Guy What Takes His Time*

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Natasha, Wanda, Sharon (mentioned) and Sam.
Rating: Mature
Summary: Wanda, Natasha and Sam think Steve has feelings for Reader, but she tells them otherwise while actually feeling the same way for the super soldier. One evening,  they all make a plan to make both of them confess the truth.
Word Count: 2.2k
Genre: Fluff/NSFW-ish
Warnings: build-up, suggestive themes, and innuendos, mentions of alcohol, sexual tension, a little bit of roleplay, flirting, Captain kink (?) and Steve being a cute flustered bastard.
Author's Note: It’s a rewrite of the flirty scene between Natasha and Bruce in Avengers: Age of Ultron (you can expect some references, though). I thought it could be fun to switch sides with Steve and see how it goes. It’s also inspired by Guy What Takes His Time covered by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque.

  New Avengers Facility, Upstate New  York

“You did a great job, Y/N,” Steve announced in his deep voice as he passed the hallway with you, Natasha, and Wanda. “Ladies.” He stopped in his tracks, standing with this impressive physique, almost towering in front of you as his hands held the brown belt of his- oh, so sexy uniform.

“Thank you, Captain.” You smiled and he nodded slowly as if questioning whether he would stay to have a chat with you or not. He smiled gently and proceeded to take the stairs towards his personal quarters where he’d finally take a well-deserved shower after a hard, but successful mission with you and Sam.

Of course, he would’ve loved to linger awhile and see your smile just a little longer. He enjoyed spending time with you and the feeling was mutual. Maybe that after all these days spent with him, these missions where you saved each other, being partners and all this harmless flirting, there was something between you. Your chemistry was obvious to everyone after all.

“Have you seen the way he looks at you?” Wanda nudged your side and you winced, narrowing your eyes. “Don’t be silly, Steve likes you a lot.”

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Y/N isn’t expecting for Harry to be surprised much, at least not for sneaking up on him.

“Y/N, love! I’ve missed ye’ so much, kitten!”

He tucks his phone into his back pocket before wrapping his arms around her waist and picking her up, a grin so wide and a feeling so comforting that nothing in the world could ruin the moment.

“Missed you loads, too, H!” She whispers into his hair, the feeling of his breath on her neck soothing her instantly.

Harry pecks at her neck before setting her back down, his eyes scanning over her every feature. His heart melts at the way she looks up at him, and when he sees her stand on her tip toes, he leans down to press his lips to hers.

It’s a playful exchange of kisses, with Y/N’s hands gripping at the sides of his printed shirt, and Harry’s large hands cupping her face. Kisses with open eyes and big stupid smiles. Kisses that don’t last longer than three second before their lips separate only to press together again. And in between them, Harry whispers ‘missed ye’ too much’ and ‘I love you’ in broken phrases.

Missed. Kiss. Ye’. Kiss. Too. Kiss. Much. Kiss.

He nudges his nose against hers lightly before pressing one last kiss to her forehead and wrapping an arm around her neck so it dangles over her shoulder as they begin to walk.

“Didn’t tell me ye’ were comin’ for a visit, love.”

Not that Harry minds, at all. He just would’ve liked to have been the first person she saw, not some random cabbie or whoever picked her up at the airport.

“Thought it’d be fun to pop by unannounced. Jeff pitched the idea after he overheard Mer talking to me over the phone. Said you could use a little company in that empty hotel room of yours.”

She bumps his hip with hers, giggling for a moment at the famous half smirk he gives her.

“Hm, well if tha’s why ye’ came here then I reckon we should get t’ tha’ empty hotel room, ehh?”

He’s stopped dead in his tracks, moving to stand in front of Y/N to look at her directly. And Harry can visibly see her tense up, the playful look she’d been sporting a few seconds ago gone.

“Y/N-” he begins, eyebrows furrowed into concern, only to be cut off.

“I’m sorry, H. I know it’s taking forever, but it’s just-” and she’s trying so hard not to disappoint him. She knows they’ve been dating far too long for intimacy not to be part of the relationship already, and it makes her mad that she can’t let herself love him in that way. Not because she doesn’t want to, she knows they’re meant to be together, she just doesn’t feel ready yet.

“No. No, kitten, you’ve got nothing t’ apologise for,” Harry’s hands rub at her upper arms soothingly, hoping to assure her that he’s okay with it, “m'not ever g'na rush this. I want ye’ t’ be sure when the time comes that you want it as much as I do.”

“But I know that it’s frustrating and-”

“-and m'g'na wait as long as I’ve got t’. M'not g'na love ye’ less b'cos of it. Jus’ wan’ ye’ t’ be sure, love.”

He gives her that smile. That toothy smile that can make all their problems fade into nothing. And so she smiles, too.

“Tha’s m'girl.”


“Well would ye’ look at this lovely picture.”

A 'wuh-PSSSH’ sound follows the comment, a voice too familiar not to notice.

“Still whipped, mate?”

Harry just smiles, unwrapping his arm from around Y/N to stand up and greet his friend in a proper hug.

“Oh, look at this,” Y/N can hear Harry coo before she’s even got the chance to slip out of the booth they’re currently sat at, “Freddie’s here!”

And to say he completely disregarded Louis at this point would be an understatement, he might as well be invisible now.

Harry stretches his arms out, and Louis complies at letting him hold his one year old.

“Nice t’ see ye’ too, Harry. I’ve been great, thanks mate.”

Harry pays the sarcasm no mind as he sets the baby on his hip, and instead smiles and coos at Freddie who looks up at him with happy eyes.

“Don’t worry, did the same to me earlier.” Y/N laughs at the thought of Harry having left her side with out a second thought to hold who she came to find out was an adorable little baby girl named Ruby.

Louis welcomes her into a hug, whispering a low 'outta have kids then’ in her ear.

And that warms her heart. To think that one day, she’ll be lucky enough to welcome a lovely little human that’ll be a mix of her and Harry, she honestly can’t wait. But now she feels even more guilty.

But Harry smiles at her adoringly, baby Freddie in his arms chuckling and trying to grab at Harry’s short but now longer hair.

“I see you two are still disgustingly sweet as usual,” Louis comments.

Just the way Harry looks at you, it’s unreal and anyone who knew you both would swear you were meant for each other, even before either of you realised it. And that’s exactly what your friends thought. Seeing Harry look at you the way he did at the many dinners and house parties everyone would gather for definitely added to those thoughts.

And you two have been practically inseparable ever since New York. You were glad Harry had gathered up the courage to find you that night, don’t know if you’d be in this position if he hadn’t. You were glad he was hell bent on not leaving that hotel room until things were cleared up because “really miss m'best friend. Tell me wha’ I did so I can fix it, kit'en.” And you were glad he’d said those three words that solidified the fact that he was there to make sure you were his, even though you had been all along.

“Will be. So long as this one will have me,” the press of Harry’s lips to Y/N’s has Louis grunting in pretend distaste.

“Better get going, don’ wanna interrupt Harry still being whipped.”

Harry hands Freddie over with a pout.

“Still no complaints though.”


To say everything is going perfect would be an understatement. Harry’s music is being praised and appreciated and Y/N can’t explain how happy it makes her that Harry’s happy. His performances are nothing short of amazing, and she loves seeing him gush over “they were singing along, babe! Just a great feelin’!”

She’s been flying back and forth along his side during all this. New York, London, Paris, and then back to New York. And Harry loves sharing this with her. He loves having her watching him from the side lines, singing along as she claps and gives him thumbs up and blows kisses at him for support. He loves getting off stage with so much adrenaline and kissing her so hard because Harry doesn’t take anything for granted, no. He’s thankful he’s getting to do what he loves and even more with his better half by his side.

“A'right. How do I look?” His jazz hands and that big smile plastered on his face are indication of just how hyped he is for this.

“I’ve never seen anyone pull off black better than you, H!”

And it’s true. Harry can pull off any colour. Blue, red, yellow, pink; you name it! But black. Black gives him a sexy sort of mysterious sophistication.

“Think so?” He looks himself over in the mirror, content at his choice.

Y/N looks at him through the mirror from where she’s sat on the couch of his dressing room, nodding a yes as she gets up to stand on the furniture.

“Please no stage diving today?” She’d be all for it, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s already tried it and it didn’t go as planned. She really doesn’t want him or any of the fans getting injured.

Harry only chuckles and nods in embarrassment as he strides over to stand in front of her, his head tilting up just a bit to look at her since she’s standing on the cushions.

“M'serious, Harry!” But she smiles anyway, arms lazily slung over his shoulders and around his neck. She brings a hand to tug at the hairs at the nape of it as Harry sets his at either side on her hips, thumbs rubbing at her hipbones.

It’s the last listening party before the album is released, and Harry’s pretty sure the second he mentions stage diving, Jeff will have him pulled off stage. Or carried because it is Jeff after all.

“I’ll try not to, kit'en.” Harry doesn’t know why it was a good idea to do it in the first place. But he had all that adrenaline and he was just so excited. Y/N of course had scolded him and slapped his arm after he got off stage because, “you could’ve broken something Harry!!” But he’d kissed the small amount of anger away.

“I’ll be watching from the sides?” Every time before a performance or an interview she says that, and every time she does Harry smiles just as big.


“Congrats, Ni!!!!!”

Finally, after a few months of all the boys doing their own thing, everyone’s finally got a chance to gather up at a small venue for Harry’s pre-launch party. Jeff had asked Y/N for help in terms of invitees, and it’d be outrageous not to have Liam, Niall, and Louis attend.

And so Niall is the last to arrive, and the moment he walks through the door, a very tipsy Y/N can’t contain her excitement at finally reuniting with another one of her friends.

“Oí, have enough drinks for the rest of us have ya?” Niall just about tumbles back with the sudden weight of her body as she throws herself at him, but he catches her in his arms and steadies her.

