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Ladies, dream guy? « Men, what do you think of this?

Darcy: Someone who can make me laugh and is fun to be around.

Barry: Yep! That’s totally me! 

Tracey: Someone who is sweet, loyal, caring. Just someone who has a good heart and also has a great sense of humor. A guy who loves to laugh is pretty attractive to me. 

Bucky: I think that sums me up.

Sharon: Someone who respects me and what I do. Who’s willing to stand by me even with my flaws. Someone I can trust and know that they will always be there for me.

Steve: I think that’s a good thing to look in a guy and I think I can do that for Sharon.

Pepper: Someone who’s not Tony. 

Tony: That’s not what you were thinking last night.

Betty: I want a man who is kind, doesn’t push me aside when I try to do my work in a lab. I can’t tell you the number of times that has happened. I want someone who is willing to just be themselves with me and trust me.

Bruce: I have seen when some coworkers have pushed Betty aside when she tries to help with experiments. Its not right. I hope I’m able to do everything I can for her. 

Natasha: Someone who can keep up with me. Someone who won’t treat me like I’m made of glass, but they will be there when I need them the most. Will be there to hold me when I need them. 

Clint: I’m more than able to keep up with Tasha and willing to be there for her when she needs me. I think I’ve met those requirements.

Jane: Someone whoh likes me for me and won’t confuse my passion for Astrology for being a “nerd”. Someone who makes me laugh and makes me feel special. 

Thor: I believe that is me. 

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So ladies what is the dorkiest thing your men do. Men what's the cutest thing your lady does.

Bucky: Tracey likes to sing and dance around the kitchen when she cooks.

Tracey: Bucky is very overprotective.

Tony: Pepper likes to dance around in my shirts.

Pepper: Tony’s humor can get annoying at time. 

Thor: Jane is cute when she gets excited over one of her new discoveries. 

Jane: Thor is annoying when he gets competitive with the guys. Things sometimes get broken…

Bruce: Betty is cute when she worries about what to wear for a date night. 

Betty: Bruce is annoying when he spends way too long in the lab then comes back to the floor and makes some sort of midnight snack.

Clint: Natasha is cute when I catch her singing and dancing and she acts like she wasn’t. 

Natasha: Clint’s humor and pranks can get out of hand sometimes. 

Steve: Sharon is cute when she curls up on my lap after a long day.

Sharon: Steve’s annoying when he starts trying to do an actual team bonding thing.

Barry: Darcy is cute when she sits around and watches Disney movies and quotes the lines. 

Darcy: Barry and his pranks and jokes can get over done sometimes. Mostly the pranks. I love his humor, but the pranks get annoying.

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Ladies what was the last cute thing your boyfriend did for you. Men what was he last cute thing your girlfriend did for you.

Tracey: Bucky surprised me with new paints and brushes yesterday.

Sharon: Steve surprised me with my favorite flowers and a box of doughnuts two days ago.

Darcy: Barry made me dinner last night.

Pepper: Tony bought me a necklace he saw me eyeing one time.

Jane: Thor took me to Central Park to look at the stars two nights ago.

Betty: Bruce took me to dinner three nights ago.

Natasha: Clint set up a movie night with all our favorite snacks and candy.

Bucky: Tracey surprised me with my favorite dinner.

Steve: Sharon bought me a new sketch book and found my moms old apple pie recipe. She still won’t tell me how she found it.

Barry: Darcy bought me new game controllers and Nintendo World and we stayed up all night playing it. She’s adorable when she gets mad while we play.

Tony: Pepper made a pillow fort and we just sat around watching movies.

Thor: Jane made me dinner the other night with a bunch of Midgardian dishes I have been wanting to try. All were delicious!

Bruce: Betty bought me my favorite tea that I couldn’t find at the store anymore along with my favorite candy.

Clint: Natasha asked me to teach her how to use a bow and arrow after refusing to let me teach her for a while. It also ended with her curling up beside me as we watched TV. 

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Ladies what kind of eyeliner do you use. The liquid, the pencil, or that weird twisty thing that when you twist eyeliner comes up.

Tracey: Liquid eyeliner pen.

