Traci Hines

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i dont have the energy right now. @kristoffbjorgman plz respond

but here’s a link that sums it up pretty well.

also this video. traci is fine but like hans in this is just !!!! lmao (his eyes at 8 seconds in, and 1:36, and 1:50-1:53))

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i didn't know who thingamavloggers was until now and OF FUCKING COURSE it's white demon traci hines and her racist ass i'm shocked she hasn't done a moana video in brownface yet and it irritates me no one has really called her demonic ass out on her racism she needs to be tossed in the garbage already

traci hines is actually not in thingamavlogs! but i think she does a lot of stuff with leo who is in the group 

These two make the perfect Ariel and Eric! I absolutely love Traci’s dress!

(Not mine, saved it from her Facebook page because I love this cosplaying pair so much!)