I can only imagine the way Margot Robbie must internally roll her eyes and cringe when ppl bring up hurlyjokur and mud love in her interviews. She has thoroughly voiced her disapproval of that relationship, she has explicitly stated how toxic and abusive that relationship is, and she has expressed that she wants Harley to find love elsewhere, far away from the jokur, and more particularly, to learn to love herself. But she has to sit there and grin and bear it when people- interviewers and creepy fans, even jerod lotto- keep shoving mud love/hurlyjokur at her and I honestly feel bad because ew. That sucks so bad when you’re forced to take part in your major notp.
Illegal drugs are flowing into California's most guarded prisons — and killing death row inmates
The condemned inmates on California's death row are among the most closely monitored in the state. Death row’s 747 inmates spend most of their time locked down, isolated from the rest of the prison system under heavy guard with regular strip searches and checks every half-hour for signs of life.
By Los Angeles Times

Still, six death row inmates died between 2010 and 2015 with detectable levels of methamphetamines, heroin metabolites or other drugs in their system, according to Marin County coroner records.

Three of them had toxic levels of drugs, including one in whose intestines were found five snipped fingers of a latex glove, each packed with methamphetamine or marijuana. He had overdosed when they burst. A 70-year-old man among the three died of acute methamphetamine toxicity. 

State psychological reports and court files document at least eight non-fatal drug overdoses that required death row inmates to be hospitalized during this period.

The overdoses on death row mirror the larger problem with drugs in California’s prison system as a whole. From 2010 to 2015, 109 inmates died of overdoses, according to state figures.  Reports to the Legislature show that as many as 80% of inmates in some cell blocks tested positive for illegal substances in 2013.