To my fellow female gamers.

(This is about Overwatch, but it can be applied to most competitive games.)

Alright girls. Today I was playing some D.Va in competitive Overwatch. As usual, I was communicating on the voice chat, and as usual, people noticed I was a girl. One guy said to me, “congrats for being the only girl I’ve ever seen who’s not playing mercy.” 

Now, obviously I had noticed how many girls default to playing support - usually the game’s most standard and obvious support (OW Mercy, TF2 Medic, DOTA2 Crystal Maiden). I had some cheeky banter with my friend about a “basic bitch” in a match who was a girl playing mercy.

Yesterday, I queued up with a friend who invited his friend - a girl - and let me tell you something. Her quickplay stats were baffling to me. This girl had 98 hours on Mercy alone, her second most played only having 5 hours. She only had about 7 heroes with play time in total.

Being a fellow girl, I think I know why this is. Guys often like to show off by picking DPS/carry, even going so far as to refuse to change when it’s not a good pick. I’ve never seen this same scenario with girls. Of course I’ve met stubborn and toxic girls in-game, but even when asked, they will change. For example, I was playing a competitive game of Overwatch - attack on Hanamura. There was a girl playing Junkrat. I asked her if she was able to switch to Tracer or someone else who can dive so we could breach the defenses and she got extremely hostile at me but still changed to who I asked. She even played Mercy the next round (and blamed the loss on me because I asked her to change.)

Unlike many guys, girls most often avoid any confrontations or drama buy defaulting to supporting their other teammates. I’m not innocent of this either, I main Lucio, and used to be a support main in TF2 and DOTA2. However, once I realized, hey, I’m allowed to play DPS and carry my team, I started picking heroes besides supports and doing well.

I just wanted to get it out there: Girls, you’re allowed to carry. You’re allowed to be the star. You can do better than guys in games. Someone picks the character you wanted to carry as but is a much lower rank than you? Ask to swap. 70% of the time it will work. They don’t swap? Don’t just pick support and rely on them. I realize “picking whoever you want” can cost the game, but you’re all good and smart enough to still pick wisely, I know it.

Don’t feel bad about maining supports, I still main one in Overwatch. But I only ranked up by branching out, putting my foot down and saying “No, you’re not doing well on that hero, give me a go. Support me instead.”

Now get out there and instalock that Pharah!

things Matt Murdock is when trying to be what Foggy and Karen (and apparently an audience that doesn’t understand Elektra) want him to be:

  • toxic aka shady as shit - his relationship with these two goes down hill when Foggy learns of his secret identity and with Karen when he continues to lie about said secret identity. neither of these things are from Elektra manipulating him. in fact, when he does tell Karen, she pretty much rejects him and then Foggy and her treat Matt as a recovering addict (which, in all fairness, he is. adrenaline much? he “needs this” (DD S2)). let’s also remember that he didn’t name himself Daredevil. he was running around beating people up as just ol’ Matt Murdock in all black and a scarf long before he donned the suit.

things Matt Murdock is:

  • a lawyer
  • a guy that enjoys beating the shit out of criminals
  • completely 100% not ‘normal’
  • The Man Without Fear - this is a big part of Daredevil’s (the name, ffs) character. he has a side to him that loves the rush, the excitement, the thrill.
  • religious - also a big part of Daredevil’s character. it’s the side to him that keeps him from killing his enemies, that keeps his morals centered.

people like to bring up Elektra as ‘toxic’ because of her trying to push Matt into killing in the past, into embracing his darker side. people also like to conveniently forget she’s genuinely happy that she failed that mission. that she left him alone. and then, when she comes back to NY and enlists his help (and if you want to say she manipulated him and lost the case and his friends for him, no. just no. Matt’s self righteousness cost him his friends and Frank Castle cost him the case) Elektra abides by his no killing rule. she plays by his rules. until, of course, she slits that boy’s throat and Matt understandably tells her they can’t be together.

then, what people also conveniently forget, is that she again leaves Matt alone. she’s getting on a plane to leave but Stick wants to kill her. Stick, the man that helped shape both Matt and Elektra, makes her choose between running forever looking over her shoulder or killing him. she chooses the later because, of course she does. that’s what she’s been trained to do. that’s her nature. a week with Matt Murdock isn’t going to change that. and then, Matt Murdock willingly interjects himself back into two people’s lives he said he wanted no part of.

Matt Murdock recognizes that Elektra lives the life Stick planned out for her, that had planned for him. Matt Murdock realizes Elektra Natchios wants more in life, but life is literally going to make her fight for it. Matt Murdock also realizes he “needs” to fight. Matt Murdock realizes Daredevil is not a part of Matt Murdock.

