Tour Poster

list of all 5sos meet you there tour posters for north america

pt. 1

(august 27, 2018- september 9, 2018)

pt. 2

(september 11, 2018- september 27, 2018)

pt. 3

(september 28, 2018- october 12, 2018)

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I’m sorry, the old Laura can’t come to the phone right now, why?? Because she is TOO excited about seeing @taylorswift and @taylornation in less than 30 days!! I can’t believe it’s almost here, but T, I’m going to be seeing you in Arlington both nights! If you’d love to shake it off or hug each other just as much as I want to, night 1 I will be with my King of My Heart (boyfriend) in section M, row 27, seats 1 & 2 and night 2 I will be with my sister in section 120, row 17, seats 17 & 18 💃🏼💋 I would love to be able thank you in person for giving us this amazing tour, for continuing to support your fans, and for just being you!!!!

Here is my look I’ll be wearing. Although it is not 100% complete yet, I wanted to go ahead and share! ✨

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