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And finally we had a reunion, but probably it was nothing compared to what we expected. Mashima seems to like to speed up things and then slow them down. I liked the fact that Erza was the one stopping their fight, really liked that but how the hell did she get there. I mean, she was probably exhausted and she managed to stop it with her bare hands. How is she gonna fight Eileen now?
On another note, about natsu and Gray fainting. It’s totally normal to faint after fighting like that. They were going on each other on pure adrenaline because they thought that Juvia and Lucy were dead and that triggered the whole “I’m gonna kill whoever steps on my way” xD How they are supposed to keep standing when they seem to not have any strength left.
Also Gray saw Juvia. He turned his head so fast when he heard her voice and he must be thinking that he is seeing illusions or something.
About Eileen’s “I’m you, you’re me”…at first I thought it would be edolas erza, erza knightwalker but I’m not sure. Eileen seems to possess an immense amount of magic. So I’m not sure…overall, I enjoyed the chapter, but now I want like a whole chapter dedicated to gruvia and nalu reunion.

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hello. i have aspergers. is it normal to feel like every autistic person (aspergers or not) is better than me? like i feel extremely handicapped by my autism. i'm 24 years old, i have never been in a relationship or had any friends, not even been close to having either. i get sweaty and terrified whenever i just think about getting a job or an education. i can't do anything. i feel like i'm the most dysfunctional autistic person in the world. i hate being autistic, i have no life because of it.

Hi anon,

I’m really sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. I’m not sure if it’s normal to feel like every other autistic person is better than you, but here are some things I do know…

All of the things you list—education, work, relationships—are totally normal things for autistic people to struggle with. The statistics about the lives of autistic people in young adulthood can look incredibly scary and troubling. But the thing is, you’re totally not alone. About a third of us have no college education or paid work experience by age 25. One study found that 84% of autistic young adults had never been in a long-term relationship. 83% of us have never lived on our own by age 25. It is definitely not just you. And one of the big problems with how isolated autistic people often are is that we wind up not knowing how much we really have in common when it comes to things we struggle with.

It’s also definitely normal to be frustrated with how being autistic can make everything so hard. Autism is a totally real disability for most of us with it. We struggle not just because we’re autistic, but because almost nothing about society is built to be accommodating or helpful for us.

I also think something we don’t see represented very much is that sometimes, non-autistic and non-disabled people hate their lives, too, and feel totally inadequate and like they are the worst at everything. There’s nothing magically protective about being non-autistic. But when non-autistic people feel that way, they don’t get told by their whole society that everything would be okay for them if only they were a totally different kind of person. We do get told that, and it’s really not fair.

I wonder if it might help, just to start, to try thinking, not that you’re dysfunctional, but that you have trouble with [whatever all the things are you have trouble with]. And that it’s not your fault that you do.

Next, think really specifically about what kinds of things you really want to do. Do you want to play an instrument? Do you want to do art? Do you want to learn about a certain subject? Do you want to work, and if so, what kind of work would you want to do? Do you want to volunteer for a cause you care about? What would that thing be?

Just start by listing a few of the things you really *want* without thinking too much about whether you can or can’t do them.

And then start with the very smallest steps towards one of those things. Can you get in touch by e-mail with a counselor from your old school district and ask if they could refer you to a job coach? Can you look up local or community colleges online and see what their admission requirements are? If there’s a subject or a cause that you care about, can you look up organizations in your area that deal with that thing, and find out if they need volunteers? You might be able to do all of this online and by e-mail, which may be way less frightening than making phone calls.

If you just keep taking small steps, even if they’re incredibly small steps, you will get somewhere.

If it’s too frightening to think about anything that big, then maybe just start by doing whatever makes you happy, with no goal in mind. Even if it’s an incredibly small thing that might not seem constructive at all, it’s worth it just to connect to something you like for its own sake. If you like reading or going for walks or podcasts or a TV show, or anything at all…it’s worth it.

Lastly, if there’s any way you can, I think it might be good if you got checked for depression. Some of the things you mention can sometimes be signs of clinical depression, and not only of having a hard time with a disability, and some of the issues of autism and depression (like inertia, sleep problems, social isolation) can overlap and interact in ways that can make everything even harder. This is a great blog by a writer who talks about the intersections of autism and depression a lot. You might see if you feel like any of what he says rings true to you.

-moderator Emily

(if anyone else has advice for anon, please reblog or reply, thank you!)

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I am quite sure at this point that I'm mtf and I want to have other people start using she/her pronouns for me but I usually have trouble doing it myself or calling myself a girl. Is this normal? Any tips for getting past this?

Charlie says:

yes, this is totally normal.  I would just practice talking about yourself in the third person and maybe examining why exactly you’re having trouble with mentally recognizing your gender.  It could be years of having it enforced, the way other people see you clouding your vision of yourself, or lots of things.  It takes time honey <3

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Is it normal for INTP's to think so much at night that they eventually (after like 2 hours) just fall asleep without even 'noticing' (if thats the right word) because the thinking was just too much for the brain?

Yep. That’s totally normal. It’s so normal that it basically happens to me every night. I don’t even bother trying to go to sleep before 1 or 2 a.m. most nights.

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The thing I find interesting about JI touching KS lower stomach during the monster performance was that KS didn't react at all. Based on the vids that I've seen KS acted totally normal afterwards. He must be used to JI touching him like that ;)

In any case, it was a minor “accident”, those things happen a lot on stage. You need to try to be the most professional you can and pretend like nothing happened, so less people notice those small mistakes.

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That anon who said she's in London bc she's a mother, makes me realize that the world is in caos bc of people and stupid comments like this. Let me educate you a little bit anon, Gillian and the father of the boys are separated, what means that they spend haft time with their mother and half time with their father in vacations and holidays. In UK they are in autumn break so: a) Gillian took her kids with her to NY or b) The boys are with their father in UK spending time with him. Totally normal.

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shameimaru replied to your post
its so unreal to me that “Dingo” isnt a “real” name. like. thats just your old name. its not weird. its just your name from before you were out as trans. normal name. totally normal Jack “Dingo” Wynand

my favorite thing is like zero people questioned it ever it was such a stealth gender neutral name. im just a dog nothings changed

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For that bi anon, I'm in that sort of stage at the moment :) it's totally normal, I go through periods of not wanting to have to deal with men, like I need a break from the sexism sometimes (which often isn't deliberate but is always there :/ ). It doesn't make you any less bi :) (unless you don't want to date men at all ever of course, then maybe you need to look into it, but it sounds like you are sure about your sexuality :) )



George R.R. Martin talks about the complexities of Petyr Baelish’s feelings towards Sansa Stark [ x ]


Oh look, a beautiful Sherlock Holmes themed notebook - the lines look kinda weird tho - wait, these are the entire Adventures of Sherlock Holmes just in really tiny text.


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Now before you go poopoo all over this post, we are aware that this is not an EXACT match, but what do you expect with a total spur of the moment candid photo? This is us being our normal selves!

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