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ok i know i joke all the time that i really want bts to have a lazy themed comeback but can you just imagine it?

tousled “just woke up” hair, peaceful, natural, sleepy concept pics, all curled up in fluffy white blankets, big baggy comfy clothes and warm sunlight streaming through half closed blinds, all to accompany a smooth yet light melody that has a soft back beat, airy vocals, gentle husky rapping, and just random clips of the boys struggling to get one another out of bed, rubbing away the sleep from their eyes, brushing their teeth with their eyes still closed, quietly and groggily making breakfast together, just lazing around in the living room with a random movie playing and the boys just doing their own thangs ;askdlf;aslkdfj I AM 128% ALL FOR THIS CONCEPT

bonus sleepy pics


Imagine: meeting Dean in a coffee shop.

(Dean X Reader, Banter Fluff)

“All I want is a friggin large coffee!” The man in front of you growled.

The teenage boy behind the counter looked slightly terrified. You plucked an earbud from your ear sizing the man up; big leather jacket, tousled short hair, and dark lines under stern eyes. Either he was severely hung over or desperately exhausted. You stepped forward cutting between him and the counter to appear in the boy’s view. You smiled soothingly as he recognized you and ignored the disgruntled “hey!” from the man.

“Heya, Troy. Gimmie my usual, and a Venti coffee for this guy.”

Troy bobbed his head up and down grabbing a couple cups and scribbling on the side with a black sharpie. You spun around facing the man. You were closer than you anticipated. The scent cheap shaving cream and leather wafted from him. You arched an annoyed brow at him bracing your hands on your hips. He stared down at you completely unthreatened. You moved beside him giving access to the counter to the people in line behind you. He followed your turn.

“You look pretty young for a seventy year old.” You sized him up.

“What?” His eyebrows pulled back accenting his confusion.

“Well, you seem too young to be yelling at the cashier like an entitled old guy when things were better ‘back in his day’ and refusing to change with society, so you must be secretly seventy.”

“Look lady-”

“No, you look mister. I get it. You’re tired or hungover, whatever. We all are, that’s why we’re here. You don’t get to have a bad attitude and take it out on the poor kid.”

“If he just told me what the secret word for a large was…”

“And you gave him half a chance?” You shot back. “Because, I was right there. You went from zero to sixty in about thirty seconds.”

“Fine, I get it.” He relented.

“T-two coffees for Y/n…” Troy called out quickly leaving the coffee cups on the counter and hurrying back to the register.

“Thanks, Troy.” You said after him.

You glanced back to the man. Apparently, your gaze still retained a chiding element, because the man sighed scooping up his coffee. He gave a strained smile nodding to the boy.

“Yeah, thanks Troy.”

You smirked delighted by his begrudging gratitude and indulged in a small victory sip.

“Do you always swoop in to yell at rude customers?” the man asked.

“Just call me the Service Industry Avenging Angel.” You announced moving to the condiment bar to get a stir stick. “Actually, this time you just so happened to be throwing shade at me little brother.”

He shifted back clearly recognizing the line. “Well, Angel, I apologize. I’ve learned my lesson.”

You studied him carefully recognizing a shift in his demeanor. “I swear, if you follow that up with a cheesy throwaway line Troy will have to make me a new coffee and you’ll be wearing this.”

A smile broke his stern visage suddenly transforming his face into a charming, playful, and startlingly attractive one. He raised his hands up in mock surrender.

“Fair enough, no lines. How ‘bout just your number?”

Your expression twisted into amused disbelief. “Are you serious?”

“As serious as I ever am.”

You crossed your arms. “Do you always pick up women who verbally berate you publically?”

He shrugged. “Wouldn’t know. No one’s ever tried.”

The front door opened saving you from an immediate reply. A taller man with long hair nodded towards you.

“Dean!” He made a ‘let’s go gesture’.

Dean nodded back in response. You fished for your phone in your pocket and quickly pulled up the ‘add a contact’ menu.

“Alright, Dean.” You typed in his name followed by “The Coffee Guy”. “Why don’t you give me your number and maybe I’ll call you.”

He chuckled grabbing a card from his pocket and handing it to you. You glanced down to see the word “Agent”. You cocked an eyebrow earning a breathtaking smile.

“I hope you do, Angel.” He winked.

“You’re so beautiful.”

Callie turned away from the pan she was tending on the stove, her eyes glancing toward the table where Arizona was simply watching her; blue eyes tracking her, a smile curving easily on her lips.

“Right now?” the brunette looked down at herself – her body clad in purple sleep shorts and an old faded t-shirt, her hair hanging loose and tousled after taking it down from the day’s ponytail, “wow, your standards have really lowered over the years…”

So beautiful. Callie, you are just…”

Arizona paused, words lingering in the air between them as she studied the woman in front of her.

“I’m cooking supper in my pajamas–”

“You’re radiant. You have never looked more stunning.”

