before I slammed her up against the wall. I noticed she had a tattoo of a yin yang symbol on her arm. I chuckled to myself before I pinned her against neck against the wall.

“Hey!” She screamed before I slammed her up against the wall. I noticed she had a tattoo of a yin yang symbol on her arm. I chuckled to myself before I made a pinned her against the wall.

“When I fucking tell you to do something you listen. Do I make myself clear?” I asked 

with my jaw clench. I could feel her trembling in my arms. I slammed her up against the door where she lets out a small yelp. My hands immediately grip her small waist and I give them a good squeeze. I then turn her around and slam her body with her face towards the door annoyed. My hands roam over her body. My fingertips graze in between her thighs as I make my way up the rest of her body. I attempt to feel for an suspicious bumps on her. My hands reach her chest area and I press my body against hers and I smile into her neck. I decided to take advantage of the situation and I squeezed her boobs hard making her gasp.

“Hey!” He pushed me back and slapped me in the face hard. “I don’t have anything! My boyfriend, my phone, my keys, everything your stupid friends have! Get the fuck off me and leave me alone!” She shouts and shoves me back hard. I clutch my fist tight and clench my jaw. 

“Yeah you’re not leaving anytime soon so you’d better start warming up to me sweetheart.” I hissed as I gripped her jaw in my grasp. I shoved her back against the wall as I search through the nightstand for anything that she may have brought with her. 

“What will you do when they come looking for me? You know Justin knows where I am. He knew I was coming over here.” She says as a small smirk appears on her face. I slammed my right arm up against the wall right next to her head as now a small smirk appeared on my face.

“Justin may be stupid, but he’s not stupid enough to come for you. He’s more worried to protect his own ass to even worry about yours. He knows what we can do and he won’t risk it. Trust me, you’re going to want to get comfortable here sweetheart.” I sneered at her. I leaned back and I stormed out of the room after not finding anything but a lighter and some condoms in the drawers. I peeked into the room one last time. “Oh don’t worry about your clothes. Angie will probably be coming over so she can bring you some clothes.” I smiled and gave a taunting wave, before I locked the door behind me as I stomped to my room in need of another cigarette.


“Yeah you’re not leaving anytime soon so you’d better start warming up to me sweetheart.” He snaps at me as he shoved me back against the wall. He stomps out of the room and I hear his footsteps disappear down the hall. I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes. I stumbled to the futon and flopped down. I reached under one of the two pillows and I grabbed a picture of Justin and I. 

We were lying on the cold grass of the late October grass. Fall was just settling in and I had my photographer friend, Maya, take a picture of Justin and I while I held a cigarette in his mouth. This was taken just a few months before we moved in together. A few months before he told me about the gang. A few months before he told me the truth about anything. I knew Justin did drugs, but a gang? I had no idea he was with a gang of the sort. Especially one ran by such a rude guy. I needed to get out of here. I knew Justin would miss me and so would my family and friends.

What did he mean when he said ‘my friend will take care of the rest so you don’t have to worry.’ Was he going to kill everyone I loved so he could keep me here as a sex slave of his? I didn’t want to wait around and find out. I shoved the picture back under my pillows as I scrambled off the bed and I looked around the room. I first tried the bedroom door and I jiggled the handle which not to my surprise, the door was locked. The leader guy had locked me in here. I look around the room and I see an air vent and I see that there is a window above where the dresser is. I decide to go try the window, because I knew nothing about air vents and I was not about to wiggle my way through dust and dead bugs just yet. I climb on top of the red lounge chair which was next to the dresser. I grab the corners opposite of me and I hoist myself on top of the wooden dresser. I look at the window which is super glued shut. I mentally kicked myself annoyed that I was in this situation. I was also becoming more and more frustrated. I knew I shouldn’t be freaking out since I knew Justin would be coming for me, but what if he was right? I mean Justin isn’t the most selfish guy, but he does look out from himself. But he told me not to come here, because he knew it would be bad news. I just needed to get out at this point.

I looked around the room thinking of any other ideas. I saw that there was a hammer in the corner of the dusty old room. I quietly jumped off the dresser and to my surprise, I landed on my feet. I scurried over and quickly snatched the hammer, only for the handle to slip and fall on the floor creating a loud thud. I knew they would come in here and see what was going on. I grabbed the hammer as quick as I could and I hopped into the bed sliding the tool under my pillows. I heard footsteps outside of the door as they shuffled back and forth. Soon they disappeared and I was back on my mission. I grabbed the photo and I shoved it back in my pocket. I climbed back on top of the wooden dresser. I looked around the window and I saw that only the bottom was glued down. I peeled what I could off, but then I just went for it. I smacked the hammer a couple times against the window and I even started to kick at the window. After a few attempts the glass cracks. I heard the glass cracking and on my last kick, my leg busted through the glass as I fell forward outside falling about 15 feet to the ground. Thankfully I fell on a soft long grass area. I stood to my feet before I looked around the area. I was in the backyard and I was surrounded by a six foot white fence. I knew what I had to do. I darted towards the fence for a running start. Just as I was about to jump, a voice boomed which caught me off guard and scared me.