Matthew Murdock is Daredevil.

Daredevil, the vigilante who beats the shit out of criminals but still believes in the justice system he works for.

Matthew Murdock, the lawyer who has a light inside him but also a darkness that he needs religion to tame.

the Matthew Murdock that Elektra sees. the woman who doesn’t want to corrupt him, that wants to be good but struggles against her nature and training to be, the woman that would leave him alone. the woman who now not only has to fight her training and conditioning, but this thing called The Black Sky. this beautifully complex character who has the ability to love and be ruthless.

but y’all keep calling my girl toxic.

If they had Just Dance sessions, Jasper and Jason would probably be the last ones standing out of pure stubborness and competitiveness. Ties are broken by either Toxic or Hollaback Girl 😎

i love how the fandom singlehandedly breathed life into drew tanaka’s character…. like 90% (arguably almost 100%) of her interpretation comes from us doing away the toxic, oversaturated mean girl trope she was strutting in in the books (by sheer refusal to accept it as being her sole defining trait) and made her into a bombass subversive female character with her own tag and aesthetic

The End Of The Line

Part one of two.

In this theory I’m going to try and unravel the notorious Mary Drake and her family. Since she has been a very big part of 7A and is likely to remain relative to our endgame, I wanted to try and dig deeper. 

Who is Mary Drake, who are her children, who is Bethany Young, and who is A.D.?


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Mary Drake had at least three or four children while she was in Radley and they were all adopted through closed adoptions conducted by Steven Kahn and Jessica DiLaurentis, Mary’s twin sister and POA. 

  1. Charles Drake
  2. Melissa Hastings 
  3. Bethany Young (?)
  4. Spencer Hastings

(In part two I will discuss further why I put these names on the list)

Since Dr. Cochran says, “I dealt with two of her babies” instead of “I delivered her two babies” I’m lead to believe that Mary had more than those two, possibly three or four in total if she had a set of twins. Especially since in the files that the Liars discovered they found the birth information of the second born child, and on that file it states “no complications due to prior birth”. But Dr. Cochran tells Spencer and Aria that the second child he delivered was a fighter, implying that the birth may have been difficult. This means that the second baby born and the second baby he delivered are two different babies.

Spencer is the youngest. 

7x08 vs. 7x07

The Drake family is the family from the Dollhouse. 

Mary Drake, unknown Mr. Drake (looks like Peter Hastings, no?), Charles, Melissa and baby-in-the-womb Spencer. (Notice the hand on the mothers stomach, like she is pregnant)


Bethany Young stole her childhood best friends story - Charles Drake / DiLaurentis. She didn’t want to get caught by the Liars so she created the perfect web of lies that would be nearly impossible to dissect.

Bethany suffered from Intermittent Explosive Disorder and with that she also created many different personalities, one of them being “Cece Drake”. Cece and Bethany Young had the same diagnosis, and that is mighty convenient, eh? Dr. Jekyll and Hyde?

Intermittent Explosive Disorder:  “A behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand.”

“The discovery of Bethany Young’s body brings up more questions than it answers. While details are scarce on Bethany Young, we know that she was a highly troubled teenager who likely suffered from severe behavioral episodes that may have been violent.”

Bethany Young = Cece Drake.

Bethany met Charles when they were kids in Radley Sanitarium and they became quick friends, allies. Together they wanted to create an escape from Radley and start new lives, all with the perfect plan and story.Charles was going to help Bethany fake her death using Alison’s body and together they were going to run away and start over. Be new people.  

This is where I believe they came up with the idea to switch places. To literally assume one another identities to confuse the doctors and everyone they know, as some type of game. 

(Like Bethany literally switched lives with Charles and became Cece Drake, which is why Charles was thought to have been transgender. And Charles switched with Bethany and became whom I would call ‘A.D’)

Bethany liked to “switch places” or adopt the personalities of multiple people, in fact. First Charles and then Alison. A pattern. 

Remember when Bethany as Cece Drake and Ali switched places, and she went back to Radley disguised as Alison DiLaurentis just to scare Jessica? We hear about this in 4x11 in a flashback.

Then Jessica tells Spencer and Hanna about Cece Drake pretending to be Alison at Radley once, where she met Dr. Palmer who was a psychiatrist there.

This makes a connection between Cece and Dr. Palmer. And Dr. Palmer told Toby Cavanaugh to be careful of the toxic blonde girl, which was declared as Bethany Young.  

