Rain (Loki x Reader)

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You slowly opened your eyes, blinking the sleepiness away. Your eyes wandered around the room, up to the window. The sky was grey, and heavy drops of water clung to the glass. The soft pitter patter of the rain, and the overall darkness of the outside made you want to go to sleep again. You sat up yawning, stretching your arms high above your head.

Grumbling came from beside you. You looked over to the source of it. There, wrapped up in the messy sheets, was Loki. His hair was tousled, and his face tired. He held his arms open, expecting you to cuddle with him again. It was hard not to give in. You threw your legs out of the bed, determined to get up. Suddenly arms wrapped themselves around your waist and pulled you backwards until you were pressed against a warm body.

“Stay, love”, Loki mumbled, pressing light kisses onto your neck. You hummed, leaning against him. You decided to give him what he wanted, for now at least. He laid you down on your side, hugging your body close to him. When you first met Loki, you wouldn’t have guessed that he would be such a cuddler. But he was, and you weren’t complaining. He was adorable when he wanted a hug, or a kiss. His eyes would avoid yours for a split second before his gaze changed to that of a kicked puppy.

You laced your fingers with his, marvelling at the size of his hands in comparison to yours. After pulling your intertwined hands up to your mouth you pressed several kisses onto his fingers. A sigh brushed the back of your head, and then there was a kiss pressed onto it. Moments like these weren’t exactly rare, but you still cherished them. After all, you never knew what could happen.

season; autumn

waking up next to Luke to see the bright morning sun shining on his beautiful pale features. his nose scrunched and soft snores coming from his mouth. your fingers want to go through his tousled hair. you quietly yawn and you see the beautiful boy next to you stir and slowly open his icey blue eyes. you smile and trace his scruff. ‘Morning princess’ he grumbles in his sexy morning voice. ‘Morning lu’. he pulls you even closer and kisses your nose. “ ’m cuddle u and sleep longer’ he whines like a little child. you smile and peck him on his soft lips. with his strong embrace and warm figure wrapped around yours, you fell asleep instantly. you loved days like this with Luke.

Bethans favourites


1) evil hobbit    Iwan Rheon

 “its difficult to explain to people sometimes like no  you dont understand im just an actor? I pretend to be other people for a living..  its my job im not actually him!”

“he’s a good actor (ramsay) much better than me”

“He has a mesmeric quality as an actor- you cant take your eyes off of his eyes”

“Hes such a charismatic kid hes going have a long brilliant career and most the characters he plays aren’t going to be evil He’s not one of those who can only play a bad guy. We first saw him when he auditioned for Jon Snow. He was incredible and went down to the very end, in terms of our pick for Jon Snow. He’s an incredibly versatile actor. “

“In person, removed from the dank interiors he typically haunts on “Game of Thrones,” Mr. Rheon’s face is more cherubic than demonic, with a rakish scruff and artfully tousled hair that gets more so as he runs his hands through it in conversation. What defines him, though, are a pair of arresting pale blue eyes that tend to bulge maniacally on “Game of Thrones,” alight with the delight that comes from some cruelty or another”

“I love his smile and his sense of humour I wish I knew how to pronounce his name”  Ian McKellen

“iwan is a very good friend of mine people cant believe we hang out together but we really do get on   Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy)

“hes exactly like ramsay…  no hes not hes a babe hes the sweetest and im going to miss him” Sophie turner (sansa stark)

“I did punch Iwan in the face twice by accident. He was really nice about it. I had to buy him a pint after that.” kit Harington (jon snow)

“good grief.. is that Elijah wood?!”  (my mum)

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Like Braids / Plaits? Like Beachy / Tousled Hair? 
Then here is the tutorial for you! 

Here I show you how to create a Beachy French Plait / Braid for festivals, days out, or if your hair is just in need of a wash and you simply don’t have time for that mammoth task!

I also have tutorials for creative makeup such as Scary Clowns, SFX, How-To Highlight & Contour like Kim K, Everyday MakeUp, and behind the scenes on photo-shoots! So, if you haven’t do so already, please do subscribe!


“This style works best with any type of one-day-dirty hair,” says veteran stylist and salon owner, Melissa Wagner, “but for long, fine hair, it needs to be clean—or else the style will wilt.” Described as a Mad Hatter garden-party style with a classic edge, these amped up, deconstructed curls show off a modern twist to perfectly coiffed victory rolls. For a tutorial on this revamped retro look, we headed to San Francisco’s Secret Agent Salon—known for infusing adventurous, artistic, and avant-garde elements to any look. We watched as Wagner created this edgy rendition of this familiar curly look, perfect for outdoor celebrations and very merry unbirthday parties. LENA PARK

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Spray hair with a heat-protectant spray. Separate hair into three sections: center, left, and right. The width of the center section should not exceed the length of your rollers.

Wrap the center section with large hot rollers. “Larger rollers will give the top smooth volume,” says Wagner. Grab a two-inch section and place the roller in the middle of that section, wrapping the ends down first; then roll towards the head. Secure with a clip.

For the side sections, repeat, making sure to roll away from the face. “The hot rollers used on the sides were smaller, resulting in a tighter curl and more body,” explains Wagner. “The varying curl sizes gives a more natural result.”

TIP: “Using rollers with teeth will make the look less frizzy,” explains Wagner.


Remove rollers once they have reached room temperature. Spray the ends with a light-hold hairspray to keep the style intact. To add airy volume, flip hair upside down and sprinkle in teasing powder. “It’ll give hair a nice, matte look and expand the shape,” explains Wagner.

Create a soft, feminine pompadour by gently twisting the bangs or front section of hair to the top of the head and pushing it forward. Pin into place. Grab a thumb-length of hair from the part to the other temple. Gently twist to the side of the head, push forward slightly, and pin into place.

Separate curls with the pointed end of a tail comb, teasing small sections upwards. “This technique leaves curls more intact than traditional teasing or back combing,” says Wagner.

Remove the bobby pins from the pompadour. Scoop up small sections of hair using a slightly opened bobby pin. Loop hair up, twist, and pin into place to create an updo. “Repeat until perfectly imperfect,” says Wagner.

TIP: Curl small hanging sections for a polished effect.

Photo: Ron Purdy
Model: Anna at Scout Model Agency/SF
Makeup Artist: Ashley Lentz

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T3 / Voluminous Hot Rollers Set