The Overwhelming Presence of All Might
BNHA Nippon All Might no.14
The Overwhelming Presence of All Might

Taken from “My Hero Academia All Might Nippon” 

Voice Actor: 

  • Yamashita Daiki (Midoriya Izuku) 
  •  Okamoto Nobuhiko (Bakugou Katsuki) 
  •  Miyake Kenta (All Might) 

Click on the track or video to listen, translation by me is below :)

Please note that There are previous talks prior to this conversation, so sometimes the conversation does not make sense. 

Midoriya: And now, let’s introduce everyone to our next guest! It’s him!!

All Might: I AM HERE!

Midoriya: Woohoooo ~~~

Bakugou: So cool~!!

All Might: PLUS ULTRA!!!

All Might: Hello, I’m Miyake Kenta, voice actor of All Might.

B + M: *explosive laughter*

Midoriya: Miyake-san ~

Bakugou: Miyake-san ~

All Might: Ahahahah ~ Yeahhhhh !!!

Bakugou: It’s Miyake Kenta-san!

All Might: You know Okamoto-kun (voice actor of Bakugou), it’s hard to come out.

B + A + M: *laughs*

Bakugou: I’m sorry (lol)

All Might: (about his voice) You shouldn’t say such menacing things like let’s kill and stuffs like that.

Midoriya: You’re right! Since both little kids and adults are listening to this broadcast!

All Might: Yup yup! ^^ 

Bakugou: I-It’s not like I was trying to create a menacing image or anything, but maybe I did say too much..!  (;・∀・)

All Might: Well, I was often being told that as well!

Bakugou: Ahh- really?

Midoriya: You were told that quite often….

Bakugou: The first meeting was… ah yes? (Miyake was talking so he didn’t want to be rude) 

All Might: Within the industry, I was often told that my voice is that of an assassin.

Midoriya: *gasp*  Σ(・口・)

Bakugou: Really? Is that so?

All Might: Quite often to be honest.

Bakugou: See, I was right.. (to Midoriya’s VA)

Midoriya: A voice of an assassin….

Bakugou: See?

All Might: An assassin’s VOICE.

Midoriya: “I was right”? *laugh*

Bakugou: Yeah *laugh*

Bakugou: There was this time where we were working on a CD together…

Bakugou: And It was  about gangs and cliques?

Midoriya: ahh I see

All Might: Ah- That was certainly it.

Bakugou: It was.

Midoriya: Got it got it.

Bakugou: And so, he was voicing for a really badass character.

Midoriya: yes.

Bakugou: Yes, and again… It was a badass charismatic leader personality type.

Bakugou: I’m just generalizing the character for that time,

All Might: uh huh.

Bakugou: But the thing is once he’s in the background, he said“I wanna eat some meat”. And once that came out, he sounded more like the boss than anyone else!

Midoriya: Uwahhhhhh ~~~~

Bakugou: Everyone was talking about how the last boss suddenly became a background character lol

All Might: *laugh*

Midoriya: A background character suddenly turns in a boss, that’s sick! Lol

Bakugou: He sounded even stronger than the real boss. Everyone was talking about that!  (lol)

Midoriya: Hahahahaha

All Might: That was ~ you know ~~ When you’re seriously trying to voice a cool character, it’s just you know ~

All Might: It just CAME OUT ~  

Bakugou: Just came out ahahaha LOL

Midoriya: Then, that was…

Bakugou: The savageness…

All Might: Yes, my savageness came out and I wanted to troll around.

Midoriya: Then when you’re doing All Might, you have to hide the savage inside of you-

All Might: No such thing ~ It’s not that ~ ? (`・ω・´) 

All Might: I convert the savageness inside of me into the power of Justice.

Bakugou: You’re converting it!

Midoriya: Changing its path-!

All Might: Yup yup, exactly (lol)

Midoriya: I see now…

The Best Of 2017

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Alternative / “We’ll be trying so hard, again.”

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Bluesrock / “The river and sky aren’t alone.”

12) ‘As The World Caves In’ by Matt Maltese

Alternative / “And here it is, our final night alive.”

11) ‘Chasing Shadows’ by The Sherlocks

Indierock / “I look into the distance, as far as I can see.”

10) ‘Dance With Me’ by Phillip Phillips

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9) ‘TROUBLE’ by The Knocks featuring Absofacto

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1) ‘One Night Only’ by The Struts

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Honorable mentions:

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