“You’re late mister,” she’s slurring just a bit, words somewhat coherent.

“Does 'arry know you’re drunk??”

He wraps an arm around her waist for support, in fear that she might be too over her head to even walk with out tripping and falling.

“Drunk? M'not drunk,” she pokes at his chest, and Niall only now notices the red cup in her hand threatening to spill over his shirt, “you’re just sober.”

He lets out a lively laugh. Drunk Y/N is something else, and he’s only ever seen her like this when Harry’s not really paying attention to her.

She hiccups and continues with a pout, “he’s over somewhere. With some girl,” she motions her hand around and nowhere in particular, again, the drink sploshing around in the red cup.

Harry hadn’t meant to leave her alone, he’d been pulled away from her side by someone he can’t even recall the name of, because that’s how out of it he is. So he’s been handed drink left and right, downing them with out retaliation because he doesn’t wanna seem like a downer. And although he really should go find his Y/N, he doesn’t think she’d mind if she’s having fun too.

But she’s not. At least not as much as she’d like. All she wants is for Harry to kiss her and hold her hand, because they’re both affectionate drunks, and it’s always a plus to annoy their friends in that way. But she hasn’t seen him in a while. Last she caught a glimpse was about an hour or so ago, when he was being led over to a group of people she doesn’t really recognise, and it made her notice how out of it she is. She doesn’t remember inviting half the people in the room, but the little attention Harry seems to be giving her has her drinking with out a purpose.

It reminds her of when they were only friends. In the same circumstance, she’d drink the night away in hopes of erasing the image of Harry smiling wide, eyes crinkled because some girl was whispering god knows what in his ear. He’d be hunched over just a bit to give the girl better access as she mumbled and giggled. And Harry would nod slightly before moving to whisper something back, face too close to her liking. But it, too, was always nothing, because shortly after she would have to turn away. Try to hide the fact that yes, she might have been staring at Harry for much longer than she’d ever admit to. And when he’d catch a glimpse of her doing just the same with a guy, giggling and whispering and smiling like crazy, he’d make his way over. Weaving his way around dancing bodies to get to her. And he’d smile that drink infused crooked smile of his before whispering something like “let’s get ye’ home, pet,” and leading her out of the place with his palm to her lower back.

So yeah, this sort of reminds her of old times. Only this time, they’re actually dating and he’s nowhere to be found.


Harry doesn’t remember getting home. He doesn’t remember taking off his clothes either.

In fact, the last thing he remembers is Y/N kissing at his neck and tugging at his pants.

And..oh no. If that’s how…if they were both drunk and-ah shit! Neither of them were suppose to be drunk when it finally happened. Harry wanted to make sure she would be okay with everything going on. He would have wanted to whisper how good she was taking him. Wanted to assure her that he was there with her, that all he wanted was to make her feel good. Harry just wanted to make love to her the right way.

And now he doesn’t even remember half the night.

So he brings his hand over his face, because not only does he not remember, he also doesn’t recognise the room he’s woken up in.

And then he looks beside him at the body under the white sheets.

He doesn’t recognise the person he’s woken up next to.

That’s not his Y/N.

Whipped…Boyfriend!!! Pt.2

Just Friends

Summary: Bucky finds you trying on some lingerie for your upcoming blind date.

Warnings: smut

A/N: Inspired by this post but with my own take on it.

You smiled at your appearance in the mirror. You looked utterly spectacular in the lingerie you had picked out. A red bra and panty set with a matching garter belt that connected to thigh high sheer stockings. You had a black dress laid out on your bed that you planned to wear with burgundy heels. 

You twirled, admiring every angle of your body. You hoped that your blind date would enjoy the lacy undergarments, that is if they earned it. You hadn’t gotten laid in months and you craved the feeling of someone else between your legs, not just your hands or your toys. 

You sighed satisfyingly and reached around for your dress. You held it up by its hanger, questioning your choice in attire. Your attention was pulled away by a knock on your door. Thinking it was Natasha you went ahead and gave them the okay to enter.

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2018, the end.

Guy’s I’ve had a few asks relating to my last post so I’m just gonna reiterate what I mean. 

Career wise, Fifth Harmony can’t go any further. Even if Camila was still a member of the group, it wouldn’t make any difference what so ever. Their music is repetitive and fans are beginning to disassociate and detach themselves from the songs they put out. Besides, ‘Bridges’, nothing on their album really stands out. Yes, vocally the girls are flawless, but the melodies/beats are consistent on each track, nothing stands out from any other song in the mainstream media. When I say that, I unfortunately mean it just isn’t Grammy worthy. I do genuinely believe the girls wanted to call time on the group last year, when Camila’s departure was announced. In interviews leading up to the 19th, the girls were undecided on a future and there was an uncertainty in the air even when we presumed Camila would remain. Now to me, Camila left at the perfect time. Her induvial success so far is remarkable. She’s getting endorsed by some of the biggest brands and her music is climbing the charts. However, if the girls chose to split last year at the same time, there would not have been space for 4 solo females in the music industry. It’s as simple as that. By prolonging the split, the girls are growing their own individual fan bases and preparing for their solo endeavours. The brand ‘Fifth Harmony’ simply cannot get any bigger. It’s just not growing as it should. It like a flower, you can water and nurture it all you want but it won’t get any bigger until eventually it dies. The label are fully aware of this, therefore are using drama/hype to get the girls recognised and to keep people talking. At the same time, each girl is dropping individual projects on the side. For example, Ally’s feature in Lost Kings’ hit “Look at Us Now”. Lauren’s previous hits with Halsey/Marian Hill including her upcoming collab with Steve Aoki. Dinah and Normani recording in the studio separately. All the signs are here. As soon as that group contract ends next year, the girls will jump into solo contracts. Remember the girls auditioned as solo artists, ultimately they wanted solo success. Being in this wonderful group is sadly only helping them to achieve their own personal goals. It’s a platform, a step up into their dream if you will. And that’s completely okay. We have to accept that. So, over the next few months and into 2018, whilst all this drama/shade/bitchiness will continue, remember this post. Remember everything is all happening for a reason. Be smart, don’t allow this to further divide our fandom. Because it shouldn’t be split 5 ways, it should remain as one.

Devil Side-Chapter 23

Summary: Bucky wakes up in his hospital bed and Steve breaks the news. Bucky POV

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, reference to a kidnapping. mortal wounds. Super Angst. 

Word Count: 1143

Bucky Pov.

He woke slowly to the sound of monitors beeping. The stiffness in his muscles was intensely painful. A dull ache burned beneath his clavicle and lower ribs. His head was foggy with the number of painkillers the nursing staff had pumped into him. The serum burned through the medication in record time, forcing the nurses to up the doses they gave him.

It didn’t stop him from remembering.

Tears prick the corners of his eyes and roll silently down his cheeks. His baby. His sweet little girl. He failed to protect her.

It was his one task as a father. Protect your child.

He turns on his side, ignoring the painful pull of his stitches. He brings his knees to his chest and wraps his arms around his legs. He shakes violently with the force of his sobs. Every tear a jarring memory.


He knew instantly something was wrong. The park was too quiet. There were no families. No playing children. He curled his metal arm around Reyna protectively, trying to discern figures in the tree line. He could see nothing. All he could here was the crackling of twigs underfoot as whoever was watching him shifted position.

He chose not to fight. He chose to run. A firefight or knife fight could easily get Reyna killed.

He turned his back on the tree line and held Reyna close to his chest. He walked slowly to the entrance of the park, his senses on high alert. He kept his cool, noticing how even Reyna stayed uncharacteristically quiet as they moved. He counted fifteen pairs of boots behind him. His adrenaline spikes. He shifts Reyna from his metal arm to his flesh arm, and rolls his shoulder, working out the kinks in the metal. He stops and readies himself.

His attackers stop behind him.

Bucky grimaces and gives his daughter a kiss on her forehead, brushing a thumb over her cheek. “It’s gonna be okay,” he says gently.

Her big blue eyes look sadly up at him, and not for the first time Bucky wonders whether children understand more than they let on. She always seems to understand exactly what he’s saying.

“Hand over the lass if you please, Sergeant Barnes.” The thickly accented voice is vaguely familiar.

Bucky tries to place it but draws a blank. Turning slowly to face the nameless man, he sneers, “I suggest you and your lackeys take a long walk over a short cliff, pal. You ain’t laying a filthy finger on my girl.”

The man in front of him smiles. The sharp sting of a taser whites out his vision. When the pain stops Bucky roars in anger, but he’s remained on his feet. When Reyna whimpers and pats his cheek as if to ask if he’s okay, he clicks his next from side to side and kisses her hair.

A deadly smile painted on his lips when he turns his gaze back to the group. “Alright you, bastards. Come and get me!”


“We’re gonna get them back, pal,” Steve says softly from behind him.

Bucky frowns. He hadn’t known Steve was back. Bruce must have recalled them from the mission they were on. His mind goes blank for a second before he dares ask the question, “Them?”

“Reyna and (Y/N),” Steve says slowly.

Bucky’s heart turns to ice. He sits bolt upright in his bed, his eyes wild with horror. “Whaddya mean?”

Steve’s face pales, his eyes widening as he realizes his error. He swallowed once, twice, before he sighs in defeat. “(Y/N) was taken last night. She emailed me the list the of demands the kidnappers sent. They wanted her, and only her. If she handed herself over to them without a fight they would return Reyna within five hours.”

“No,” Bucky states, ripping his IV line from his arm. He throws the covers off his body and gets shakily to his feet. He falters briefly before stalking out of his hospital room, nearly ripping the door off its hinges in his haste.

His mind repeats no over and over as he stalks the halls of the tower. He screams your name. His heartbreaking further with every passing second.

