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Hi wonderfully talented person! I'm so glad you posted that drawing process post thing.... I've been trying to find those types of things since I got photoshop.... If it's not to much to ask I was wondering what brushes you use and when. Thanks, I love your art!

Hello! Thank you very much for the compliment. I hope the drawing process post helped you even a little, green panda san!

And Tosacchin XDD~ AHH it sounds cuteeee but you know there’s a dog called “Tosa” in Japan? 

(I hope Kurokocchi takes me in)


As I’ve mentioned before, I only use Paint Tool SAI to draw so the settings in here are all only applicable to Paint Tool SAI (;w; ). I think you can find the Brush settings ones for Photoshop in deviantART! 

Paint Tool SAI: 

Official English (has 31 days free Trial) 

You can also find an unofficial English translation for this.


These are the things I usually use for drawing/line art. Pen and Pencil. I got the Pencil setting from deviantART I think. You can just type “pencil setting SAI“ on the deviantART search and come up with different brush settings! I think there are more options for Brushes when it’s for Photoshop? Since you can easily download them there?

There are also brush settings in Pixiv but they are mostly in Japanese vesion of Paint Tool SAI (but if you still want to take a look, just type ブラシ設定 or just ブラシ). You’ll come up with stuff like THIS, THIS, or THIS

I haven’t really explored on what brushes we can use but anyway, these are the only things I needed until now to sketch or draw line art. 

I use the Pencil brush to draw line art too because I’m not fond of clean lines because they will be flat and boring. It’s one of the reasons I don’t use the Vector layer. 


These are what I normally use for coloring :D I don’t really use AirBrush because I find it hard to control. I just use the Brush and if I want it to look softer I blend it with Water Brush, or I use the color picker and blend normally. I usually use the Water Brush to put gradients. For the “Team” arts I mostly use Brush tool because I wanted them to look sharp. For example for Kurokocchi’s hair, I used the Brush tool + Fringe. The Fringe setting makes you have those little outlines around the layer. The “Square” brush I use is my favorite because it also makes it look like that but if I want a stronger “outline”, I apply the “Fringe” 

For the Oiran one, I mostly used Water I think. I just vary the color and everything by the Pressure. I press really hard to get the hard color and vary my hand’s pressure like that. And then, I use a darker color in smaller diameter to define the creases. 

I hope those answered your questions!

Seek at Mekakucity: The First Night (Recap)

(No seriously, “The first night” was on the title card.)

Kido and Shintaro are in the same room in a creepy brick house. Ene, who comes back from consulting people on Twitter, tells them what she’s been doing.

They notice a tosa-inu (fighting dog) in a cage, and the key is lying somewhere. Ene goes back to Twitter and ask the people who between Kido and Shintaro they think is more fun to watch fighting it. No doubt, they pick Shintaro. The NEET now faces a match with a scary-looking canine. (EDIT: Shintaro had faced the canine (successfully), and the key they retrieve near it leads them out of the room)

Meanwhile, Kido and Ene (edit: plus Shintaro) try to find a way out. They see a door, but a weird-looking message is taped on it. What could it be?

@Reno: Something like this. 

@Hiyori: What’s with this outfit… IT’S SUPER COOL…!

@Hiyori: Ah~ Knowing him, Konoha-san’ll be alright. He was safe and sound even after being hit by a dump car or something. It’s ketchup for sure.

@mokano: Full body… 

@Hiyori: Haaaa… Saved.

@Takane (the nickname): Momo-chan’s also been captured! 

Please go save her!! 

@Hiyori: I see, so Momo-chan’s also there… This is bad, really. 

@Hiyori: I still can’t grasp the whole picture well, but in general those guys in Mekakushi Dan were all captured right? Haaa… they have gotten themselves in some big troubles now.

@Kurozuki Ayane: Tosa dog - Mary tied to a bomb - a lot of bad things happened besides the one with Konoha. 

@Hiyori: Though I don’t get anything at all, I can understand that everything’s trouble now. 

@Hiyori: But well why don’t they just break some windows or walls to get out?

@Ene: Ah~hh, I’m fully charged! Sorry for coming back this late~!

@Ene: As usual, we’re still wondering what button in front of the door we should push… U~nnn~

@Recent KagePro troll bot: Is Shintaro doing well? We heard nothing about him after he fainted… ughh… 

@Ene: Master’s still unconcious to the extreme! He may have burnt himself out during the fight against the tosa dog…

@Ene: O-Oh! Regarding the button quiz, there’re sure many people choosing the bear one…! 

@The fox’s corpse has fallen over: Don’t you buzz him anymore? 

@Ene: I’ve been buzzing him ever since I was done charging. Master sure seems as if he had been boiled all over.

@Ruria: About that quiz, isn’t it the bear?? You see, the similarity between the animals in the picture is that “They have the name of administrative divisions”.

@Ene: Administrative divisions… Ah!! I didn’t realize it at all!! 

@Kei: They’re definitely Tottari Kagoshima Gunma and Kumamoto.. so it’s the bear (Kuma)!

@Ene: OK! Then we’ll press the “bear” button OK!! Everyone on Twitter is seriously so cool! Thank you for your cooperation~!

@Ene: After we get out, I’ll have to tell Master to say thank you… Yeah, though we’re dragged in here, things look fun! 

@Ene: I love watching Master all flustered over so please think of what to ask him first okie… Fufu…