Meersburg in Baden-Württemberg, Southwestern Germany, lies on the Bodensee (Lake Constance). It’s known for its medieval old part of town. The lower part of town (Unterstadt) and upper town (Oberstadt) are reserved for pedestrians only and connected by 2 stairways and a steep street. The name means “Castle on the Sea”, referring to the castle which, according to a tradition from 1548, was built here in 630 by the Merovingian king Dagobert I. The commune obtained the status of free city in 1299. In 1803 it was annexed to the Land of Baden. After WW2, it was part of the French military zone.

I needed John Winchester feelings. So, yeah, here’s this.

John sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He’d left Dean with Bobby because the poor kid had been sick with the flu. Trying desperately to keep Sam from getting sick, John had packed him away in the car and driven off toward a new hunt in Colorado. 

Sam sat on the trunk of the car while John stood glaring at the engine as though it had personally wronged him. The car was situated on the side of the road just outside some podunk town called Grand Lake. John was attempting to figure out what caused the car to stutter to a stop, as well as ignore the annoyed huffs of a nine year old Sam. His temper was hovering just below boiling point as he took a deep breath in an effort to simmer down. Sam sighed loudly again and John clenched his jaw.

His son had been less than enthused to be going on yet another road trip, even more disgruntled to be heading out without Dean. Sam had evidently decided to make John well aware of his exact thoughts throughout this entire day. Had they really left Bobby’s just that morning? John was fairly sure that his last nerve was frayed to nearly nothing at this point. Deciding he would need his tool box, John walked around to the back end of the car. Sam was sprawled across it, staring up at the sky. 

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Montisola, Italy

One year later

WOW. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since my very first triathlon.

I remember thinking “there is no way I can finish this” multiple times throughout the race.

I was no swimmer (I’m still not, ha). Breaststroking my way through the sea of limbs, 500 meters felt like 500 miles. My right side cramped up halfway through so I switched to a one-sided pull. I had to barrel roll over two guys who converged right in front of me towards the end. How the f%&k can I possibly finish this?

Drinking water on my rented road bike was an almost impossible task. Balance. Pedal. Reach. Pedal. Grab the bottle. Somehow get bottle to mouth. DON’T FALL! Drink. Keep pedaling. Put the bottle back. Pedal! Seriously, how can I finish this?

Then came the dreaded run. My legs felt like jelly and resisted every step of the 5k. Please let this triathlon be OVER. This sucks. Why would anyone do this to themselves? I PAID for this?? Arghhhh.

Then, I crossed the finish line. I was HOOKED. I wanted to throw up, but I DID IT. I was a triathlete.

(With my AWESOME friends after we all completed our first triathlon!)

Now one year later, I’m about to do the Houston Triathlon once more, but this time the Olympic distance.  What seemed like an impossible challenge a year ago is now something I look forward kicking butt at.  Marathons, Ironmans and bike rides across entire states are in my future.  Holy crap. Heck yes.

i had the greatest pokemon go experience today. my friends and I went to tempe town lake in arizona and it was fcking LIT. the whole park was full of people playing.
then a squirtle popped up on everyone’s radar and literally GROUPS of people got up and started searching for it.
the funniest part was that when people found it they started yelling “SQUIRTLES OVER HERE” “I FOUND SQUIRTLE” “HE’S OVER HERE GUYS” and EVERYONE ran over to catch it. it was so cool, honestly.