No one stops him. They let him pass, their heads bowed in silent mourning. They understood. They had all lost someone in the line of duty. It came with the territory, unfortunately. Still, it didn’t make it any easier to watch a fellow agent break as they realized someone close to them had been taken from them.

Tony steps in front of him, stopping him in his tracks. Natasha is standing beside him, her eyes dull and red-rimmed. Steve is behind Bucky with Bruce, having followed him through the tower. They all approach him without saying a word, laying hands on his shoulders, lending support, and comfort. They were all broken.

All except Tony, who seemed more hopeful than grief-stricken.

A few moments pass before Tony speaks, giving his friends time to process the events before he told them what he had found. For once the sass is missing. “She swallowed a tracker before she left the tower,” he says quietly.

Four heads snap to stare at him in disbelief.

“We can track her?” Steve asks, his words almost running together in his excitement.

Tony nods, a wide smile on his face. “F.R.I.D.A.Y calibrated her exact position five minutes ago. I was on my way to tell you when I ran into Nat and Barnes.”

“We need a plan,” Nat interjects.

“If there ever was a time for a code green this is it,” Bruce supplies.

“We need back up. I’m not risking anyone. We go with a full guard.” Steve agrees.

“I’ll fire up the Iron Legion.” Tony adds.

“Boss, you have a call from a downtown fire chief. A child matching Reyna’s description was left at their door thirty minutes ago with a note pinned to her chest. They want identification,” F.R.I.D.A.Y. informs Tony.

“Is she alive?” Tony asks sharply.

“Not a scratch on her,” she replies.

“Send me the exact location.” Tony turns his attention to Bucky, who had gone a sickly grey color. “Barnes,” he says while snapping his fingers in front of Bucky’s face. “Barnes!” he yells.

Bucky startles and focuses on Tony.

“You gotta keep it together, tin can. Your kid and your girl need you. You can’t afford to freak out. Bury it and sack up!”

Bucky inhales shakily. He pushes down the fear and horror, squares his shoulders, and sets his jaw in a hard line. “I need guns,” he says slowly.

A stray agent pipes up beside him. “How many, sir? I’ll prepare your tactical gear.”

Bucky stares at the woman contemplatively, then nods to himself.

“All of them.”


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Trust Issues - Jay X Reader / Harry Hook X Reader

Originally posted by clearwatersthimprint

Check out Part 2 here (this one has a whole load of Harry for ya!)

A/N:  Just a warning there is no Harry in this part but there will be in the next - stick with me peeps! Trust me when I say it was necessary.
Words: 4181
Requested: Yes!
Warnings: Violence, Angst, Swearing

A: How long have you loved her?
B: Have I missed something? What are you going on about?
A: How long have you loved her?
B: Loved who? Your the only person I lo…
A: Cut the bullshit, I see how you look at her.

“Y/N I can’t believe you are making me do this!” Evie complained as you dragged her down Auradon Prep’s hallways.
You were officially in suspicious girlfriend mode and this time you had roped your best friend into to stalking your lousy excuse of a boyfriend.
“I need to know if I’m going crazy” You said, glummer than you had intended to sound.
Evie glanced at you with a mixture of pity and concern and stopped you from moving any further.
“Y/N sweetie you aren’t crazy,” she said softly “But I think you’re wrong about him, everybody knows how much Jay loves you. He’s never exactly been into subtlety”
The blue haired girl let out a small laugh, hoping to get you to smile, but you just bit down on your lip a little harder.
“Hmm,” you said unconvinced, “It’s just that… It’s just that… Never mind, it’s not important”
But it was important. Overwhelmingly important to you. Your relationship with Jay had been rocky lately, he’d stopped spending time with you at all by this point. You were petrified of sounding like one of those psychotic jealous girls who refused to let their boyfriends out of their sights (there were plenty enough of them already at Auradon and you refused be confined to one of those princess stereotypes) but you couldn’t help feeling somehow… replaced. There really was no other word for it, how else would you describe Jay spending all his time with one other girl. A shinier, prettier newer model of yourself.
A person you couldn’t compete with.
At all.
How else would you describe the person you loved completely ignoring you for the last agonising month, without any kind of explanation.
Yes. ‘Replaced’ was a pretty accurate way of summing everything up.
“Y/N why are we heading towards the fencing Hall?” Evie questioned, bringing you back from you own thoughts.
You gulped.
“I don’t know, I thought it would be a good place to start”.
Lies, complete and utter lies. You knew that was exactly where Jay would be but you didn’t want to admit it out loud.
“Y/N sweetie, we passed the fencing team on our way here and I doubt Jay’ll be training on his own. Maybe we should try somewhere else?”
You gulped again, only this time louder. Loud enough for Evie to hear, her brows furrowing slightly.
“He won’t be alone” You said, your words almost inaudible, as if not speaking them would make them any less real.
“Hmm?” Evie asked, stopping you in your tracks for good now, standing in front of you and placing her hands on you shoulders so you couldn’t edge any closer to the Fencing Hall looming ahead.
“Lonnie” Was all you said, but it came out as more of a croak than a word.
You willed yourself not to cry, you didn’t want to seem utterly pathetic, but you could feel tears welling up in your eyes and your throat begin to close up.
You were more than confused when Evie let out a sigh of relief.
“Oh,” Evie said with a grin “You’re worried about Lonnie”
“What? That’s who he spends all his time with, not me, her.” You said almost defensively.
Evie chuckled lightly before looping her arms in yours.
“Y/N! You don’t have anything to worry about. It’s Lonnie we’re talking about. And Jay. They are friends, that’s all honey. That’s seriously not what has been worrying you has it?”
You wanted to believe Evie, you really did but every gut instinct was screaming at you that she was wrong.
“But… But she’s so…” You were struggling as how to word this “She’s so much like him. She’s perfect Evie, how could he not fall for her. She’s kind where I’m stubborn, she’s confident and outspoken where I’m quiet and reseverved. I mean, look at how athletic she is, he’s always going to get her more than he gets me. Lonnie is just overall… more. Even her parents trump mine, her mother saved the whole of China mine just…”
“Your mother worked hard and made her dreams happen when she was handed nothing” Evie said sternly “Your parents defeated a witch doctor terrorising their city and saw the good in people nobody else could see. Tiana and Naveen are some of the most inspirational people I have ever met and you are so much like the Y/N it’s unbelievable”
You could tell Evie was trying but you still felt deflated.
“I’m not her Ev-”
“So what if your not a fencer! That’s not your thing, fine, absolutely fine. Can Lonnie sing like you? I think not. You are hands down the best cook in the whole of Auradon and it’s safe to say that musical talent runs in the family.”
You flashed Evie a meek smile.
“Stop comparing yourself to her Y/N. They’re just friends.”
You inhaled and let out an indifferent sigh, stuffing your hands into your cardigan pockets.
“How can you be so sure E?”
“Because I know Jay!” She sung theatrically, tossing her hands up in the air for dramatic effect “And Lonnie too for that matter. In fact, come on , let me take you to the Fencing Hall and prove to you that you’ve got it all wrong”
She grabbed your hand and pulled you along.
“And then” Evie continued “When we find the hall completely empty you can apologise from dragging me away from my sewing”
The two of you giggled, running the remaining distance to the training room where you so frequently watched Jay in practise. This was why you loved Evie, she brought you back down to the ground, reeling you in when you went slightly too crazy. Of course Jay loved you, of course the secret love affair you concocted in you head was nothing more than just paranoid worrying. Evie always brought perspective , always knew what to say and when to say it.
Taking a deep breath you flung the doors to the Fencing Hall open, ready to be greeted and with an empty room and to even more ready accept Evie’s contestant I told you so’s on the walk back to your dorm.
But Evie would never get to say I told you so.
For once the girl who always new what to say could say nothing at all.
Because they were there. Together. 

And they certainly weren’t fencing.
A more appropriate word choice would be cuddling, or hugging or holding or snuggling, eloping, squeezing; all far more appropriate than fencing. Whatever it was, it was a whole lot more than friendly.
Her hand around his waist, his eyes glued to hers. You felt sick. In fact you were so sure you were going to be sick, that you ran away before you had the chance to see anything else.
You thanked god for having some mercy; at least they didn’t see you.

