I watched Game Grumps’ playthrough of FireRed and, lacking all other inspiration, I then did some quick Pokémon AU things, starring my characters. Just to draw something

So. Here’s a lunch drawing of Jasper with some sort of Milotic (I think they’re very pretty) and Tove being all psychic with Unowns spelling her name. Both characters are mine.

kkubek  asked:

Hi! You're such a great inspiration to me and I was wondering - how long have you been drawing to get to this point, where your art is so perfect and wonderful and OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH T.T. Thank you if you'd answer :) (and another question - You drew mostly from life and observation or your imagination?)

First off – Thank you! That makes me very happy to read! <3

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I started on the “art road” I’m on now when I was fourteen; I’m twenty-four in about a month. 

And I draw… a little bit of both, I suppose? Mostly Imagination, I think, though I sometimes use anatomy-references (I should probably do it always). Almost all my pictures start off as something like “Hey, this RP was nice! Now I want to draw A standing on B’s shoulders!” and then the story goes something like this to begin with:

And that would be inspiration from a role playing scene + me knowing what the characters look like. Then an ugly sketch, less ugly sketch and so on and so forth… No reference (I really should’ve used it, though) or anything else for this one, as you can see… *ahem*

This is probably a repetition of what everyone already knows, but: It’s really difficult to do anything without inspiration, which you get from life, observation and others’ art, etc, etc. I have a few clothing, environment and people/portrait blogs on my dash and I’ve this hunch I’m not alone in having inspiration folders and tags… ;)

Have a nice day!

(Adrian - the ladder - belongs to Xhakhal and Tove is mine)