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明日正式開催のTOY FAIR 2014に公開する予定の新しいニックタートルズフィギュアらしい~Half-shell Heroesのガイズはうるうる目でカワ(・∀・)イイ!!

Thanks to Funko! Here is a sneak peak at of their Booth at Toy Fair

Introducing Fabrikations! These 6" fabric creations are quality crafted with the collector in mind. They are generously filled with sense foam to achieve a high end, super lush feel. With free standing feet and a rotating head, they are unlike any other collectible plush on the market.

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Images from the LPS part of Hasbro’s Toy Fair 2014 presentation.  I saw the images from MLP part as well, and thought there were a few interesting ideas with the POP figures (still wish they’d consider an Cutie Mark Crusader-centric spinoff), but aside from that, I’ve seen most of it already.  Now on to the LPS part.

Hasbro is looking to overhaul LPS after it’s reboot in late 2012, including new logo, tagline, and most importantly; re-designed toys.  Putting a large emphasis on varied collecting and playsets (perhaps emphasizing the ‘pet shop’ aspect), making an expandable playset for the toys and giving the pets more expressive and varied figurines.

Personally, I think they look AMAZING, the main pets especially.  They’re incredibly expressive in both poses and facial expressions.  They’re more indicative of the characters from the cartoon, and all around provide a more fun and energetic feel as a whole.  I personally can’t wait to see how this unfolds.