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How did you feel when you knew you needed to move far away from home for school? Is it normal that I'm 23 years old and I could cry and feel panicky the faster the moving day comes?

I mean, I very much wanted to move away far from home (home is home, but home is not where I want to start my life, if that makes sense), but absolutely it is normal! I can remember stepping into my dorm my first day in LA and not being able to eat i was so nervous and feeling like I’d made a mistake. I was equal parts excited and terrified, which I think is how it should be. 

It’s scary starting fresh. It’s scary moving your roots. it’s scary growing new ones. But I /love/ living where I am now. I love california. I love the way I’ve changed since I went to live far away from home (changes that I would have missed out on, if I had stayed in that comfort zone). The process is hard, but if you’re in the right place I find the changes are always really positive. 

So, to summarize. I was very scared. I cried a lot. I got homesick. I felt very lonely for quite a while. And then it got better. and then I met people who changed my life and my world views. and then I drove down the highway enough times to not need a gps. and then i found a favorite boba shop and a local grocery store. and now im thinking about having my own thanksgiving here with my friends. 

home is still home? but home is here, too. 

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hey um sorry if this annoys you but I just want to let something out, personally I like to believe that I am a very nice and fun to be around person, but because I have some acne (that's not even horrible tbh but it's noticeable) people decide to be so judge mental that they barely even want to talk to me and it just makes me feel so insecure and shy if I have to go and talk to someone because I believe they're only thinking bad things, I know they probably aren't but it's just there's something

everyone feels self conscious it’s totally normal i have an ed and im super self conscious abt my body and i was at the beach w my friends and i was like /i just ate pizza i probs look like a whale lol/ and my friend responded w “u can literally see like ur whole ribcage dude” so sometimes ur head makes things seem a lot worse than they are,,, people shouldnt ignore u cuz of ur skin though it’s dumb if they are

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I mean, I get that people get worried for Louis but c'mon! He's 24! He's not a baby, he knows what he's doing and more important, he has the right to have fun! With everything that's been going on in his life he deserves to be happy and enjoy spending time with his friends and sister! He doesn't look bad, he looks drunk! And it's totally normal! This fandom tends to overreact when something is not the way we want. He has an amazing family and an amazing boyfriend with him!

Yeah. I just hope to learn the purpose behind all this public exposure fairly soonish.


(ò.ó YEAH, LB, who is he? XD

@harleycherryquinn, you’re so cool and great, Ily ♥. I’m so sorry for the wait xC)

Uh, btw, I took the homework pic [the visible part of it xD] from here. xD Idek if it’s OK for their age, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).


Now before you go poopoo all over this post, we are aware that this is not an EXACT match, but what do you expect with a total spur of the moment candid photo? This is us being our normal selves!

There just happened to be a camera near by… in the perfect position . . 

… .magically set on a timer… just one of those CRAZY coincidences …


You'll never guess what I just did....

So I was trying to find a place for a wonderfully graffitied school book that my friends gave me, and I realised that the only place was under my nerf gun, which was on top of an old magazine, on a shelf in my bookcase.

The thing is, as I was lifting my nerf gun to replace the magazine (which I was going to throw away) with the book, I realised that I didn’t have enough hands, so I would have to put my nerf gun down.

Sadly, there was nowhere to put it which I could directly see, so I just put it on my head.

My head.

My head

My head

Cos that’s the kind of insanely normal stuff that I do~

What's up with the hymen?

Someone asked us:

Q. Does the hymen serve any purpose? What different types of hymens are there, and how do you know which type you have?

For those needing a little anatomy review, the hymen is the thin tissue that stretches across part of the opening to the vagina. The tissue can be stretched or torn during sexual activity, masturbation, tampon use, or any activity that places gradual and ongoing pressure on the groin area, for example riding a bike or gymnastics.

Why do you have a hymen? Who knows?!?!. They don’t serve any medical purpose. Some people are born without them. While they’re an interesting bit of anatomy, hymens probably don’t deserve all the attention that has been heaped on them over the years. In the olden days (i.e. before 1950 ) when female sexuality was even less understood than today, the hymen carried a whole bunch of cultural significance. In some cultures they still do. People believed that a hymen that had not been stretched or torn was proof of virginity. Blood from a torn hymen on your wedding night signaled that your new wife was a virgin, (and also that she had probably never ridden a bike or a horse). While people have a lot of different ideas of what virginity is and isn’t, hopefully more and more people understand that a missing hymen can be the result of a lot of things, not just vaginal intercourse.

As for types of hymens, you’ve probably heard us say “Different is normal,” and this is certainly true for hymens.  There are many variations of hymens. Some have small openings. Some have large ones. Some have multiple openings.

How do you know which type you have? A mirror and a flashlight are going to be your friends. Spread the labia with your fingers and peer inside. But be warned: hymens can be difficult or even impossible to find. If you’ve already had vaginal intercourse, used tampons, inserted a finger or object into your vagina, were active in sports or gymnastics, rode a bike, horse, mechanical bull, or were born without one, there might not be anything to see.