Callie couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at her lips, a barely noticeable blush colouring her cheeks as the blonde spoke again softly. She took a few steps across the kitchen until she was nestled between Arizona’s knees, her hands smoothing over soft, bare shoulders, and when blue eyes met hers she leaned down to share a sweet, gentle kiss with the love of her life. 

“It’s because I’m happy. And you are so beautiful too, Arizona – you have no idea.”

Arizona smiled as Callie kissed her again, wrapping her arms around the other woman’s waist, and she let out the smallest, content sigh at the thought that they had finally, finally gotten things right. That they were here, in a home they shared again, cooking supper and talking about their day and just…being together. Being more amazing than ever.

She kissed Callie once more, her fingers stroking lightly under the hem of her t-shirt, and felt an unparalleled wave of emotion as she murmured her next words.

“Love looks good on us.”


not directed at anyone in particular but I’m kinda fed up with all these posts about “the types of pretty girls” or “pretty things girls do” that only focus on traditionally feminine clothing/other stylistic choices

maybe “pretty” isn’t always the right word for girls in baggy cargo shorts and colorful boxers and tank tops that show off their muscled arms, running their hands through their tousled hair, or girls in snazzy button-downs with the sleeves pushed up to their elbows, loosening their ties with a cocky grin, or girls in work boots and “men’s” jeans and ugly sweaters and no makeup, sprawled out on the couch with their legs defiantly open

but I sure would like to tell the world how much I appreciate these girls so feel free to add on to my list of Hot Butch Looks that never fail to make me gayer


As always, there was an all-American war hero look to him, coded in his tousled brown hair, his summer-narrowed hazel eyes, the straight nose that ancient Anglo-Saxons had graciously passed on to him. Everything about him suggested valor and power and a firm handshake.

Ok as I paint the Popple head, I’m trying to figure out how to do the hair.

I’m wondering if gluing wool locks (or making small wefts then gluing) would give this curly look? I’m also looking at yarn reroots, though they may not be tousled looking enough (the ones I’ve seen have sort of regular, uniform curls).

Anyone have experience or fiber suggestions?

Edit: Especially the hair on the yellow, purple, and light pink Popples in the pic.


Like Braids / Plaits? Like Beachy / Tousled Hair? 
Then here is the tutorial for you! 

Here I show you how to create a Beachy French Plait / Braid for festivals, days out, or if your hair is just in need of a wash and you simply don’t have time for that mammoth task!

I also have tutorials for creative makeup such as Scary Clowns, SFX, How-To Highlight & Contour like Kim K, Everyday MakeUp, and behind the scenes on photo-shoots! So, if you haven’t do so already, please do subscribe!


“This style works best with any type of one-day-dirty hair,” says veteran stylist and salon owner, Melissa Wagner, “but for long, fine hair, it needs to be clean—or else the style will wilt.” Described as a Mad Hatter garden-party style with a classic edge, these amped up, deconstructed curls show off a modern twist to perfectly coiffed victory rolls. For a tutorial on this revamped retro look, we headed to San Francisco’s Secret Agent Salon—known for infusing adventurous, artistic, and avant-garde elements to any look. We watched as Wagner created this edgy rendition of this familiar curly look, perfect for outdoor celebrations and very merry unbirthday parties. LENA PARK

External image

Spray hair with a heat-protectant spray. Separate hair into three sections: center, left, and right. The width of the center section should not exceed the length of your rollers.

Wrap the center section with large hot rollers. “Larger rollers will give the top smooth volume,” says Wagner. Grab a two-inch section and place the roller in the middle of that section, wrapping the ends down first; then roll towards the head. Secure with a clip.

For the side sections, repeat, making sure to roll away from the face. “The hot rollers used on the sides were smaller, resulting in a tighter curl and more body,” explains Wagner. “The varying curl sizes gives a more natural result.”

TIP: “Using rollers with teeth will make the look less frizzy,” explains Wagner.


Remove rollers once they have reached room temperature. Spray the ends with a light-hold hairspray to keep the style intact. To add airy volume, flip hair upside down and sprinkle in teasing powder. “It’ll give hair a nice, matte look and expand the shape,” explains Wagner.

Create a soft, feminine pompadour by gently twisting the bangs or front section of hair to the top of the head and pushing it forward. Pin into place. Grab a thumb-length of hair from the part to the other temple. Gently twist to the side of the head, push forward slightly, and pin into place.

Separate curls with the pointed end of a tail comb, teasing small sections upwards. “This technique leaves curls more intact than traditional teasing or back combing,” says Wagner.

Remove the bobby pins from the pompadour. Scoop up small sections of hair using a slightly opened bobby pin. Loop hair up, twist, and pin into place to create an updo. “Repeat until perfectly imperfect,” says Wagner.

TIP: Curl small hanging sections for a polished effect.

Photo: Ron Purdy
Model: Anna at Scout Model Agency/SF
Makeup Artist: Ashley Lentz

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T3 / Voluminous Hot Rollers Set