Great sobs raked your body as you collapsed behind your dorm room door, your forehead and palms flat against the wood as you tried to breathe deeply. It was a pointless exercise. It’s like a dam, you can only take so much, you can can only handle so much pressure and then boom…  its out of your control. Then your walls break down, the walls that hold you up, make you strong, just collapse. You were a mess. Salty droplets spill down your face as you feel your chin start to tremble like a small child, trying to make sense of what you had just seen.
You’re supposed to love me! The static in your head was screaming. You don’t do this to people you love!
And then you were interrupted, a small rapping at the door causing your to look up with watery eyes, wiping away a token tear.
“Y/N… It’s me Carlos. I’m not going to ask if you’re okay because I know you’re not but will you please open this door. Evie told me what happened”
You clenched your fists trying to fathom out the emotion suddenly pulsing through you. It wasn’t anger - how could you possibly be mad at Carlos who only ever tried to do right be others. He was your closest friend in the whole of Auradon, closer than you and Evie and, for the moment, closer than you and Jay. For a second you thought it was betrayal, you thought you were infuriated with Evie for telling people, but you knew she only told Carlos because she was worried about you.
It finally clicked. The mystery emotion rampaging around your body was complete and utter devastation.
“Carlos… I need to be alone” You whimpered, then you sniffled before adding “Jay doesn’t love me anymore”
Your last sentence was a soggy mess of sobbing, salty tears and voice cracking. You had never felt so pathetic in your life.
“Open the door Y/N” Carlos said softly.
“I really just need to be alone”
“Y/N. It’s part of my best friend duties to get you to open this door so I can smother you in hugs. We can either do this the easy way or the hard way”
You weren’t really listening to him
“I really just need to be alone” You repeated.
“The hard way it is”
“Carlos please ju-”
“Open this door right now, I’m not letting you wallow in self pity any longer” He was banging slightly louder on the door now and was starting to raise his voice. You did not want to here a signature Carlos pep talk where he said everything was going to be just hunker-dory. Clearly it was not.
“I’m really not in the mood. Can’t you just leave me al-”
You were interrupted again
“Y/N, you can either let me in or I can start singing really loudly and even more off key until you undo the latch”
There wasn’t a hint of insincerity in his voice
“Carlos! Come on don’t you dare”
Carlos was nothing if a little comical and you could tell by the floorboards creaking in the hallway that he was probably performing a fully choreographed dance out there which if nothing made you feel a smidge better.
“You’re not helping you know” You said, even though you had stopped crying now.
You just wanted to see his dance routine. He changed songs.
You were now completely convinced the boy was skipping around outside of your dorm. You could feel the corners of your mouth tug into a grin. Curse Carlos, the boy knew Moana was your weakness.
Carlos paused dramatically waiting for you to complete the lyric. You stayed silent, you weren’t exactly in the mood to have a sing along.
“Oh come on Y/N” he huffed “SPROUTED A TREE, NOW YOU’VE GOT”
Fuck it, that’s what a small part of your brain said you. Wait scrap that, fuck Jay. He wasn’t going to rule your happiness, if he wanted to date Lonnie then he better go and do it. You were going to sing an entire soundtrack with your best friend and not think twice about it. So you unclicked the latch and cleared your throat.
“COCONUTS!” You sung loudly, swinging the door open and throwing your hands in the air, no longer caring about your tear stained cheeks, no longer caring about what anybody thought about you.
Then you stopped.
Your face dropped and your stomach plummeted.

“J-Jay?” You said, your voice trembling with confusion and hurt.
Your boyfriend took a step forward and opened his mouth to say something, but you put your hands up in front of you, pushing him slightly away. You shot Carlos an angry glare
“I had no other option Y/N. You need to talk to him and I knew you wouldn’t come out if I told you he was here” Carlos tried to reason with you, glancing towards Jay who was staring at his feet and drawing swirls on the floor with the tip of his boot
You just shook your head, opening your mouth to object but Carlos stopped you, grabbing onto your shoulders before you could say a word.
“Just talk to him Y/N”
Then he left you.
He left you stood in a doorway with the exact person you wanted to run and hide from until you both forgot the other existed.
The uncomfortable silence was shattered when Jay cleared his throat, trying to meet your eye.
“It’s not what it looked like Y/N, trust me” he tried to explain, reaching his hand up towards your cheek.
You didn’t move, not even to push his hand away, you just stared back at him a concoction of betrayal and fury brewing in your eyes.
“But that’s just the thing Jay,” you said your voice sincere and distressed. “I can’t trust you anymore! I can’t trust anything you say!”
Jay retracted his arm immediately, cocking his head to the side and looking at you, trying to figure out what was racing through your head.
“Okay, well that’s not true. Now your just being unreasonable.” His voice was infuriatingly even as if nothing was affecting him, as if the sight of you bordering on tears was completely normal.
“Unreasonable?” You scoffed, laughing coldly at the son of Jafar “You know what’s unreasonable Jay? Ignoring me for a month. Staying out late at night with other girls whilst I sit at home wondering where the hell I went wrong. Cancelling our dates, that’s pretty unreasonable too, pretending I don’t exist -”
“Y/N stop!” He was panicking now.
“Oh no,” you snapped “There’s more. It was our 6 month anniversary on Monday and you completely ghosted me, you disappeared into thin air. I spent the whole day trudging around campus trying to find you, until Harry Hook of all people told me that you had gone with Lonnie back to the Isle! You ditched me for her!”
You weren’t even trying to hold back the tears anymore.
“Ben was there too” Jay mumbled so quietly you didn’t here him the first time.
“I said, Ben was there too, on the Isle I mean”.
You shook your head, spinning on your heels and walking back inside your room. You knew what you had to ask
“How long have you loved her?” Your voice broke even as you spoke softly. Jay’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Have I missed something? What are you going on about?”
“How long have you loved her?”
“Loved who? Your the only person I lo…”
You cut his off mid sentence by hitting the doorframe with your fist.
‘Cut the bullshit Jay, I see how you look at her"
A look of frustration washed over Jay’s face as he clenched his fists. He looked as though he was about to explode.
In a way, he did.
“Why are you acting so….so, so psychotic. It’s stupid! You’re stupid! Lately all you’re doing is acting like some obsessed little bit-”
He stopped himself before he could finish his word, but you got the message. Another part of you died. This was not the Jay you fell in love with.
“Fuck you Jay” You said surprisingly calmly, ready to slam the door behind you.
“Shit! Y/N just wait up. I didn’t mean it, okay I’m acting like an idiot, I didn’t mean it!” He stuck his foot in the door and practically jumped inside of your room.
You were past angry now, you were fuming.
“What do you want from me?”
“Just listen to me please Y/N, I love you, you’ve got to know that I love you”
“I don’t” you whispered meekly, staring up at him with blurry eyes “I can’t”
“Look, look” Jay was fumbling around now desperately in his pockets “Here… Have this”
He thrust a gold ring into your hands and looked up at you nervously. The metal was cool in your hands and you rubbed your thumb along the glinting red stone adorned to the engraved banned. You didn’t look at it, staring directly into Jay’s panic stricken eyes with a dead expression.
“Did you steal it?”
Jay gulped and started to rub the back of his neck, tripping over his words. You had got your answer alright.
“Well…um Y/N…you see-”
“I don’t want it,” You snapped, throwing it back at his feet “We’re done here”
You tried to push him out of your room but Jay was too tall, too muscular, there was nothing you could do to make him leave.
“Y/N just let me explain”
“Y/N calm down”
“I’m not cheating on you Y/N, how many times? It’s me your talking about. Me!”
You looked at him for a moment, same silky hair, same tanned skin, even his eyes though filled with a douse of sadness, still had his signature glint of cheekiness. Taking a deep breath, you ran your fingers through your hair. You gave him one more chance to salvage this.
“Okay,” you said to yourself more than to Jay “Okay. But I have one question. I need the truth, if you lie to me again I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive you okay? I just need the truth”
Jay exhaled a sigh of relief but knew better than to try and touch you. He nodded at you.
“Have you kissed her?”
The words stung as you said them, tumble out of your mouth and filling the room with an uneasy silence. It was the silence that was destroying you. He said nothing. Jay said nothing. He just kept opening and shutting his mouth like a goldfish.
“HAVE YOU KISSED HER?” You screamed.
You didn’t want it to be true.You thought if you screamed loud enough, maybe it would make him speak, maybe he would tell you that he didn’t like Lonnie, that he only saw her as a sister. It was deafeningly quiet.

“SAY SOMETHING, YOU’ VE GOT TO SAY SOMETHING, WHY ARENT YOU ANSWERING ME?” If he had said anything, anything at all in that moment you would have had a chance, there would have still been some hope. But he just kept looking at you with guilty eyes until you couldn’t take it anymore.

You ran out of bedroom and down the hallway before you would breakdown completely.

You ran until your lungs ached, until your legs begged you to stop and dizziness forced you to take huge deep breaths. You’d managed to sprint all the way to the end of the tourney pitch, at the very border of the forest. Maybe the tourney field wasn’t the best place you could have run to, the sight of it bringing your thoughts right back to Jay. You wanted to crumple into a ball.
So you did.
“No,” You told yourself “You are better than this Y/N”.
You were about to pull yourself up when you heard a calling out behind you.
“Well well well! If it isn’t Little Miss Parfait!”
Immediately you shot around, greeted by the glowing purple eyes of a sworn enemy.
“That’s French for perfect Y/N, don’t look so bewildered,”
The boy licked his lips, rubbing his hands together in a manner that was making your uncomfortable. You stood up.
“I know what it means Drew” You snapped “I’m just going”.
You weren’t a judgemental person and you knew the VK’s weren’t a direct representation of there parents , hell up until an hour ago you were dating one, but there was something about Drew Facilier that just creeped you out. You refused to believe it was simply because his dad tried to kill your family, although that may have been half of the issue. Regardless, you had steered clear away from the boy since he arrived in Auradon.
“You, aren’t going anywhere!” Drew yelled, his voice changing from teasing to threatening.
He grabbed your shoulder and pulled you backwards.
“Get of me you creep!” You screamed, tugging his hand from you.
The boys glare fixed in a stony gaze, his eyes glowing brighter and brighter.
You clawed at his legs, trying to scramble away but although you were strong you couldn’t undermine the weight difference between you and the witch doctors son. You knew you couldn’t wrestle your way free so you thought tactically and rationally. Instead you aimed for his eyes, raking your fingernails across his eyelids, causing him to release you momentarily and contract in pain.
You took you chance, sprinting back across the field while Drew was still knelt on the floor clutching at his face.
“GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BITCH!” Drew cursed at you, standing up and screaming in your direction.
You didn’t even glance back at him. You had never run so fast in your life, your legs on autopilot steering you back to safety, the distance between you and the voodoo boy becoming greater and greater with every second.
But then you stopped.
An involuntary halt that both alarmed and confused you.
Icy cold tendrils, wrapped there way around your ankles, pulling the floor from beneath you until you fell face first into grass. You started to shiver, your eyes darting around, unable to comprehend the sudden bitter chill on the hot August morning. You tried to force your body upwards, groaning with strain and effort, but you were flattened back down immediately, another wave of unsettling coolness washing over you.
They were everywhere, gathering in hoards, twisting into shrivelled hands and haunting faces laughing at your misery and hysterics.
You thrashed and writhed around on the floor trying to shake them off of you, but it was no use and soon every one of your limbs was inch of you was pinned down by a different shadow, so you lay flattened in a star shape on the field.    
Drew took his time approaching you whistling “Friends on the other side” to himself as he approached, laughing manically at your distress.
“HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!” You were screaming now, your voice quickly becoming hoarse “JAY! SOMEBODY PLEASE! JAY! JAY! I NEED YOU!” Your heart clenched, even after everything that had happened yo still loved him.
You pulled the shadow pushing down on your chest from you, sitting yourself up abruptly. Drew scowled, waving his hand as another shadow took its place and then whispering something you couldn’t decipher under his breath
“Jay Jay I need you” mocked Drew suddenly breaking out into an unnerving grin. He clasped his hand together like a damsel in distress as he continued to circle you like a shark. “Where is he now Y/N? With Lonnie probably”
You son of a bitch! You tried to scream.
And the you froze.
Tried to scream.
You had tried to scream but quickly realised that you couldn’t.
You couldn’t even open your mouth. A feeling of dread settled in your stomach as you realised you couldn’t move any body part at all, only your eyes which widened in alarm as Drew bent down towards you.
“Paralysis hex,” Drew laughed “Come on Y/N don’t look so surprised, I’m the son of a witch doctor. A witch doctor your parents ruined. I think it’s about time we resettled the score don’t you think?”
You couldn’t even move your eyes now, Drew forcing them to fixate on his face. You had never wanted to close your eyes more in your whole life.
“Right, well we really must be going! I thought I’d bring you with me! Sound good?” The boy continued with mock innocence.
Obviously, you couldn’t say a word.
“Great! I’ll take that as a yes! I have some particular friends which have been just dying to meet you” He emphasised the word dying in a way that made your whole body shudder. You were convinced you were going to be sick.
“SHADOWS!” He bellowed walking away from you and back into the forest. The morphing facing pinning you down dragged you after him, your hair snagging on tree branches, brambles cutting at your skin. Drew was still whistling that dreadful song.
You had one fleeting thought before you hit your head on a tree stump, knocking you out cold.
I don’t care what you’ve done Jay, I need you to find me.

