Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’: The Final Numbers Are in and It’s a Monster
The final numbers for Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” are in. A week after its release, and following a standout performance on “Saturday Night Live,” “Reputation&#8…
By Variety Staff

20 Nov. 2017

The final numbers for Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” are in. A week after its release, and following a standout performance on “Saturday Night Live,” “Reputation” has tallied 1.28 million in pure album sales, according to BuzzAngle Music.

In total consumption, which includes audio streams for  “Reputation” tracks over the last seven days, the number inches closer to 1.29 million.

Those numbers are more than enough to qualify “Reputation,” released by Big Machine Label Group, as the year’s biggest album and Swift’s largest sales week. With the holiday shopping season still to come, expect the monster hit to only get bigger.

Swift is already the only act to have four different albums sell a million copies in a week since 1991. For “Reputation,” the singer chose to withhold the album in its entirety from streaming services for a week.



//H A P P Y    U C H I - H A L L O W E E N //

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 The Addams Family!

[Ah thank you so much to everyone that submitted themes to the survey, and congratulations to sad-sakura for submitting the chosen idea! I hope you like what I was able to make for your theme! Ah the Addams Family was a very good fit for Halloween, I think! It was very fun to design Addams-style Uchiha family looks- very Gothic and cute! (´▽`;)/  Thank you for the idea, I had a very fun time making this artwork for Halloween, and I was even able to bring back the small ghosts from last year, “Boo” and “Ooo”!

I really enjoyed all of the entries and was inspired a lot by them, thank you for your help everyone! Maybe I will still give another one a try later on, hopefully before the year ends this time! Ah I lose track of the days, but I suppose winter is coming… Seems too soon right? Ah anyway, Thank you all for your submissions again! Please take care and have a great Halloween!]

Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto ©

Taylor Swift Treats Lucky Fans to Intimate Acoustic Set at SiriusXM

Swift’s set included songs from ‘Reputation,’ as well as a cover of Tom Petty’s 'American Girl.

Taylor Swift entered the SiriusXM fishbowl mid-afternoon Friday (Nov. 10) to play an intimate, short set for a select few fans. To celebrate the release of her sixth studio album, Reputation, the singer played stripped down versions of the final two tracks and one cover in the glass-walled NYC studio.

Rocking the coolest dark plaid trousers and button-adorned heels, Swift first sat toward the front of the fishbowl, pointing out that she was basically on the set of her “…Ready for It?” music video, ready to break through the glass. Then, in a single sentence she confirmed many fan theories, and explained that the album was representative of her life, beginning at the first track with where she was and how she felt when starting the album, and following the drama through to the present time with track 15.

“Call It What You Want” became all-the-more endearing as Swift plucked at her acoustic guitar, backed up by a small group of vocalists, another guita, and cello. At the close of the song, Swift joked about making a smooth transition and made her way to the grand piano at the center of the fishbowl.

Ivory candles sat on platters covered in flower petals of the same hue on top of the grand piano, a detail which Swift complimented SiriusXM for. Before playing “New Year’s Day,” Swift explained she had a few lyrics rattling around in a notebook that she’d wanted to put into a song: “Please don’t ever become a stranger/ Whose laugh I could recognize anywhere.” She explained that she was enamored with people’s obsession with who they’d kiss on New Year’s Eve, when in reality the person that matters is the one who will give you the Advil the next day.

Rather than play another Reputation track after “New Year’s Day,” Swift played a beautiful rendition of Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” opting to take it slower and remain seated at the piano.

After the performance, Swift left the fishbowl to take photographs with the lucky concertgoers, who were able to briefly hang out in the lounge at SiriusXM and eat Magnolia cupcakes adorned with the album title in its classic gothic font. Swift’s parents, Andrea and Scott, were both in attendance and hung out until the meet and greet ended, along with publicist-pal Tree Paine.


13.04 “The Big Empty” Coda.

What Jack soon comes to realize is that there is a lot to keep track in the world. Every day, he learns something new, and every day, he adds it to his list.

With Sam, it’s more straightforward. He never seems to mind explaining things; in fact, he’s the one who seeks Jack out. He answers Jack’s questions and shows him Star Wars and tells him it’s polite to always knock. Jack is convinced that Sam is his friend, until he learns why Sam is keeping him around.

“You’re using me,” he says with a frown, and he knows that’s bad. Lies are bad. Dean said lies were what killed Castiel.

Except all Sam wants is to save his mother, and that’s something even Jack can understand: a void in his heart that’s been there from the start, and the ever-present need to try and fill it. Sam wants to save his family, and family is good, something worth protecting no matter the cost. Somehow, the logic makes it possible for Sam to be good and bad, and that gives Jack a lot to think about.

With Dean, it’s more complicated, though Jack learns quite a bit from imitation alone. Open bottles by twisting the cap, wipe your mouth with the back of your hand, brush your hands together to clean off the crumbs, put one foot on the table when you’re sitting on the couch- He wants to know more, he wants to observe, except Dean doesn’t like it when Jack copies him. And the last thing he wants is for Dean to be mad. He already hates Jack enough to begin with.

He knows Dean blames him for Castiel’s death, and that even though Castiel is family to both of the brothers, there’s something deeper when it comes to Dean. Jack hears sadness when Sam says “Cas,” but with Dean, it’s fiery anger. It’s all desperation, explosive grief, like losing Castiel left a void so big that it hollowed Dean out. Thoroughly. Completely.

“Castiel,” Jack calls like a wish. He can’t be the cause of Dean’s devastation.

But it’s not till the hunt that Jack understands, fully understands how Dean operates. Not till Dean tells him quietly, “You did good today, Jack.” Not ‘kid’ or ‘inter-dimensional can opener’ but ‘Jack’ without any disdain. Because Jack protected Sam from harm. He protected Dean’s family. He did something good. And as long as he continues to protect Dean’s family, he could perhaps be a part of it too.

He runs into Dean that night as he heads to bed, and it’s still a little stilted but he says “Good night,” and Dean smiles only slightly but replies, “Night, Jack.” His expression is tired and somber again, as if the thought of being alone in his room is too much sudden emptiness for him to bear.

Jack watches the door close behind Dean’s back, hears the deep sigh beyond it and slow, drained footsteps. He remembers the way Dean said Castiel’s name, gutted and aching and furious. There’s still a lot he doesn’t understand, but he knows that Dean isn’t whole without Castiel. He thinks he understands what Dean and Castiel had, and hopes - so much - that Castiel heard him.

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“Crimson red in the snow”

Illustration commission for  @valde-draesia
Character “Valde”

Rain, Snow, mud, through it all she will track her prey. Day and night, one step taken for their every two. While they rest her chase continues, she is tireless in her pursuit.  Those targeted will never find rest, nor respite, until the ground below her boots runs as red as the fury in her heart, as the blood that covers her hand.
Words by @valde-draesia


Track of the day // Feist - Pleasure

From the album of the same name, out April 28th via Polydor.