“What do you think you’re doing Y/N?” He asked coldly.

Part 3


These two requests were kind of similar so I thought I’d just stick them together so you wouldn’t have to wait quite as long. :)

Kim Seokjin

He stood in the doorway of your room. Watching as your body moved to one of Hyuna’s songs. You were trying to get the moves down, but you seemed unhappy with how you were performing. Jin saw nothing wrong with your choreography though, your body moved flawlessly. With a frustrated groan you went to start the music up again. “That looked perfect, Jagiya. Better than I could do it.” He’d then proceed to dance some of the moves that you had done before, causing the both of you to laugh.

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Kim Namjoon

Would stare in awe. How could one move so precisely? So confident in themselves and their body. You looked perfect as you moved around the room, letting the music carry you. He loved watching you doing the thing you loved. The thing you were so good at. Plus, you were a hell of a lot better to look at than the rest of the boys during practice. “This is much more enjoyable with you around, babe.”

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Min Yoongi

Was proud of you for making the thing you loved your job. He was a little bitter when he didn’t get to see you because you’d be off shooting an MV, or dancing live onstage. He’d always tune in though, his eyes only on you. When you were around, he’d do nothing but poke fun of you, bragging about how much better he was. Though he may never say anything to your face, you’d often catch him staring at you while you practiced, mouth agape. “You’re good, but you aren’t as good as me.”

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Jung Hoseok

Extra af. Hears you practicing and runs into the room, huge smile on his face. Sometimes he just watches, but most the time he joins in, dancing your choreography with you. This boy is always so happy that he has someone around that loves to dance as much as him. He’d beg you to teach him what you know and in return, he’d show you what he knows. “Look at us. A match made in heaven.”

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Park Jimin

Boy loves to watch you. He makes it known he loves to watch you. He gets a bit jealous when you go to dance at one of Hyuna’s events. The thought of other people watching you, seeing how well you move, turns him into the tightfisted Arthur meme. But he knows its your job and that you love it, so he restrains himself and just enjoys it when you let him sit in while you practice. “I could watch you all day, Jagiya.”

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Kim Taehyung

You are a professional dancer and a great one at that. He loves practicing with you, but what he loves most is how okay you are with just being crazy with him. Your time may start off serious, both of you practicing before big events, but it ends with pen pineapple pen playing in the background and the two of you swinging each other around. You were both willing to try new moves out together and learn the choreography to different songs and he loved you for it. “Spin, Y/N! No, shit. Are you okay? Maybe you should just stick to hip hop?”

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Jeon Jungkook

Another one who just sits on the floor, watching you, mouth agape. How he found someone like you, pft, beats him. He’d feel so self-conscious to start dancing around you, feeling like you were so much better than him. You’d have to physically pull him up from his spot on the floor, and just dance around for fun for a bit. After awhile, he’d feel okay dancing around you, but he’d always find himself stopping in his tracks, just to stand and stare at you. “Wow, Y/N. You’re so distracting.”

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look at baby kook. so adorable

I wish I could dance, but I can’t even walk without hurting myself, so :(

I hope this was okay! I tried my darndest to incorporate both requests in and still make it relatable(ish) to others. :{]

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I just had to do this… enjoy!