Part 2 anybody?

anonymous asked:

Just big ups to Harry Shum Jr as Magnus. I was just reading a fanfic and for some reason it made me truly aware of how conscientious and intentional Harry’s performance is. And I just keep going back to 2x08, the Magnus and Jace scene, where he’s essentially getting the “shovel talk”. Just watch how he moves, the way he sits down and plays with his fingers. I mean the grace and rhythm he gives Magnus always throws me for a loop. I just ADORE the subtlety.

same, i disliked the content of it but i loved the scene for how harry played magnus, like just??? even the way he sits down and tips his head:

this is a small tangent but i always enjoy watching magnus sit or stand in general bc it’s very….deliberate. most ppl just kinda sink down into their seat, but magnus doesn’t relax until he’s perfectly seated how he wants. idk if it makes sense but you can tell bc like…the cushion or chair rarely moves. when he sits, he lowers himself very carefully down:

In fact, the only time you see him sit down in a slightly less controlled manner is in 2x12, which makes sense:

The Cave Dweller Pt. 1

“This is ridiculous,” Eva grumbled to herself, trying to find the path. Somewhere during her hike she managed to get lost, and was trying to find her way back before it got too dark. But the sun was setting quickly, and she wasn’t prepared to set up camp for an overnight stay. It was just her luck when she spotted a cave and she made a dash for the entrance, thinking how lucky it was to have some decent shelter for the night.

Once inside she took a quick look around, finding it to be pretty suitable for her needs. There was a tunnel leading a bit further into the the cave and she thought it would be wise to go in a bit deeper. Sure it wouldn’t be comfortable, but there’d be better protection from the cold and the wind the further in she went.

“Forget ridiculous, this is perfect!” She exclaimed as she came to a relatively large area, far enough into the cave that she would be protected, but not so far she could get lost in the more winding parts of the tunnel. She was feeling pretty good about the situation when she turned and stopped in her tracks, eyes growing wide.

Standing right before her was a creature like no other she had ever seen. It towered over her, covered in fur with two large horns protruding from it’s head. It stood on hind legs, yet had six limbs, each one brandishing a clawed paw at the end. She took in a deep breath and tried to step back, wanting to put distance between her and the mystery beast. But the beast had much more curiosity than she did and approached, growling softly. Before she could turn and run it grabbed her, keeping her from escaping,

With two of it enormous arms, the creature held her against the wall of the cave as the other two hands picked at her, examining the interesting new life form that had broken into it’s domain. At first it seemed interested in her hair. While he was covered in fur, she only had it on her head. The beast played with it for a while before something just as unusual caught it’s fancy - her breasts. Despite her protests, it rested a claw on each breast and squeezed. Eva let out a yelp of surprise, but the creature simply did it again with a very loud growl of curiosity.

The creature continued to play with her chest out of amusement, and much to Eva’s dismay, she could feel her nipples grow erect, enjoying the bizarre touches. It gave her another grunt, this time almost playfully, as if it were happy. But then it suddenly stopped, it’s black nose sniffing at the air. It pressed it’s head close to her body, and she tried to press herself against the wall further, remembering the sharp teeth that filled it’s mouth. But instead of biting at her, it continued to try to pinpoint whatever it was smelling, dragging it’s nose downward until it landed right at her thighs

It pushed it’s nose up against her crotch and breathed in deeply, taking in her scent. Enjoying the scent, the creature rubbed it’s nose up against it. Even against the fabric of her jeans, the sensations sent shivers up Eva’s spine and she whimpered as she felt herself get wet with each push of the nose. The creature growled happily, it’s ears perking up. And it was then she noticed it. The large beast was growing excited by her musk, and a long appendage started to grow out from between it’s legs. She stared in part shock, part horror as it slowly left it’s sheath.  It was nearly as thick as her forearm, and pure black, contrasting sharply against it’s white fur, and throbbing with excitement. The beast was clearly aroused, as it stood completely erect, precum already dripping from it’s head.

Then, without warning, the monster used one sharp claw to rip off her jeans and underwear, forcing her down into the ground on all fours. Fighting it off was useless, as the creature was holding her down, and she wasn’t nearly strong enough to try to throw him off. She was about to make one more struggle for freedom, and that’s when it happened. The monster threw it’s weight against her, and it’s massive organ plunged it’s way deep into her womanhood. She howled in pain and surprise as it forced itself in, her walls stretching as much as they could to accommodate such a large size.

The beast took her sounds as mating noises and began to hammer away at her, it’s throbbing cock driving in and out. She moaned and yelled, and in response it went even faster, aggressively attacking her pussy. It was completely animalistic, barbaric and unhinged with its movements. Eva dug her fingers into the dirt, feeling it’s fur rub against her backside She tried to concentrate on that - how it was soft and warm - but all she could think about was how a monster, a massive, frightening monster was fucking her violently.

But as the violent beating continued, she couldn’t help but start to relax. Her moans and cries continued, but she could no longer tell if they were from fear, pain, or pleasure. Her thoughts went to the rhythmic actions of the creature, it’s pulsating organ pounding into her wet, aching hole. Her whole body bucked with each unbearable collison and she found herself starting to thrust her hips in time, grinding up against his.

In no time a knot started to form, and the thrusts became shorter, more frenzied, as did her gasps and cries of pleasure. It stretched her even further, but it pushed even deeper, adding to the surprising enjoyment  she found herself having. With one more slam of it’s hips, the monster’s engorged cock rammed against just the right spot, and she let out an uncontrollable yell, electricity flooding through her veins. Completely uninhibited, she climaxed again and again, each one a greater thrill than the last.

The monster let out a deafening roar, before it too succumbed to orgasm. It’s swollen organ twitched and buried itself deep within her walls before releasing a flood of seed. The beast continued to howl as it’s warm, sticky cum poured into her body. With no other place to go, it filled her womb, her stomach becoming tight with pressure. Slowly the stream started to subside, but with the knot still large as ever, the beast stayed within her long after it was over.

 When the knot finally grew small enough, the animal pulled out, roaring in satisfaction. Completely worn out by the experience, she dropped down, shaky and tired. Her pussy was aching and on fire, but she still couldn’t deny the absolute pleasure she had experienced. After just a moment of rest, she tried to rise, stumbling over her own feet. Eyeing the exit, she started to walk towards it but collapsed, finding herself much too tired to even try. Before she closed her eyes for some sleep, the monster sat down beside her, letting out one last yelp of delight.

(Next part will be on it’s way soon enough. Feel free to contact me with prompts, comments, or just to talk!)

Surprise (Part 1)

Shawn Mendes x Reader


Word Count- 2345

Summary- You decide to surprise Shawn with both your’s and his family on a special concert night!

Triggers- navy homecoming, fluff

A/N- sooooo hi… been a while huh? Believe me, I have been reading A LOT, but I honestly haven’t felt very motivated to do some writing of my own. Until last night. I went to Illuminate Boston last night and I fell in love all over again. So real quick my best friend and I were walking out of the bathroom and I literally stopped in my tracks because Geoff was standing right outside of the bathroom. IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUSY HALLWAY. Nobody was talking to him and everyone was walking by him oblivious to who he was. I walked right up to him and asked for a pic but HES NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PICS WITH US. I honestly knew he wouldn’t let us take pics but I guess I was just looking to talk to him. But back to the concert it was unreal we had pretty good seats and just seeing his little face in person again made me so happy now that he is gone I’m sad but I’ll just write out my feelings so here we go

p.s.- when I refer to TD Garden i refer to the arena of the Boston concert, that’s where the Boston Celtics play!


You hate receiving them but you love dishing them out. There is nothing like the warm embrace of and over joyed person, especially if that person is Shawn.