Sharon: Pencil

Darcy: Pencil

Natasha: Liquid pen

Jane: Liquid

Betty: Pencil

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Dear everyone (even you men) What size/style are you in dresses? Don't ask just wait for it to happen.

Tracey: I’m about a 4 or a 6 I think.

Pepper: I’m a 6 or 8. Depending on the brand.

Sharon: I’m a 4 or 6. 

Maria: 6 for me.

Betty: 8 is my dress size.

Jane: I’m 4. Why do you want to know?

Natasha: I”m a 6

Darcy: I’m an 8.

Barry: I guess I’m a 12? What is happening?

Bucky: I guess a size 20? I don’t know I had to look up the sizing chart.

Steve: 20 for me too? What is this about? 

Tony: 16? What do you mean wait for it?

Bruce: A 14 or a 16? 

Thor: Size 20 I believe. I am not sure, I’ve never worn a dress before. 

Clint: 18? Seriously why did you loop the guys in this question.

Rhodey: 12? This is a little odd

Sam: 12 too I guess… 14? I don’t know, man, I’m a guy.

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Where are your guyss most ticklish spots

Tracey: My sides and stomach

Barry: Sides. 

Bucky: I actually don’t have a ticklish spot.

Steve: Under my arms. 

Tony: Yeah I’m not ticklish either.

Pepper: My feet. 

Bruce: My stomach

Betty: Arms.

Darcy: I’m pretty ticklish on my stomach

Jane: My stomach

Thor: I’m ticklish under my arms.

Clint: Arms

Natasha: I’m not ticklish

Maria: Sides

Rhodey: Sides

Sharon: My stomach and sides

Sam: Arms

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Couples, impersonate other couples!

Tony: My time has come! Trace, baby, don’t go on that dinner mission with that guy. Let’s go dancing instead. 

Pepper: Hang on, Bucky, let me just finish up some files and then finish a painting. 

Clint: Betty, the other drivers can’t hear you.

Natasha: I don’t care, Bruce! They drive like shit!

Thor: We need to get this mission done, Sharon, then we can go out to dinner. 

Jane: Alright, Captain, but you’re paying this time. 

Bruce: Pepper! I need you’re help with this thing.

Betty: Oh no! I am not helping you with another one of your crazy experiments.

Darcy: Thor! Indoor voice please. 

Barry: I am sorry, Lady Jane. But I got overjoyed with this new Midgardian thing I discovered. 

Sharon: Tony! No! Put that back! Stop doing whatever it is you’re doing and get to that meeting. 

Steve: But, Pep! I need to finish this! And I hate meetings. 

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Ladies what is something both physically and personality wise that you love about your dude

Tracey: Bucky’s smile and eyes and then I love that he’s selfless and carefree with me.

Betty: Bruce’s smile definitely and just the way he’s calm and sweet with anyone and everyone.

Jane: Thor’s eyes. And he’s just one of the sweetest guys you could meet.

Darcy: Barry’s eyes and laugh and then I love his humor and how he surprises me with random gifts.

Sharon: Steve’s smile and laugh and I love how he surprises me with gifts and how he’s just one of the bravest and kindest people you could meet.

Pepper: Tony’s smile and his heart. He acts all tough and always joking around but behind that he has one of the biggest hearts you’d ever see.

Natash: Clint’s smile and his laugh. I love his humor and how he always knows how to cheer someone up.

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Ok now follow up what's your favorite style. (Again men don't question my logic)

Tracey: Strapless

Natasha: One shoulder is always fun

Darcy: Sweetheart neckline styled dresses

Jane: Halter

Betty: Sundress/spaghetti strap

Maria: Empire waistline

Sharon: Princess style is always an interesting design. 

Pepper: A line dresses

Tony: Empire because I am king!

Barry: Uh…one shoulders are pretty cool

Steve: A line? 

Bucky: Strapless? I’m just naming something off of what the girls are saying. 

Thor: Empire? 

Bruce: Sundress I guess. I always thought those looked good on Betty.

Sam: Strapless? I guess…

Rhodey: A line? 

Clint: One shoulders are cool. I like those.