[Nicole’s POV]
“Wave! Where are you? We have to leave or we’ll be lat-” I walk into the living room and freeze in my tracks. Waverly is standing there in her old cheerleading outfit, blue and white, tight short skirt, a crop top and big blue pompoms. “Wha-” I stare, feeling my cheeks flare up and all words failing to form, she smiles and looks down at herself, she’s grinning now. “Waverly… What are you doing?” I feel my eyes widen as she looks up at me and says “Thought I’d show you what you missed out on in Purgatory High.” I open my mouth to reply when she twirls on the spot, her hair flawlessly flowing, whipping her face for a second as she catches my eye, a small smile forms at the corner of her mouth and she looks me up and down. I try to keep my heartbeat steady as her arms and legs move, almost automatically, up and around. She moves without thinking and the moment her hip goes sideways and pops, I feel I’ve lost my voice. I stare at her, in complete awe and shock as she finishes her little cheerleading bit and bites her lip, she looks at me expectant. I stand there for what feels like an hour before I manage to move, I stumble to her and take her hands, words are still failing me so instead I pull her into a passionate kiss, putting all the unspoken words and emotions I felt when she did her little performance into the kiss, I feel my face getting even hotter as we break apart for breath and she smiles mischievously. “You liked it then?” I shake my head, laughing, I push her shoulder lightly, “go change! We’re really late!” she giggles and hurries off to her room to get changed, I watch her go and feel the butterflies in my stomach return, “It’s like high school all over again…” I mumble to myself, checking my belt and making sure I haven’t forgotten anything, Waverly walks back into the lounge, a skin colored tight shirt and jeans on, “Except this time, officer Haught, you’re dating the cheerleader.” she says, winking, she takes my hand and pulls me out the door after her. God, she’ll be the death of me.

Welcome to Hawkins, Max.

It’s not very long after they move to Hawkins that Max’s mother, Diane, and her brother, Billy, get into one of their routine arguments. It was inevitable, but Max had held on to some hope that a new town would change things for her family. That hope rapidly fading, Max is quick to slip out of the run-down house, the sounds of screaming voices following her as she shoulders her backpack, pulls on her worn red Converse, and grabs her skateboard from by the front porch. Now’s as good a time as any to explore this place.

Max, skateboard tucked under her arm, ends up wandering through Mirkwood—though she won’t learn of that nickname for several more days—looking for a spot that she can call her own when she happens upon the quarry, a glittering lake sprawling out in front of her. She walks over to the edge of the water, setting her skateboard down as she bends low and picks up a smooth round rock, rolling it over in her hands. Straightening up, Max glances at the rock once more before launching it forward into the lake, watching as it breaks the surface violently some ten feet from the shore. That felt good. Max takes a quick look around her feet and stoops to pick up several more rocks of similar sizes, throwing them with force into the water one by one, shouting into the open air as she does so, the sound of her voice echoing off the walls of the quarry and back at her.

She only vaguely hears someone call out behind her as she continues to toss rocks into the water, counting the rough ripples of every puncturing blow to the once-still water. Then, louder and with more force, the voice asks her what’s she’s doing. Max turns on her heel, glaring, and sees a tall and lanky dark-haired boy walking towards her alongside his bike, looking at her with confusion etched onto his sharp features. Max recognizes him from the school she started at earlier that week. Mark, Matt, Mike…something like that. 

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Suspect: Part 2

Pairing: Reader x Bucky (not yet)
Word Count: 1.8K
Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Still set during CA:TWS. I’m actually super proud of my writing here

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1

A pulsating headache had been bugging you the last few hours, and you couldn’t be more happy that the clock had finally hit 5pm. Closing down your laptop, you start gathering your belongings and stuffing them into your bag. Grabbing your phone, you let out an annoyed sigh as it starts glitching.

“Great,” you sarcastically mumble to yourself as you grab your coat and bag,

“What is?” Dale’s voice sounds from beside you,

“My phone,” you sigh out, “It’s fucking up. Now I’m going to have to go by the Apple Store on my way home,”

Dale gives you a look of pity, “Well, not to be the barer of more bad news, but you can’t rush off yet, Chief wants us in the conference room. Emergency meeting,”

“What about?” you ask as your brows furrow.

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Enjoy The Ride (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Author’s Note: So this is inspired by a scene from How I Met Your Mother. You can find it here:

Summary: Lin hears a question that brings back bad memories. Memories that haunt him wherever he goes.