Your and Shawn have been dating for six years, that’s right, six. Okay, long story short you are very close family friends with the Warburton family. They lived in Massachusetts next to you before they moved back to Canada for work. You decided to visit them when you were in seventh grade, on a family trip of course. Ian happened to be over his best friend Shawn’s house and because you simply couldn’t wait to see Ian you went over yourself. You totally had a crush on the twelve year old Shawn within a few days and by the time you left, you had shared your first kiss. Long distance life was tough, but somehow, even six years later, you managed to keep the relationship flourishing.

Okay, back to your surprise.

You go to school in New York. NYU, to be precise. So you had told Shawn that you needed to be there to help the freshman move in the day after the concert. That was true, the freshman did move in the day after the concert, but you were in no way a part of that. He was upset because of all the concerts he plays at he can guarantee loved ones of some sort at two; Toronto and Boston. You have always been there for both of those concerts and as a matter of fact, you had been there for almost every concert during the summer for the past three years. You were fortunate enough to tour with him, but unfortunately this past August you were unable to continue touring the Illuminate World Tour because of an internship opportunity that was too good to pass up and your loving and thoughtful boyfriend would never allow you to give it up to follow him around all summer, no matter how much you loved it.  

So you threw him off. Nobody was coming to Boston to see him perform. How sad for him. What he doesn’t know, is that his family is on their way from Ontario and you aren’t at NYU, instead you are loading your large family into the car just as he called you.

“Hey baby,” he whispers, “I miss you.”

“Hi sweetheart,” you say as you simultaneously shush you little brother as you buckle him into his car seat, “I miss you too baby.”

“Do you have time to chat?” He asks hopefully.

“Sorry baby this isn’t really a good time, I have a bunch of RAs up my ass.” You pretend sigh, “Can I call you later?”

“After the show?” Shawn asks.

“Of course baby! You know I wish that I could be there, it just didn’t fall at the right time. I will make it up to you I promise. I love you and have a good show.” You abruptly hang up and yell to your family that is left in he house, “Is everybody ready? We need to leave now!” And soon everyone joins you in the car.

You have a fairly large family. Well, at least it’s large compared to the Mendes family. You have your two parents, a twenty-two year old brother named Matt, an eighteen year old sister named Jenna, a fourteen year old sister named Ella, and a three (almost four) year old brother named Jackson.

Your brother Matt is a dedicated Navy Seal and has been for two years. He completed freshman and sophomore year at a business school near home, simply because he felt he had to. The college route was what your parents always pushed. You were happy to comply; Matt not so much. Matt had confided in you that he was failing his second semester of classes. He has always been your best friend. Jenna and Ella were both close because they were amazing dancers. You and Matt were good at sports and would rather just hang out with loved ones. When Jackson came around he fit perfectly into your little group. Jackson was born right around when Matt and you were the closest as you helped him make his decision to leave college and enlist. Life without Matt had been difficult. As he was in training for six months in California little baby Jackson was your little savior. You were broken every day when You remembered the grueling training your older brother and role model was going through. A little part of you thought that you were helping to influence Jackson and raise him as a happy young boy. Matt came home after he graduated training for two months. For the last nine months Matt has been on active duty. You have been able to speak to him a few times a month but not nearly enough to satisfy your nerves. 

Yesterday was an amazing day. You were finalizing the last minute plans of joining both yours’ and Shawn’s families to surprise Shawn on the day of his concert. The only person on Shawn’s crew that knew of the unexpected surprise was Geoff. You had just finished helping Jackson into his spiderman pajamas after his bat. You had Jackson on your hip as you walked downstairs to bring him to watch TV with his sisters before bedtime. as you turned the corner from the stairs you noticed the door to the garage was open. Shortly after you glanced that way your parents entered through the doorway. Then your sisters. Then a face you hadn’t seen in a while. 


“Matty…” You half whisper half cry as tears stream down your face. Jackson is trying his hardest to wiggle out of your embrace as Matt begins walking closer to you. 

“MATT! MATT! It’s me! It’s me your brother Jax!” Jackson screams. Jay was a name only three people were allowed to call Jackson. Those three people happened to be you, Matt, and Shawn. 

“I know buddy!” Matt exclaims, “I missed you little man!” Matt takes Jax out of your arms and Jax quickly wraps his arms around Matt’s neck. You bring your hands to cover your mouth in disbelief as you cry. This can’t be him. Matt wasn’t expected home for another month. Your body seemed to be frozen in place so Matt placed his free arm on you back and pulled you into his chest. You practically sobbed at the feeling of his touch. 

“Wh-What are you doing here?” You cried.

“What? Am I not allowed to miss my family?” Matt laughs sarcastically. He will never admit it, but there were tears slipping down his cheeks as well that night. 

Okay, for real, back to reality. 

You’re on your way to the concert and everything seems to be in place. The Mendes family (minus Shawn obviously) are stocked up in a hotel room about a block from TD Garden. You are twenty minutes away from the city. When you arrive you are going to hop into one of the tour vans that sit like twelve people with the Mendes family, then you will all go into the arena and surprise Shawn. The show starts at 7:30 and you plan on arriving at the Garden at about 7. Everyone (except for Shawn) knows you are arriving, only Geoff knows that your family and Shawn’s family will also be arriving, and only your family knows that Matt is with you. Matt and Geoff are very close as well. Although Geoff is a few years older than Matt, they get along like brothers because when we met the Warburton family, Ella was really little and there were like six more years until Jackson was born. 

Okay, this time you are really going to stay in the present. 

You pulled up in front of the Marriott and quickly exchanged the families into the tour van. Ella and Aaliyah were obviously gushing about school gossip. They practically know everything about each other. You will catch up with Aaliyah when  you head to the VMAs with Shawn later, when your family isn’t with you. 

“How long has it been since you have seen Shawn?” Your mom asks Karen. 

“Well…” She begins, “He came home about three weeks ago for a few days. He likes to think he is good at communicating with his father and I, but really the only one he wants to talk to is back there.” She says pointing to the back row where you and Matt are sitting with Jax on your lap. 

“Me?!” Jax screams excitedly, obviously listening in on their private conversation. 

“Nooo silly boy!” Karen laughs, “I’m talking about the pretty girl behind you.”

“Who me?” You ask, mid-laugh as Matt was telling a funny story from his life at the compound.  

“Who else would she be talking about?” Jenna sasses. She always loves seeing  the Mendes family, but to be honest you have always felt that she is a little jealous of your’s and Shawn’s relationship. She doesn’t necessarily want to be with Shawn herself, but she wants the relationship that you share. 

“You know he’s going to marry you someday (Y/N).” Aaliyah shares with you. You have dreamed of that yourself, but it makes your heart flutter and your cheeks flush when someone else says that to you. After such a long and deep relationship you could only hope. 

“Alright we are pulling up!” Manny calls out as you approach the stage entrance of TD Garden. You shoot a quick text to Geoff letting him know that you had approached the stage door. He replies letting you know that Shawn has finished his Q&A and he is just hanging around in his dressing room with some of the band. 

You all wait in the van for Geoff to show up outside of the doors. The conversation is quiet and calm as you all periodically glance toward the door. You rearrange your outfit and brush your hands through your hair. 

“Is someone nervous?” Matt jokes. 

“I haven’t seen him in a month, I know that’s not long but I just miss him so much.” You whisper. 

“You look bootiful.” Jay whispers and both you and Matt laugh. 

“Well I sure hope I look booty-ful! And thank you Jax!” You pull one of his cheeks and he wiggles toward Matt.

“I just want to see brother Shawn!” Jay whines. Jax has only been alive when you and Shawn were dating and he has only had the pleasure of knowing the (Y/N) that is so deeply in love with Shawn, the happiest Shawn. 

Your breath hitches as you see Geoff’s figure walk through the doorway and you practically push everyone out of the car to get to him. Jay walks over to your mom to hold her hand to so you can give Geoff a hug.

“Hey (Y/N)! Long time kid.” Geoff smiles. 

“Too long!” You laugh. 

“He talks about you every waking minute he is away from you on this tour.” Geoff whines, “It drives us all insane I swear… wait” And then he finally sees him. Matt walks out of the van and Geoff’s face lights up. “Matt man! It’s so good to see you brother!” Geoff pushes right past Shawn’s parents and envelops Matt in his arms. “I didn’t know you were coming!”  

“Yeah well surprise!” Matt laughs. 

“I can’t wait to hear all about your leave on duty, but first there is someone that really needs to see his girlfriend, like now.” Geoff begins handing out VIP passes to your and Shawn’s family. 

“Off day?” You sigh. 

“Yeah, he just thought this night would go differently and he’s a little down.” Geoff says as he places your lanyard over your neck. Your lanyard isn’t just the Shawn VIP Pass. Your’s is an actual Illuminate Identification card with your picture and everything because you spent almost two months on tour with Shawn. 

You glance down at the card on your neck and traces the edges with your finger, “I missed this.” You smile back up at Geoff as he gives you a sweet smile. He is exited for Shawn, he needs this more than anything. You all follow Geoff through the hallways of the Garden, the two of you leading up front. 

All of your loved ones following you can see the smile that is slowly growing on your face with every step. They all know your and Shawn’s love is different. It’s not just puppy love anymore and its not just dating, its more. Its a lifetime worth of happy that they have all been lucky enough to watch grow and they have been able to watch it change you as well, the both of you. Everyone can see this, well maybe except for Jackson. Jackson just likes to look at the green walls for the Boston Celtics. Green is his favorite color. 

Geoff stops you right in front of the doorway to Shawn’s dressing room. You can hear him talking quietly to a couple of his bandmates and crew. You turn around and mouth to your entire family, “Here we go!”

As you turn into the doorway you see Shawn sitting on the couch, guitar resting on his knee. He is slightly facing toward you and he is talking mindlessly with Zubin as Mike drums on the table to the right of him. 

