I filmed a video like last week and finally got around to uploading it!


Touch The Sky (Lyric Video) - Hillsong UNITED

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Chase the wind
Touch the sky

I dedicate this video to the fantastic, lovely, perfect, amazing poo faces that I have the wonderful pleasure of dealing with on a daily basis, both in Join Avenue and beyond. You losers are what keep me going, keeping me laughing and making me want to punch in so many of your faces.
Here’s to many, many more years of tom foolery and joy.

Solange Knowles Drops Two Videos For “Don’t Touch My Hair” + “Cranes In The Sky”

“what if I get Touch the Sky to lead into Married Life which leads into When She Loved Me for this pixar video?” - me a few months ago, knowing on some instinctual level that I would inevitably end up breaking down into some of the ugliest crying I’ve ever done less than 40 seconds into the song