If we’re going to normalize fidget toys(which I’m all for) then we should also normalize it when disabled people flap their hands, rock back and forth, or other behaviours that are viewed as “weird” but are actually self stimulation. Or at the least could you not stare or mock us. Because for some it’s just a case of fiddling around with a toy, but for us it helps us to function.

imagine someone without allergies injecting themselves with an epipen and saying “I find that this did not help me therefor epipens are not helpful to people with allergies”

this is basically the argument neurotypicals are making when they say fidgets don’t actually help neurodivergent people or people with metal illness bc theyre “distracting” or “don’t relieve stress” or whatever they’re argument may be.

Things I need daddy to do:

1. Cuddle me
2. play with my hair
3. Make me food
4. Call me good girl
5. Remind me that I’m the only little in his life
6. Take me out
7. Play games with me
8. Finally just love me


YOI x Yuri!!! on STAGE Event Clear Files, Brochure, & Lightstick

Original Release Date:
April 29th, 2017

Featured Characters (16 Total):
Makkachin, Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Nishigori, Phichit, Seung Gil

(To see the lightstick in action, check out this post!)

Exclusively sold at the April event, the clear files split up the characters in the main visual (Seen in the sixth photo above). Nishigori even makes a rare appearance as his seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun, attended the event!

The brochure is really beautiful, with interviews and great photo sets of all the male seiyuu other than Hosoya Yoshimasa (Otabek) and Miyano Mamoru (JJ), who did not attend the event. I mainly took shots of the main trio (Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Uchiyama Kouki, Suwabe Junichi) and Kubo’s pages for this post, but I also wanted to highlight Hatano Wataru (Georgi)’s page, because as the YOI ED singer as well, his photos and autograph are all quite funny XD

Leo & Guang Hong’s seiyuu, Toki Shunichi and Honjou Yuutaro, also got cute photos together!

More from the Yuri!!! on STAGE event!

Nice to know our supports are more appreciated than we are. 🙄

I was initially excited that stim toys were going mainstream. It meant I could get awesome new ones much cheaper than before. For example, my Thinket (still my best stim toy) was $150. My fidget cube from the kick-starter was $40. Last week, I bought a fidget spinner at the mall for $7. That part is awesome.

Now, though, non-autistics are using them when they shouldn’t and schools across the country are banning stim toys.

Leave it to the “normals” to ruin something special again. 😢

⇨  Intro

Howdy everyone! I’ve decided to do a give/away of stim toys so anyone who needs them might be able to get a few. Please note that a few of these items have been gently used. The winner will be picked randomly. This give/away ends on June 19th, 2017.

⇨  Prizes

♡ 1 tin of Thinking Putty in the color Precious Gems: Ceylon Sapphire (please note that the tin is a bit banged up, but the putty is fine.)

♡ 1 black and green fidget cube

♡ 1 green stretchy string

♡ 1 glitter jar that I will custom make for you. You can choose the color, size of the jar, and type of glitter.

♡ 3 stimboards of your choice which I will make for you on my stim blog, @mudkipstims.

♡ Not stim related, but as a bonus I will also buy you 1 Pokemon card of your choice from amazon.

⇨ Rules

♡ You don’t have to follow me, but I’d really appreciate it if you checked out my main blog @octillary and/or my stim blog mentioned earlier.

♡ Please be neurodivergent in some way. I would rather these items go to someone who would use them to help function instead of someone who just uses them as toys. (Note that I have no problem with neurotypicals normalizing stim toys however!)

♡ Have your ask box or PMs open so I can contact you for your address to ship these to. Be 18+ or have parent’s permission to give me your address. I will ship internationally. 

♡ Reblog once for one entry and like once for another entry. Reblog to only one of your blogs (unless you want to signal boost on one blog and enter with a different blog). If you are signal boosting, please tag that you are.

♡ Don’t tag as give/away (without the slash) because I’ve heard that can cause problems.

⇨  Good luck!