As soon as you turn into the room you rest your shoulder on the side of the doorframe and cross your arms. You meet eyes with his and they immediately open wider as a bright smile spreads across his face. Your backstage identification rests cooly over your arms as it shines in the lights of the mirrors.

You smile lightly as you can see Geoff to your left and you say, “Hey handsome”

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request: May I please request a Jonathan Byers imagine where you go with him and Nancy to find the demogorgon and instead of Nancy falling into the upside down it’s the reader and he takes care of you after you get out.

pairing: Jonathan Byers x Reader

warnings: none

word count: 1,955

Nothing crazy ever happened in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. You couldn’t remember the last time something serious ever occurred since you and your family moved there seven years ago.

Moving from a busy city to a quiet town was peaceful to you. You liked the slow pace of it all.

That was until Will Byers disappeared.

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Storms (Chapter Ten)

Tony struggles with the team being home, and when Thor plays a prank that involves Mjolnir, it ends differently than expected. Some sweetness and feels and a dash of smut.



Enjoy :)

If Tony was being honest, it was kind of the worst having the team back.

The compound was loud, someone was always somewhere and he couldn’t seem to just sit and work anymore unless he was locked up in his lab, which somehow seemed like something of a punishment.

Tony found himself avoiding the common areas just so he wouldn’t have to engage in small talk with any of them. And he couldn’t hardly be in the same room as either Steve or Bucky, and he could tell it irritated Steve to no end. And Tony might have made a bigger deal than needed of getting up and leaving the room whenever those two entered, but he had always been petty to his core, and months of healing and growing closer with Thor certainly wasn’t going to change that.

Thor of course, was amazing, but in some unspoken agreement, they hadn’t said anything about their relationship, and weren’t physically affectionate around each other until night came and Thor would make his way to Tony’s bedroom.

But it had been a few weeks now, since the team had returned, and Thor had yet to initiate anything beyond just a kiss in bed, and Tony was feeling wound up and antsy and irritable because yesterday he’d walked in on Clint and Natasha kissing– when had they become a thing?– and Vision had developed this slightly creepy habit of simply phasing through walls and standing there to watch Tony without speaking, and wow did Tony find that annoying. And Wanda– well every time she flicked those cold eyes at him, Tony wanted to throw something at her, and he hated that. Hated it because he did want to forgive and move on and he just couldn’t seem to.

In fact the only person Tony could stomach being around was Sam Wilson, and that was because at the end of that very first evening, Sam had found Tony in the kitchen and just blurted out how sorry he was. And how he knew Tony had worked hard to get them home, and how happy he was to be back in New York, and that he knew this wasn’t going to be easy but he hoped eventually Tony would see him as a friend again.

Tony had looked up from his dinner in shock, then had reached out and shook the hand Sam offered, and that had been that.

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Super Junior 8JIB Album ‘Play’  #슈퍼주니어PLAY

Super Junior’s Official 8th album ‘ PLAY’ that will be released on the coming 6th of November is a combination of two meaning ‘replay the music’ and ‘play excitedly’. It’s harmonious combination pf tracks that will widen Super Junior’s musical spectrum much more as it contains tracks that will be able to listen at  ease and tracks that stands out with Super Junior’s unique cheerfulness. ©

Only A Dance

Request: “Hi, I have a request, I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is a dancer and Shawn gets jealous because she/he is doing a quite intimate piece with another guy, or maybe she gets hurt on stage, it can be for anyone. Thanks” 

Originally posted by mednes

“Start it from the top again! Y/n, point your foot out after you spin. And you! Try not to drop her this time! Opening night is tonight people! Get your act together!” Yells the instructor as we all go to the sides of the stage.

“5…6….5..6..7..8..” The lights dim and the music starts. All of us get into place, one by one go out until my partner and I enter from opposite sides. I gracefully walk over to my partner, who then greets me by bowing down and lending out a hand. He takes my hand and spins me around. A hand lands on my waist as we’re only inches apart. He lifts me up and I put my arms into fifth position to form a circle shape over my head. I move my arms down into second position has he slowly brings me down. Once again, our faces are inches apart. I brush the back of my hand along his cheek. Turning away, I leap away to the side of the stage so I’m still visible to the audience. Grant, the male lead, takes the middle of the stage to do his solo. Once he is done, I join him again in the middle. He dips me and we stay there until the music cuts off. Hearing clapping from the rest of the dancers causes me to smile, well until the guy drops me on the floor.

“What the fuck, Grant?” I say as I get up from the ground. Before Grant can answer me, the instructor comes up to us for his comments.

“That was perfect! Grant, you did amazing on your piece in the middle..”

Grant bows his head and smiles,”Thank you, sir. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I didn’t have an amazing instructor like you.”

Mr. Williams smiles, “And as for you y/n, you need to watch as you spin and extend your arms more! How many times do I have to tell you?”

“But sir..”

He puts his hand up,”I don’t want to hear it. Unless you want the understudy to take your place for opening night.”

“No, sir.”

“That’s what I thought. Maybe that’s something you can learn from Grant… how to respect your instructor..”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.” I bow. I hated not having a say in anything, but there was no way I was going to give up being the lead.

Mr. Williams looks at me then looks back at Grant again. “Again, amazing job. Good luck tonight.” Then he walks away.

“Do you always have to be such an ass?”

“Maybe if you didn’t have that punk as a boyfriend you’d actually value being the lead.”

“You leave Shawn out of this.”

Grant raises his arms up in defense, “I’m just saying you’d have way better opportunities with me rather than him.”

I get up in Grants face, “Let me say this one final time. You will never be anywhere near to what Shawn is. Do I make myself clear?” He doesn’t respond. “That’s what I thought.” I get out of his face and walk away from him.

“We’ll see about that.” He says which makes me stop in my tracks. I stand there for a second then keep walking towards the dressing room. Grant isn’t worth it. Besides, I have a cute boy to get home to before opening night.

I walk into the house and sent down my bag as I close the front door. Then I plop down on the couch next to the curly headed man and let out a sigh.

“Bad day?”

“Don’t even get me started.” I lean forward and take a gulp out of his water on the table.

“So, what happened today?”

I straddle his lap, “Let’s not talk about it.” Putting my hands on his neck and place a kiss on his lips. “How was your day?”

“Good. I wrote two songs today.” His face lights up when he smiled. That’s one of the many things I loved about him. When he smiled, you can’t help but smile as well.

“What are they about?”

A low chuckle rumbles in his throat, “I wonder.”

“Well, can I hear them?”

He kisses me on the nose before he says, “Only once they’re perfect.” Then kisses me on the lips. “Because the perfect deserves perfect.”

It’s 8 o’clock and our family and friends just found their seats for y/n’s opening night. I am so excited to see her perform her favorite play: Romeo and Juliet. Although I’m not enthused that Grant got the lead, but I know I can trust y/n. The lights start to dim down signaling that the show is about to begin. People around us return to their seat as the orchestra plays the overture. 

“Relax, she’ll do great. I know it.” My mom, Karen, says as she squeezes my hand.

“I know. I’m just nervous for her because this is so important to her, you know?”

“It will be a special memory for the both of you. Her first show performing as the lead and your first of many shows supporting her in first of many lead roles.”

“Thanks, mom. I love you.” I say before kissing her cheek.

“You’re my little boy and will always be my little boy.”

An hour later

After many scenes y/n has danced, now the scene she was most nervous was up. The balcony scene. Y/n spent many late nights at the studio practicing this piece making sure it was perfect for her instructor as well as for performances. She also spent many nights stressing out about it to me. The music that cues y/n to come out from the side stage starts. Y/n is wearing her white leotard with a long flow mesh-like material dress on top. She looks absolutely stunning. Her dress flowing with every step, flawlessly turning and moving around the stage and suddenly Grant steps out from the other side of the stage. I move to the edge of my seat and grip one of the armrests harshly. They dance together for a little while, then Grant does his solo. I guess he is an okay dancer, but if I were in ballet and up there right now I could totally dance it better than him. Now comes the part that y/n was stressed out about the most. Y/n said multiple times that Grant has dropped her during rehearsals and her instructor always blamed her for it. She bows and offers her hand out to him, he accepts it and spins her around. As he finishes spinning her around, he places a hand on her waist, making me move towards the edge of my seat. He lifts her up and y/n has a big grin on her face as she does things with her arms. But something’s off. I know this because suddenly you see Grant’s smile replace with a worried look. He’s struggling to keep her up and you can see his hands starting to slip. I blink once and I see y/n on the ground crying in pain. Jumping up from my seat, I race down to the backstage area where all the dancers go to get on stage.

Everything was going perfectly until I fell on the ground and landing on my ankle wrong. My ankle was quickly swelling. Grant tries to tell me something but I’m in too much pain to listen to him. A few of the other ballet dancers come to get me up off of the stage. 

“We called and the ambulance is on their way.” says Thalia, but she ran off to the side. The curtain shut making it slightly darker back stage. You can hear Mr. Williams making an announcement to the audience, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. Thalia comes running back with Shawn.

“Are you okay?” He wonders.

“What do you think? That dumbass over there dropped me.” Shawn puts his hands up in defense. “I’m sorry, my ankle just hurts really bad.”

Pretty soon, the paramedics come over to me with a gurney. They pick me up, place me on the gurney, and rush me away with Shawn following closely. 

“Only family can come with on the ambulance.” One of the medics say.

“I’m her boyfriend.”

“Please sir, can he come with?”  The man moves aside and allows Shawn to come in and sit.

“What happened to your ankle?”

“I was performing and my partner dropped me on stage.”

“I’m going to wrap it for now until we get to the hospital and the doctors see what’s wrong.” Luckily we were only a few minutes from the hospital. Shawn holds my hand and caresses it softly. Moments later we arrived to the hospital. I was wheeled to a spot in the ER. 

