We Made A World


Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: low key found this in my notes from when i wrote it during free reading a month or two ago and found it just now soOoOo you’re in luck 

(p.s the pretending to date fic is a thing and it is in the works plz be patient with me)

Summary: Dan and Phil are at their tour after party and their friends convince them to dance. 

EUROPE! We’re very excited to be going there this spring with Abigail Williams and our old friends in Rotten Sound!!!

22.04.16 Denmark Copenhagen @ BETA  
23.04.16 Holland Tilburg @ 013  
24.04.16 Germany Köln @ MTC  
25.04.16 UK London @ Boston Music Room  
26.04.16 Belgium Antwerp @ Kavka  
27.04.16 France Paris @ Glazart  
28.04.16 Switzerland Lausanne @ Le Romandie  
30.04.16 Italy Brescia @ Circolo Colony  
01.05.16 Germany München @ Backstage  
02.05.16 Austria Wien @ Arena  
03.05.16 Germany Leipzig @ Conne Island  
04.05.16 Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia  
05.05.16 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang  
06.05.16 Germany Rostock @ Alte Zuckerfabrik  
07.05.16 Sweden  Gothenburg @ Truckstop Alaska