One thing I don’t understand is why the Steven Universe fandom is so adamant about Pearl being a lesbian. The gems aren’t necessarily female, and none of the characters in Steven Universe have a disclosed sexuality. Pearl disliked Greg because Rose choose him over her, and in the end it was her choice to make things right with him; it has nothing to do with whatever sexuality she may have.

If you want pearl to be a lesbian, thats fine, see her as you wish! But harassing others for thinking something different and spamming the tags with hate is an incredibly gross thing to do. Remember, shipping is not representation.

Toxic Girl
  • Toxic Girl
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Kings Of Convenience - Toxic Girl

In the sky the birds are pulling rain,
in your life a curse has got a name, 
makes you lie awake all through the night
that’s why. 
She’s intoxicated by herself, 
everyday she’s seen with someone else, 
and every night she kisses someone new
never you

You’re waiting in the shadows for a chance 
because you believe at heart, that if you can, 
show to her what love is all about
she’ll change. 
She’ll talk to you with no one else around, 
but only if you’re able to entertain her, 
the moment conversation stops she’s gone

You did not intoxicate the toxic people in your life. Do not blame yourself when people abuse you. You did not cause your toxic relationships.