5 Reasons We Go Through Tough Times

1. To remind us of Christ’s suffering.

2. Keeps us dependent on God.

3. Helps us focus on eternal life.

4. Demonstrates our faith to others.

5. An opportunity for God to make us more like His Son.

Everything we face in life is designed to draw us closer to God, make us more Christ-like and keep our minds fixed on the things of Heaven. There’s purpose in suffering.

it’s so sad when you can just feel the distance between you and an old friend growing wider and it’s almost like no matter how hard you try you can’t stop it. like it’s inevitable that you’ll never be as close as you were and all the good times you used to spend together are behind you guys. you’ve both changed so much and it’s even hard to remember why you used to hang out. you can only look at the pictures and memories in your mind and just be thankful they played such a vital role growing up with you. those are some of the hardest times in life for me, letting go and accepting and embracing the change you never thought would come. 

A random wise guy once told me “I hope you have it rough, go through some rough times, so that when the good times do roll around, you can enjoy them to the maximum. Because you deserve to enjoy the good times.” His words stuck with me and ever since, looking back I’ve realized it to be true. Once you’ve experienced the tough times, the good things seem to be all the more wonderful.
—  Brownie Confessions (x)