Okay mais je vais devoir partir une heure avant pour ne pas rester enfermée chez moi pcq on a un petit souci de clés. Je ne sais pas pourquoi je persiste à vouloir sortir alors que TOUT me dit de rester à la maison dans mon lit sous mes couettes devant VIKINGS

Je vous dirais si les signes avaient raison.

I finally let dad take apart my sewing machine to free the dress I was repairing months ago, it needs a replacement needle but other than that I can finally fix up my Wanda cosplay for the Marvel meet up at Megacon (wHICH IS IN A WEEK HOLY SHIT???) so yeah loTS TO DO

i signed up for otakumode cause they have cute toys and if you sign up you get a $5 coupon but it turns out the coupon is only for a purchase with a subtotal of $30!!! what a ripoff!

J'aimerai que tu m'écrives plus souvent, recevoir un message dans la journée qui montre que tu penses à moi, que j'existe, et ne me dis pas que tu n'as pas le temps, me dis pas que tu n'as pas le temps de me souhaiter une bonne journée, un message, 30 secondes, est ce que je mérite ces 30 secondes ? Où s'écouleront-elles encore une fois de plus sans que je ne traverse ton esprit ? Combien de temps vais-je continuer de veiller tard le soir en attendant un signe de toi ? Je sais que tu m'aimes et que tu ne veux pas que je parte, mais de toute manière tu ne remarquerai même pas mon départ, mon absence, mon silence. Je suis fragile même si tout le monde est persuadé du contraire : “oh toi, jamais stressée, toujours joyeuse, tu es tellement forte que je n'oserai même pas te rentrer dedans pour déconner.” Mais bordel regarde la fissure, regarde l'épave que je suis, je tremble rien qu'en écrivant tout ça, je tremble parce que je me sens inadaptée dans un monde qui se consume, je pleure parce que je suis torturée entre l'idée de partir pour toujours si même les choses heureuses de mon quotidien me font mal, ou continuer de me battre pour devenir raisonnable, peut être un peu plus normale ou un peu moins faible face à ce que l'on appelle la vie, alors que pour moi, je ne vis plus, je ne fais que respirer.
—  Débranche l'aide respiratoire, c'est le seul moyen de me tuer

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It seems a sign that says “No Photography” is more of a suggestion. Bandai is showing off their full range of Star Wars models kits at an overseas show and wouldn’t you know it, someone snapped some pics of the yet-to-be-announced Battle Droid with STAP 1:12 scale model. Plus, a good pic of the Clone Trooper, finally.

Bandai has released an impressive amount of action figure model kits. And I say impressive because a few years ago when it was first announced a lot of people thought it wouldn’t last. It’s a model, it’s a toy, it’s an action figure? Pshaw. But turns out, they are awesome and fun.

The vehicles models are more traditional, more of what you think when you think model, and Bandai has been knocking them out of the park. I personally don’t build them (yet) but everyone I know who does loves them. And I’ll admit, they are tempting.

The main display shows all the released models. So much awesome Star Wars goodness.

There is a display dedicated to painting and weathering your models. It’s kinda weird seeing this, only because when I see toys in a case at a convention there’s usually not instructions on how to customize them. But then I remember, these aren’t just action figures, these are models. Models are meant to be painted, even if Bandai does a pretty good job of molding the pieces in their base colors. But Sandtrooper, Boba Fett, and droids need weathering, something that can’t be achieved with the base plastic or decals.

What is really awesome about this display is that they show customized astromechs. Not just weathering or painting to match the character, but straight up customizing into different units.

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I wish there were closer pics, they all look great. This is the exact reason I bought an extra R2-D2/R5-D4 set, and was good with another R2 coming with BB-8. Real life is the reason they are still in their boxes though. I need about 4 months of rainy days to catch up on all of my planned custom projects.

The Clone Trooper was finally added to the official Bandai model page but still no official pics. All we know is it drops in June and before the show the only pics we had was this one…

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We got the basic idea, but we wanted details! Now we have a closer look.

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The ribbed undersuit is fantastic, as well as the armor detail we’ve come to expect from the model kits. Each piece is separate, you’re going to get those crisp lines and sharp details you want in armor. It comes with a macrobinocular attachment and a standard blaster. Best of all, the inclusion of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 helmets. This means I have to buy twice as many! The Phase 2 helmet looks slightly off in the eye lens area, but that may just be the angle.

Another new kit is the TIE Interceptor.

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It’s perched along with the upcoming A-Wing/Turret kit, and these are the two that just may be my gateway to the vehicles, as much as I’ve been trying to avoid it because of time, money, and space.

But wait, what are those legs in the top of the pic? I say, as if nobody knows.

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Battle Droids, baby! It was almost a foregone conclusion that we’d see them after the Clone Trooper was revealed. And it’s not just a Battle Droid, it comes with a STAP vehicle too. Even better! The Battle Droid is kinda thin, doesn’t take a lot of plastic, so adding in an extra makes the kit worth it. I can see the price being higher because of it though, like the Biker Scout with Speeder Bike. Another option would have been to include two Battle Droids, which in a way would be preferable, but I like the STAP too. It’s something we don’t have in 6-inch scale and it’s just damn cool.

It looks like the Battle Droid can fold down into it’s transport position, a neat feature we saw with the S.H. Figuarts version. But here it also looks like the neck is compatible with the model C-3PO‘s head. Even better! Some people have speculated that there is a two pack with 3-PO and Battle Droid, but it’s still the shiny gold and there is only one placard on that level, probably for the Droid/STAP combo. I’m guessing it’s just there to show the feature.

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Pics via Facebook, exact source unknown

Bandai: Star Wars Model Kits at Shizuoka Hobby Show It seems a sign that says “No Photography” is more of a suggestion. Bandai is showing off their full range of Star Wars models kits at an overseas show and wouldn’t you know it, someone snapped some pics of the yet-to-be-announced Battle Droid with STAP 1:12 scale model.
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Juste un mot de toi

Juste un mot de toi

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Juste un mot de toi



J’attends juste un mot de toi

Je désire un vague sourire de toi

Je ne désespère pas de toi

Mon cœur s’attriste de cette attente

Cette attente insupportable

Véritable torture mentale


Pourquoi tardes-tu ?

À assouvir ma demande

À consentir à mon attente

Je manque d’oxygène

L’attente bouffe mon énergie

Tu n’as pas idée de la souffrance

Que tu m’infliges par ce silence



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Magical graphic design vs. muggle graphic design

First of all: Everyone should visit Harry Potter studios. I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t enjoy it, at least a BIT. A visit is like being able to pause every scene in the movie, walk into it and examine every detail, every painting on every wall etc. Now, imagine all the graphic design you could think of from the 8 movies (if you haven’t seen them, do that… except for the 5th one…). Books, candy packaging, posters, toys, signs, letters, newspapers, handwritten labels on every wand-box in Ollivanders store… I think it would be possible to base a whole MA in graphic design on Harry Potter stuff. Whoever is interested in this MA should definitely check out vintage firework-packaging like the ones in the right picture, taken at this years Pick Me Up graphic design-festival. You can easily spot the similarities with the Weasley brothers products in the middle picture! / Vera