Torvald Batterbutter

Okay but can we get a spinoff tv series starring the Sugar Rush racers? That would be swell.

Sketches of Torvald and Gloyd that will be part of a ‘Boys Of Sugar Rush’ picture I have in mind. Like I stated in a previous post, I’m currently having trouble with Swizzle and Rancis for some reason, so this little image project of mine won’t get done anytime soon until I figure cool jumping poses out for those two. Gloyd and Torvald’s poses here are pretty much final.

Adult Zaki triplets in FASHION

Did you know that Minty’s was actually the hardest to do. I had to discuss it with a consultant.

Sticky is a very girly kind of girl. She’s patient and sweet so she’s just kind of flowy. Flowy garments and dresses are her kind of thing. Her hair kind of mimics that. 

Torvald is more of a go getter. She’s way more sporty than either of her sisters. In the stead of dresses she likes wearing jumpsuits. Her hair has been stylized to match this.

Minty is, at least my version, very smart and very too the point. She is a lot of straight lines but sometimes she wears something other than pencil skirts now and then. I changed her hair to be more…modern. Futuristic-y.