Toyo Ito


TAMA Art University Library, Hachioji City, Tokyo, Japan by Rasmus Hjortshøj

TAMA Art University Library by Toyo Ito Architects

Ito’s inspiration, however, was not the arched architecture of the past. It was instead the geologic cave, which he felt was a superb natural example of how to delineate spaces without using repetitive grids of columns and walls.To keep the natural theme, Ito varied the sizes of the arches; in fact, no arch is exactly the same. The supports for the arches act like stalactites, reaching down and ever-so-lightly embracing the floor line below. Unfortunately (at least for Ito), his idea was not fully realized. He envisioned a first floor gallery, with private floors underneath. Due to site constraints, though, the library had to be built up instead of down.

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