In 2016, Mon-El is re-introduced into Supergirl as a villain, who seduces Supergirl (Aka Kara Danvers.) and forces her into a toxic relationship, he states in episode 2x13 “Things were a lot easier on Daxam, when I objectified women and didn’t care about anyone” When Kara broke out of his trance. He has his mother beat and Harm Kara with Kryptonite blades and, had the chance to fix his corrupt government on his own, but decided to stay on earth32 controlling Kara.

Seriously, people?? Why all the hate for Mon-El, to the point where you add “facts” to Wikipedia with no evidence in canon for such an ability/action?? WHY interpret him this way, especially when it’s clearly not what the writers are intending? What has he *actually done* to warrant this hate? (Other than be competition for Kara/Lena, which obviously wasn’t going to be canon? I’m not saying don’t ship it, mind, but even ignoring foreshadowing – because hey, I really DON’T WANT Lena to be evil, and I would have liked Kara / Lena, if that’s what the show had actually been intending – it’s highly unlikely the show is going to give both Alex AND Kara girlfriends.) And are you learning NOTHING from Kara about how people can change?

People keep saying Mon-EL doesn’t respect her, but I guess we must be watching completely different shows. What I see is a guy who’s coming to understand he lived a toxic life, and is learning to be better from a powerful woman that he’s come to cherish. A guy who gave up his pursuit of her when she asked, respecting her wishes. A guy who has repeatedly left Kara’s space when she asked him to. A guy who had good reason to be suspicious of Jeremiah – but still spoke civilly to / tried to reason with the man, and even asked the man for forgiveness. A prince who isn’t afraid to do menial chores like laundry and cooking and working a 9-to-5. A guy trying very hard to adjust to, even embrace, the culture he’s found himself in. A guy who never hesitates to let Kara know how much he admires her – and not just her beauty, ALL of her qualities. Yeah, he wasn’t perfect to start with, or even now – everyone makes mistakes – but he learns (even if sometimes it takes a few tries). And pretty much every bad thing he’s done since at *least* “Medusa” (if not sooner), like acting chivalrous towards Kara instead of doing what she tells him, he’s done OUT OF FEAR FOR HER LIFE. (Not to mention, Kara is just as guilty of not listening sometimes.)

How little YOU respect Kara, if you think she’s NOT a powerful enough role model to help Mon-El change for the better, but rather assume she *must* be being brainwashed *instead*!!

Meanwhile, stop messing with Wikipedia – spout your unverified theories on your *own* page!

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