that was a perfect shot, too.

post-birthright where laslow lives but always has to live with that guilt of being too late. :’ ) staying in Nohr because Odin doesn’t leave due to Leo being crowned King, and Selena perhaps disappearing with Camilla or going back by herself, or even sticking around due to the shame of returning home being a failure. 

he failed even though he tried so hard to protect him—-only to watch yet another person he loved die, arguably,  right in front of him.

favourite crackships . nina x kaz . six of crows

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what are some headcanons you have for karamatsu? =0

omg it’s like when someone says “what’s your favorite band” and you abruptly forget every song you’ve ever heard in the duration of your life, let me see what I can scrape together

DISCLAIMER: my headcanons tend to be extremely boring I think, compared to the stuff I’ve seen other people come up with. I apologize in advance if this is disappointing

  • this may be self-evident by now considering I drew a comic about it and included it in one fic and based another fic on it completely but I like to think that karamatsu pretends to love critters like spiders and bees and snakes and other cliche creepy crawlies because ~they’re important to the ecosystem~ but put him in the immediate vicinity of one and he is a mess. he’ll put on the bravest face he can if there’s someone around to impress but he is screaming on the inside and often on the outside too
  • so from the very few very short scenes we get in the show it doesn’t seem like karamatsu really sings very well… like at all…. but I like to think that’s because he’s forcing himself with that deep voice and like, if there were nobody around at all and he was just singing for his own enjoyment and not trying to entertain anyone, be it consciously or subconsciously, he would sound so much better
  • this guy probably has so many spare pairs of sunglasses. they get broken left and right so he has to stock up because they’re a very important part of his perfect fashion. as a result they’re not really good quality because who can afford that many sunglasses, which means they get broken more easily, which means he has to buy even more….. one might think this was someone’s insidious plot to get him to give up on wearing them
  • he’s good at falling off the roof. it just happens so often, he’s had so much practice, this isn’t something someone should get used to - let alone GOOD at - but alas, there’s karamatsu, twisting in the air like a cat landing on its feet (except not literally because he’d probably break his damn legs)

there’s? probably more?? that I can’t think of??? I am really terrible at this “thinking” thing this time of night I am sorry

Acceptable Risk

There was no undoing the crimes he’d committed, and Bucky wasn’t fool enough to believe he could balance the scales. He’d been a good man, though. If he didn’t remember it, Bucky had certainly read it plenty of times, hanging on to that one thing to keep from simply giving up. He’d been good before Hydra, and maybe he still was. Right now he had the chance to prove it. 

The accident was a terrible one, and out here, no one was liable to come running to help. The street was empty this time of night, and if Bucky had a lick of sense, he ought to have left before anyone saw him. The way the nearest car had flipped though, the door was clearly jammed shut, and with smoke crawling out from under the hood, there was no time to wait for help that might not come. 

Against his better judgment, Bucky stepped out from the shadows. He made his way to the car, wordlessly yanking open the door to peer inside and make sure its occupant was alive. 


“For me the task is kinda be more involved and see how I can help, even if it’s just I don’t know, putting a smile on someone’s face or answering some questions or making somebody feel better. Listen, we’re all crazy anxious people, it doesn’t matter if I’m sitting here and you’re there. I’m awkward, I get nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, depression. I mean it’s the world we live in. I think it’s important that we all remember that at the end of the day we’re just the same person [..] So, my job, I think, is to always just try to remain as honest as I can and just, I don’t know, help in some way.” - Sebastian on life goals (source)

The thing that is fucking me up the most is the simple fact that Harry Styles is a fucking legend. The lads a fucking legend. Among the fucking mess and anarchy that is 21st century pop-culture, the boy has managed to make himself iconic before he’s even dropped a single. He’s managed to make himself relevant and raw and real. Fucking incredible. Never seen anything like it in my time, will probably never see it again. I’m so ready for everything he’s got to offer. Legend.