John Kasich Admits Protesters Are Affecting Obamacare Debate | The Huffington Post

“Kasich is a proponent of the Medicaid expansion, which allowed states like Ohio to offer Medicaid to a broader range of people (including individuals making roughly $16,000 a year). Conservatives have already indicated they won’t vote for an Obamacare repeal that preserves the Medicaid expansion, while some Senate Republicans have indicated they won’t support a repeal that removes the expansion. That has left the GOP in a bind, and Kasich thinks the answer is to turn to Democrats.”


Rose Mudd Perkins,
She dragged the toothless turtle.
She should run for office, they wouldn’t be able to handle her.


Town Hall by Tony


Second post of today, keeping up the flow!

I have started planning for my testweek, since it’s closing in. It starts the 16th of this month. I have 5 exams and atleast 3 other big tests and a three-hour lab experiment.

On the right you can see me, next to the art piece that my teacher desided to display at the art gallery in the townhall. The backstory is that I wanted to draw my sister, but her feet weren’t on the picture I’d taken, so I got to choose a picture online. I chose this guy in a dress. Not my brightest moment.


June 1st 2017

Hello! I have a looong day today. Lotsa tasks to do and stuff, but I have found some time to post this!

The top picture is the latest work of art I made. It was a school assignment. Draw what you expect in the future. So I drew New York under water because the water level is rising and Trump ain’t doing shit.

Also, argueably the worst thing I’ve ever made is going to be displayed in the townhall, along with other works made at my school! On the one side, I’m really exited. But on the other side, it is really not fitting for the townhall. I live in a very Christian town and my piece of art is a drag queen with a rainbow background. Irony.


seeking advice

pic 1 :
should i keep the building in color with minimum texture as the whole building is made out of metal and glass (B) or should i try adding more materials (A)?

pic 2 and pic 3 :
same question for the context 
 i would prefer a full monochrome context, or even full glass/see-through but can i remember from last tutorial, Silvia was advised to add bricks to the context. which would be more appropriate ?
thank you in advance!