10 more Touhou canon things that you may or may not know

Since the original post recently got a burst of reblogs, I thought I’d make another one. Here goes!

10.  Remilia and Clownpiece both speaks English.

9. Most of Gensokyo’s youkai rabbits were originally pets that were abandoned.

8. Kappa eat (as in legend) shirikodama, which are balls extracted from the anus containing one’s soul. The gensokyo kappa have made machines to extract them and Nitori even uses them as danmaku. Aya and Hatate both says they smell really bad.  

7. Marisa takes pride in being the second best youkai exterminator

6. Flandre isn’t very good at holding a conversation

5. Shiki Eiki was originally a ksitigarbha statue, before recieving enough faith to be promoted to Yamahood.

4.  Suwako laughs like a frog.

3. Sumireko occasionally hangs out with Mamizou in the outside world.

2. For youkai, the Orion constellation is just Suika.

1. Kasen once killed a baby/would-be dragon and fed it’s liver to her older dragon.