“Hi I’m doctor Avery and I’m going to help you with your ankle. Mind telling me what happened?” Doctor Avery says as he unwraps my ankle to take a closer look at it.

“I was in the middle of a duet with my partner and everything was going fine until I was suddenly on the floor.”

“He dropped you, y/n.” Shawn interrupts.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Well with how much swelling there is, you might’ve fractured your ankle. Does it hurt here?” I wince and nod. “What about here?” I wince again. “I’m going to take you to get some x-rays, but I need to ask you a couple questions before we go. Have you had any surgeries in your foot” 

“No, I have not.”

“Okay lastly for your safety, are you pregnant?”

I laugh a little and turn towards Shawn smiling, “Surprise?”

Sorry it took a little while to write, but “the perfect deserves perfect” , right?

Guess who’s back?! HEYYYYY! Normal content will resume, but I just HAD to get this out of system after watching Kingsman, ha! Will get back to requests ASAP.

“She’s just a beautiful person. Inside and out, y'know? When we’re in the same room I can’t take my eyes off of her,” he smiles, looking at the interviewer.
“Sounds like you’ve got it bad,” the interviewer laughs. Taron looks down at his feet, biting his bottom lip as he smiles. “Is it true that she said your real name during a certain scene?”
Taron chuckles at the question, thinking back to when your character said that she loves his for the first time.

You’d looked deep into his eyes, your breath had caught in the back of your throat as he stared straight back at you, then you whispered the words ‘I love you, Taron’. Neither of you had even realised that there was anything wrong until the producer had come over and cleared his throat loudly behind you.
“We need to do that again, you said Taron and not Eggsy,” he smiled.
“I did?” You asked.
“She did?” Taron gasped.
“Yep, wanna see?” He asked, pointing to the cameras.
“Yeah,” Taron nodded. You two then realised you hadn’t loosened your grip on one another, and slowly slid your hands away from each other’s bodies to check the footage. Sure enough, on the screen in front of you, there were two people who looked madly in love, with one confessing their love for the other and saying the wrong name.
“Shit,” you mumbled, frowning to yourself and turning away from everyone.
“It’s okay, we’ll take five, then shoot it again,” the producer said. Everyone dispersed, but you stayed rooted to the spot. Why did you say Taron? Why hadn’t he noticed? You looked back to the screen, Taron’s eyes still fixated on it, not quite believing that the two people he was looking at were you two. There was a softness to your faces, Taron’s eyes were sparkling, looking into yours that were equally as bright. It was like two people seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, or some other soppy stuff. Taron turned to you, finally tearing himself away from the image, and you looked up to meet his eyes. His mouth opened, wanting to say something, then it turned into that damn smile that made your stomach flip every time he flashed it.
“So you love me?” He smirked playfully. You go to answer, but suddenly can’t find the words to say anything funny back. Your eyes go wide, realisation hitting you like a train, and your breath gets short. His smile drops, seeing your reaction, then he gets hit with the reality that there’s an actual chance you feel the same about him as he does with you. You turn around and start walking away as quickly as you can. This shouldn’t have happened, you never should have got in this deep, he’d never feel the same about you, how stupid could you be to let this happen? You hear footsteps behind you, quickly catching up to you as a tear rolls down your face.
“Hey, (Y/N), don’t walk away, please,” he says, reaching out and gripping onto your arm, stopping you in your tracks. He stands in front of you, both hands on your arms, stroking them gently.
“I’m sorry,” you say, not looking him in the eyes.
“Don’t you dare be sorry. If you hadn’t have said it, I would have,” he smiles. You frown, confused, then look up at his face. That smile, it could kill you one day if you weren’t careful.
“What?” You ask, unsure of what he was saying.
“It was only a matter of time. If I’d have had that line first, I would’ve done the same,” he explains.
“Really,” he nods, kissing your forehead, “I’ve got it bad.”
“Me too,” you admit. The crew start to gather again and you both walk back to the set in silence, your hands intertwined.

“So, what happened?” The interviewer presses, seeing Taron’s reaction to the question.
“It was one of those scenes where you just get lost in each other, and she said my name instead of the character’s. To be fair, if she hadn’t have been saying the line first, I would have done the same,” he says, “neither of us even noticed she’d done it until the producer came over.”
“You didn’t realise she’d said your name?”
“Nah, it just felt right what she was saying, it was weird that it didn’t feel weird, if you know what I mean.”
“Like it was a natural thing?”
“Yeah, like that.”
“And that’s why you two have been inseparable since the film?” The interviewer asks.
“Well, until this press tour, yeah, pretty much,” Taron smiles, his eyes shining brightly at the thought of you.
“True love then?”
“How is it, being apart for these few weeks?”
“Hell,” Taron laughs, “we thought this would be good for us, being as we’d been in each other’s company for so long you know. It’s not good though, I never knew I could miss anyone this much.”
“How is she coping, doing the same thing as you, but not being with you?”
“I think the same really. I don’t know, maybe she’s a bit better at it,” Taron laughs.
“Judging by this clip, I’d say she was feeling the same as you, don’t worry!” The interviewer says, nodding towards a monitor behind him. Up came your face, from a different country, with some of the actors from the film that were new to this one like you. Taron’s face lights up as soon as he sees you, the way you were sitting there, hands in your lap, looking shyly down at your shoes as the others spoke made his heart swell.

“And (Y/N), you are the new love interest of Eggsy. How was it working so closely with Taron?” Your face softened at the sound of his name and you smiled before you spoke.
“It was incredible. He’s such a talented man, I was in awe of him the whole time. You’ll see in most of the scenes me just standing there with my mouth hanging open probably,” you laugh, bringing your hand up to your mouth.
“How is it being apart from him recently? We hear that a romance has blossomed.”
“I miss him terribly. It’s like a part of me has gone away. I know that probably sounds really corny,” you blush.

The clip pauses, staying on your face that now looked slightly sad at the thought of being away from him. Taron wanted to reach out and touch your cheek on the screen, try and feel your warmth against his skin, but he resisted, not wanting to make a fool out of himself on telly.
“How long until you two meet up on the press tour then?” The interviewer asks, snapping Taron out of his daydream and making him turn back to the camera.
“Erm, I think it’s about two weeks now. Not that I’m counting down the days or anything,” he chuckles.
“Oh of course not!” The interviewer laughs, “good luck with the film, Taron, its brilliant, and we’re all hoping for a third one!”
“Thank you, thanks for having me!”

*two weeks later*

“She’s here,” Colin says to his co-star, giving him a nudge. Taron looks up excitedly from his phone, getting up from the chair and throwing the phone down onto the empty seat. You look into the large room, a photo shoot set up inside, Colin and Taron in one corner. He rushes towards you, already on his feet before you’ve got through the doorway. Your bodies crash together, his face landing in the crook of your neck, breathing in your scent, kissing your hair sloppily. Your face rests on his shoulder, nose against his neck as his hands run up and down your body, remembering every curve of it. He gently pulls you out of the room again, away from prying eyes, and looks properly at your face. His hands land on your cheeks, holding your head still as he takes in every detail again, his thumbs stroking the top of your cheeks.
“Fucking hell I’ve missed you so much,” he finally exhales, breaking into a smile from his concerned look, “are you okay? I was told you weren’t well the past few days. You look pale.”
“Taron, stop worrying, I’m fine,” you smile back, “just a little sick, that’s all. I’ve missed you too. How are you?”
“I’m better now you’re here,” he says, finally taking your lips with his. He backs you up against the wall, hands travelling from your face down to your hips, pulling them into his. You slide your arms around him, fingers interlinking at the back of his neck, pulling his face into yours. Colin comes around the corner unknown to you both and coughs a little to get your attention. Taron pulls away from you slowly, then nods to Colin as he goes back into the room, you two following behind hand in hand.
The men are up first, getting into their costumes from the film and having their photos taken together then individually. Then it’s the women’s turn, doing the same, and the separate groups of statesmen and kingsman. There’s a few shots of couples together, then it’s yours and Taron’s turn. He’s dressed in the orange suit, and you come out in a floor length strapless dress that featured in the film. As you walk over to him, he leans in and whispers in your ear.
“You look beautiful.” Your cheeks flush red at his words, and you look down at your feet as you try not to fall over in the heels you’re wearing. He takes your hand, steadying you, and you look into his eyes as his mouth stays open slightly, astounded at how you look. The flash goes off as the photographer takes a candid snap of you both, then you laugh and wait for direction.
“Can you dance? Like what you do in the film? We’ll just go with that and see what happens,” the photographer smiles. You both nod, then turn into each other, one hand of his rests on your waist and the other takes your hand and lifts it up as you both start to move around in a waltz.
“Surprised you remember the steps,” you whisper to him.
“So am I,” he smirks. You keep eye contact with him throughout, laughing at some of the faces he makes as he twirls you around, almost letting go of you. As you spin back into him, he wraps his arms around your body, pulling your back flush against his body, and for a moment it feels like you’re the only people in the room as he leans down and kisses you. Flashes go off around you as the photographer snaps away.
“That’s all guys, perfect!” The photographer says. You thank him and start to walk off with help from Taron. His hand grips your waist tightly as he proudly walks along with you by his side, your arm resting on his back, scrunching the fabric of his jacket in your hand. The smiles on your faces beam across the room as the other cast members stare at you both, so in love and content.

[INFO] Super Junior’s Official 8th Album ‘PLAY’

Super Junior’s official 8th album ‘PLAY’, that will be released on the coming 6th of November, is a combination of two meanings; “replay the music” and “play excitedly”. It is a harmonious combination of tracks that will widen Super Junior’s musical spectrum much more as it contains tracks that you can easily replay whenever, popular tracks that you will be able to listen at ease and tracks that stand out with Super Junior’s unique cheerfulness. 

source: teukables