- The 4x11 flashback -

(Notice how Mrs. DiLaurentis says that Cece Drake is not her daughter. Because Cece Drake is Bethany not Charles, and Bethany is not Jessica’s daughter, but more than likely her niece since “Auntie Jessie”) 

I feel as if Jessica would have said something different if Cece was the little girl she was buying yellow dresses for all along. Jessica saw Charles as her own child, and she even says this to her sister Mary Drake in a flashback scene in 7x07 that was set back in season four.

Jessica: “Come on Mary, pull yourself together.”

Mary: “How could you be so cruel? I just found out that my child is dead. I left him in your care.”

Jessica: “And I gave Charles the best life that I could, Mary. I loved him with all of my heart.”

Mary: “How did it happen? I need to know. I need answers. Please, tell me.”

Jessica: “It wasn’t my fault. I gave him everything that I could.” 

And then she says, “You are not the victim here. You gave birth, but he was my son. Don’t ever forget that.”


Charles Drake DiLaurentis is A.D. Whomever they are, they are without a doubt in my mind our big bad. The ultimate play-caller. In my opinion the identity of Charles remains a mystery and will more than likely be the final twist coming in 7B. Charles is a man - and is not Cece Drake. 

Troian Bellisario who plays Spencer is 5′7″ and Vanessa Ray who played Cece Drake is only 5′4″ so this cannot be her as Charles. 

(Julian Morris who plays Wren is 5′11″ and so is Ian Harding who plays Ezra.  I understand that this could be literally any actor or staff member in this costume acting as ‘A’ but… I felt the significance and the familiarity that Spencer did in this scene, too. This was Charles.)

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Now, given what I said earlier about how it is possible that Bethany and Charles switched lives when they were children…. 

Did Bethany somehow weasel her way out of Radley by pretending to be Charles? According to the Radley files Charles was taken out of Radley when he was sixteen, but was that actually Bethany? Did she “transform” into Cece Drake and go back to High School?

Is that why Charles was seeking revenge? And is that why he kidnapped the Liars and threw the dungeon prom, which was recreating the prom he would have had? Was he somehow connected to the N.A.T videos or did he just watch them all of the time, leaving him to feel like he knew the Liars?  (Just like us? Just like EzrA?)

Could Ezra be Charles?

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What do we really know about Ezra Fitz, other than the fact that he comes from a rich family named the Fitzgerald’s? 

Is it possible that he was at some point adopted again by them? Is he Charles? 

Hint #1 : The Painting 

3x18 vs.5x03

Lyle and Frances Springer - Alison and Charles’ grandparents? (Plot hole?)

Hint #2 : Mrs. Grumwald

This is right before we learn that Ezra was the “Board Shorts” Alison wrote about in her diary, and that he is the one who she was dating the summer. We know Ezra is Board Shorts because Ali describes him in her story and states that he is eating boysenberry pie and “Board Shorts Ale” beer. 

In 4x18 Spencer goes to the bar she thinks Alison is talking about in that same story which is called The Hart and the Huntsman. To her surprise, she finds Ezra sitting there eating a piece of boysenberry pie.

Was Ezra also the same boy Ali was afraid of, the one that would kill her if he knew she were possibly pregnant?

Hint #3 : Aria Montgomery

5x03 vs. 7x07

In the “A” closer we see A.D. save Aria’s file, and burn Noel’s….

I’m not saying Ezra is 100% Charles or A.D., I’m just saying that he is still a very strong candidate. 

The writers can go two directions in my eyes - EzrA or Doctor Wren and Melissa. One of them HAS to be A.D. or working for/with them. 

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There we have it. Part one of my last Pretty Little Liars theory ever. 

7 years and 4 “A” suspects later….. who is it going to be?

Stay tuned for part two! xx

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I’m literally so worked up about that oneshot you just did for Ethan like omg you’re such a great writer!!! Could I request one for Grayson now with 13, 20, and 22?

hi! thanks for requesting! we want to apologise for it being a little lengthy, if you guys want these to be shorter, let us know!

(R/G/N) - random girls name, since we didn’t want anyone to be the bad girlfriend.

send a prompt!

13. “You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!”

20. “I think you’re just afraid to be happy”

22. “Choose me”

Today is the day you and Grayson agreed to go out for lunch. Upon the arrival at a little restaurant that only a few people know about, your eyes scattered across the people that were sat and enjoying their meals.You then saw him, sitting at a small table was the boy of your dreams. You adored him and every little thing about him such as the way he smiles while he is in his thoughts, the way he bites his lip when he’s concentrating and the way his eyebrows furrow when interested in something. Grayson Bailey Dolan, you think. You are most certainly perfect in every god given way.