Warnings: Swearwords, ANGST

Word Count: 1,034


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On this day in music history: June 20, 1966 - “Yesterday And Today”, the eleventh US album by The Beatles is released. Produced by George Martin, it is recorded circa 1965 - 1966 at Abbey Road Studios in London. A US only compilation LP released by Capitol Records, it consists of tracks extracted from the UK versions of “Help!”, “Rubber Soul” and the yet to be released “Revolver”, as well as tracks released as stand alone singles. It becomes instantly infamous for its cover photo, taken by photographer Robert Whitaker. The photo in question is taken during a photo session in March 1966 and features The Beatles wearing butchers smocks, surrounded by pieces of raw meat and decapitated baby dolls. The photo is first published in a UK trade magazine ad for the single “Paperback Writer”, without any controversy. However, when Capitol Records uses the photo for the album cover of “Yesterday”, the public outcry is immediate and the album is withdrawn before reaching most record stores. The cover is quickly replaced with an innocuous shot of the band sitting around a steamer trunk. The few existing copies featuring the original cover (either in it’s original “first state” or copies with the new cover slick pasted over the original) become highly sought after and valuable collector’s items. Then Capitol Records president Alan Livingston sets aside a box of sealed original first state LP’s (nineteen mono and five stereo copies), which begin being sold by his family years later. The highest amount paid for one of these was $39,000 for a first state mono LP in 2006. The album also includes earlier mono mixes of the extracted “Revolver” tracks “I’m Only Sleeping”, “Doctor Robert” and “And Your Bird Can Sing”, which are converted to re-channeled “Duophonic” stereo for the stereo LP. The album remains in print until it is deleted in 1987 along with all of the other US compiled collections to make way for the release of The Beatles original UK albums on CD. “Yesterday” makes its CD debut in January of 2014 as an individual release and as part of the box set “The Beatles - The US Albums”. The CD reissue comes packaged in a mini LP sized replica of the original “Butcher Cover” artwork, with an additional sticker replicating the “Steamer Trunk” cover slick pasted over some original LP copies. “Yesterday And Today” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

A Day of Firsts Part 2

So I wasn’t planning on doing a continuation of this, but since @feysand17 asked super nicely I decided to finish it. So here’s part 2!

Rating: NSFW-ish

It had been weeks since Rhys had tied me up and left me there. We of course had made up and had many fun nights since. He thought I had forgotten my vow to make him pay for his little ‘prank’.

He was wrong.


Feyre seemed to be in a rather frisky mood. All throughout my endless meetings of the day, she had been sending me notes detailing what she planning on doing to me that night. Some of the messages even left me blushing. What a wicked mouth that beautiful creature had. It took all of my willpower to stick through the droning of my Hewn City constituents. When my meetings finally came to an end, I winnowed to our townhouse as soon as I bid them goodbye.

The house was illuminated with hundreds of candles. The wonderful scent of pine filled my nostrils, and I closed my eyes to savor the scent. It reminded me of my days training with Cassian and Azriel. I felt a gentle nudge at the entrance of my metal shields, and I opened it a crack to allow Feyre in.

“You’re finally home” she purred with delight. A smile crept onto my face. She began sending me images of her laying in our bed, running her hand in slow circles on her belly. She was dressed in lacy white lingerie that barely covered her most sensative areas. My cock immediately reacted to the delicious sight of her.

“Come here” she commanded. I practically sprinted up the stairs, shedding my clothes as I bounded up the steps. I stopped right before the door, giving myself time to compose myself. Wouldn’t want to ruin the fun with becoming too excited too quickly. 

I pushed open the door and immediately stopped dead in my tracks. Standing there in only a leather undergarment, was Cassian. He held a whip in his hand, and he wagged his eyebrows up and down at me.

“Ohhhhhh Rhyyyyyyyysssssss. Have you been a baaaaaaaaaad boy?” He chuckled. To say I was horrified would be an understatement. I was close with my dear brother, but this was an image I could have gone my entire immortal life without seeing.

“Cassian…what in the rutting hell.” I choked out. He began howling with laughter. Feyre appeared next to him, doubling over with laughter herself. I just stood there, waiting for an explaination.

“I told you I’d get you back” she giggled, unable to contain her laughter.

“You sure did” Cassian beamed, giving Feyre a high five. “I don’t think Rhysie-weesie will be messing with you anytime soon.”

“Don’t call me Rhysie-weesie” I grumbled. It seemed tonight was very disappointing indeed.

Jon had to stop by the Stark’s to grab a few things before dinner.  He was surprised to find the normally noisy house quiet, despite the cars belonging to Sansa, Arya and Catelynn all parked in the driveway.  

“You guys?” he called out, walking down the carpeted hallway.  

He thought he heard some sounds coming from Catelynn’s office, so he opened the door.

“Hey—” he began, but stopped dead in his tracks.  

Sansa was standing in the middle of the room, wearing a wedding dress.  They’d pinned up her hair, but a few curls were escaping.  The top of the dress was in the shape of a heart, and it framed her figure perfectly.  He didn’t know what the material was called, but it shimmered in the afternoon sunlight.  She looked liked she’d stepped out of a dream.  Their eyes met for just a moment. Jon thought he could stare at her forever, and he would have, until Catelynn started to scream.  


Jon wasn’t sure what happened next, because Arya began to hit him around the head and shoulders and started pushing him.  He was quickly back out in the hallway, alone.  He collected himself and began to head out, but a smile broke across his face.

That’s my bride.