You were watching his every little motion, every movement til his facial expressions fell into a darkened state. You knew straight away (R/G/N) was seated with him. Grayson gets treated awfully by this girl and his fans had no idea just how toxic this girl was and loved them together. You knew the reality behind this relationship though, Grayson has too much love for all his fans to disappoint them with the truth.

Our eyes met and Grayson’s face lit up straight away. You watch him as his eyes run over your body whilst you were walking to sit with him.

“What’s good, Jimmy Neutron?” You cheekily greet him with a witty voice, starting yours and Grayson’s wordplay. You watch as (R/G/N)’s face turns sour with jealousy and annoyance and you couldn’t help but feel satisfied. That changed quickly once you watched her pull Grayson’s head in and give him what looked like a passionate kiss. You looked away, hurt and jealous only to see once you look back Grayson’s eyes open, staring at you.

You know he isn’t happy, oh, how you know. It’s you who always comforts him when she decides to take out all her anger on Grayson. It’s you who is there for him when he is stressed and struggling and she wants to take his money and spend it freely. It’s you who holds him at night when she goes out to seek pleasure from other men. It’s always been you that’s been there and it’s you who wants to be his.

You clear your throat, wanting the awkwardness in the air to just disappear. They pull away from each other and as (R/G/N) smirks at you with victory, Grayson fiddles with his hands.

All three of us started our meals, the conversation was mainly Grayson and I chatting away about our favourite things in life but most importantly ignoring (R/G/N).

“Oh, did you ever get to building that bookcase?” He enquirers, still smiling from the jokes I told earlier. I can’t help but stop to admire how breathtaking he looks before snapping out of it.

“Ugh, don’t even bring that up. I tried to build it but I just ended up with more nails in my hand than the bookcase!” The tone of your voice was nothing but frustration. You had been needing more storage for your books and you never knew how hard it would be to build a simple, tiny bookcase.

Grayson smiled, looking down and you knew he was thinking of something. “Maybe I should come over after this and help you with it? I really need a night to hang out with my best friend.”

You knew he meant no harm with those words, he didn’t know the way you felt but your heart sunk. You wanted to be more, but he was too selfless to hurt (R/G/N) and the fans like that. Even if she deserved it.

A couple of hours later Grayson and you headed back to your apartment, even though (R/G/N) didn’t approve of you both hanging out alone, Gray convinced her that nothing was going to happen and came over.

The weather was humid and sadly, my air conditioner was broken so it was extremely hot in my apartment. Even after opening all the windows in your apartment, you both were sweating and panting.

Grayson went ahead and started building the bookcase as I watched. In the middle of building, Gray took his shirt off and dried the sweat off of his neck. You couldn’t help but to bite your lip whilst studying every inch of his chest. You knew he was fit, you worked out with him sometimes, but each time you see him shirtless you get hot and tingly inside. Grayson is too lost in building the bookcase to pay attention to you, and you get the scandalous idea to take your shirt off just to get his attention onto you.

You pull your shirt off over your head and fix your hair. You hate feeling so desperate and going through this much struggle to get him to notice you was something you had never done. In the corner of your eye, you notice Grayson was looking and you felt the tiniest bit of pride.

The tension was thick in the air as you guys held eye contact. Grayson stood up but stayed in the same place with his chest heaving up and down.

You felt something in your gut telling you to make a move. You knew this is the only shot you had, as cruel as it was to (R/G/N), you had loved Gray since they met and you weren’t about to let this opportunity go.

Grayson seemed to feel the same as he moved towards you with a few steps and leant his head down, his eyes flickering down to your lips occasionally then back up to your eyes.

You leaned up, hastily wrapping your arms around his neck and connecting your lips to his. He was still for a moment, only a moment until he fastened his arms around your waist and pulled you as close as possible despite the humidity.

The kiss intensified, your tongues meeting and your hands running all through his hair whilst his hands squeezed your waist hard. Suddenly it came to a stop when he pulled back with no warning.

“I have to go,” Grayson muttered and you knew by the look in his eyes he was feeling as guilty as ever. You weren’t letting this go, though. You felt something and you knew he felt it too.

“Why?” You stopped him by placing a hand on his stomach, in which he tensed up straight after. You felt every ridge of his abs and almost got distracted if it wasn’t for the fact that Grayson was trying to avoid talking about the kiss.

“I have to feed the..” Grayson was desperate to do anything but stay with you. “.. turtles. Yes. I have to do that right now.”

“Grayson Bailey Dolan, are we going to talk about what just happened?” Your face was burning from frustration. You wanted to know how he felt and he wasn’t making it easy.

“Talk about what? There’s nothing to talk about.”

You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!” You snapped, watching his body flinch as his eyes closed. You covered your mouth, shocked that you had yelled at him over this.

“I have to get to (R/G/N), she’s probably waiting.” He muttered, walking towards you and bringing you to him. He placed his lips gently on your forehead as a goodbye and you couldn’t help but tear up.

I think you’re just afraid to be happy.” You whispered and placed your hands against his chest, drawing little patterns. “I know you feel something, Gray. I also know you don’t want to hurt your fans, but how could they feel hurt when you’re trying to find happiness?”

He is silent. His breathing is uneven and you could feel him grip you tighter.

“Choose me, Gray.” You looked up at him. “I won’t hurt you, I never will.” It’s completely his decision. You don’t push him after that, you stay silent and watch as his eyes stare at the ground. You know that you’ll be hurt if he says no, but you’ll accept it and move on. Grayson needs to put himself first.

He grabs your face in his hands in an instant and smashes your lips together. You can’t help but grin, feeling joy.

He smiles and you realise that after putting everyone else before him, he can finally choose himself.

We went from the girls (gonna focus on Noora and Eva) making fun of the pepsi max squad and trashing their name, and joking around about what their new name could be: “Norwegian party girls” -Noora “KUWTB - Keeping up with the bitches” - Eva. And then Noora was all “Those girls are toxic” 

Fast forward to now, when Eva is all “I think it was an honest mistake” and Noora being all “Nah, i don’t think that she did it on purpose”

WHAT IS GOING ON? Why the sudden switch? 

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Aaa!! Can we hear more about Danny and Kevin? I feel like I don't know much about them but I love your ocs!!

haha i’m glad ppl are interested in my characters! Danny is kind of a wallflower, most of the time people don’t notice him, like he’s a ghost or smth which really throws him off, but he’s a pretty funny guy generally; he has schizophrenia, depression and anxiety bc he was in a toxic realtionship with a girl (Adriana) in ~8th grade. He was also adopted at the age of 6 by a really cool and accepting family, tho his step sister(Anna) is never home since she’s in college. Around 11th grade he became really good friends with a girl(Emma) from middleschool.
He also kinda developted a crush on Kevin but didn’t really act on it in high school bc of a thing ™ (spoiler who??)

As for Kevin, his family is quite rich, his mom is cool, his 11 years old lil brother (Noah) is cool and they both accept his bisexuality. Except his dad, who luckily/unfortunetly is never home bc of work. When Kevin was smaller his dad used to hit his mom a lot(and also him sometimes)
Kevin is also one of the most popular kid in school (he’s basicly your stereotypical jock, except that he’s not an asshole and totally not straight lmao); his best friend Brendon is also one of the popular kids; he even let Kevin live at his house when Kevin’s dad beat him up bc of his bisexuality and kicked him out in 11th grade. Because of this, he has a constant need to please his dad, that’s why he tries to focus only on girls and “hide in the closet”

feel free to ask anything about them!! (since these are only basic infos; i still don’t want to give out major plots tho)

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Maybe it's just me, but i liked that simon cheated on people in the books, that alec was sometimes really obnoxiously jealous and that clary disliked isabelle for a time. I missed that in the show. You see characters ahve t ahve flaws, they have to do bad things from time to time otherwise they wouldn't be realistic. You can't have your character never screwing up. The characters in the show are too perfect for me, how could i ever relate to them?

i really hope youre kidding bc first of all like alec has accidently murdered someone, clary tried to use black magic to bring that someone back, isabelle is on the road to becoming a drug addict, clary is reckless as hell, jace is constantly putting himself in danger, jace and alec spent the 1st season fighting trying to do what they thought was right,  theyre all racist as hell to downworlders, despite classing themselves as activists, they have all at some point gotten wrapped up in their own problems and ended up letting down their friends and family down, i could go on and on, theyre super flawed and they do some pretty fucked up things sometimes but the difference is theres complicated legitimate reasons for it and they feel remorse and apologise for it, theres a difference between writing flawed characters and writing assholes who perpetuate overused damaging, unrealistic tropes like girl hate, toxic relationships, biphobia and slutshaming and cheating and getting away with it. The thing is in the show, the character’s screw ups are actually recognised as screw ups, whereas cc normalised shitty and toxic behaviour