Remember that time that the Joker and Harley kidnapped Robin and tortured him with shock therapy and serums until his mind snapped and he became Joker Jr and Batman and Batgirl tried to save him and then Robin ended up shooting the Joker and killing him while laugh-crying and Barb just held him saying “it’s okay, Tim. you’re okay” over and over again while he sobbed?

Cause I do.

non verbal Autistic Bucky is so important to me, giving the finger to anyone who asks him when he;s going to ‘get better’ and talk again

non verbal Bucky frustratingly trying to communicate that he’s uncomfortable, or angry or just anything and not being able to get it across

Clint coming round and noticing this, asks why they haven’t even tried teaching him American sign language? (there’s sort of a collective 'oh’ from the rest, they;d been so focused on 'helping’ him speak, that they’d never considered it)

Clint sometimes teaches him signs but is too busy to fully commit so they get Bucky an outside teacher, someone who’s Deaf themselves at Clint’s request

non verbal Bucky signing about what happened to him, finally being able to share the experiences and confront them

non verbal Bucky screaming and screaming and being asked if he can do that why can;t he talk? 'Its not the same’ he signs, they sigh and shake their heads, he signs angrily about it to Sam, Steve and Nat later

Steve, Sam and Nat all learning American sign language as well so they can communicate with him and Clint better, Nat picks it up quickest since she’s so used to different languages

non verbal Bucky sometimes not being able to sign because he’s too exhausted, his therapist tells him he’s being 'difficult’, Bucky gets rid of him, learning that he’s allowed his own choices and he doesn;t have to stand for being treated badly

non verbal, Autistic Bucky!
Seattle Bans Conversion Therapy for Minors
The Emerald City becomes the 10th jurisdiction to make such a move.

The Republican Party platform states that parents should have the final say on therapy for their children, a plank widely interpreted as endorsing “ex-gay” therapy — but the number of local governments that don’t agree just got larger. The Seattle City Council today approved an ordinance barring licensed health care providers from subjecting anyone under 18 to “ex-gay” therapy, sometimes called “conversion” or “reparative” therapy, designed to turn LGBT people straight or cisgender. Every major U.S. health care organization has termed the practice not only ineffective but harmful.

“Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, or transgender is not an illness,” said Councilmember Lorena González, the ordinance’s chief sponsor, when introducing it, reports local newspaperThe Stranger. “Nor is it something that needs a cure.” The council passed the ordinance by a vote of 9-0.

The Seattle ordinance provides for a fine of $500 for the first offense and $1,000 for any violation after that, The Stranger reports. There will also be misdemeanor charges for advertising conversion therapy.

Seattle becomes the 10th jurisdiction to enact such a ban, joining California, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Vermont, Cincinnati, Washington, D.C., and Miami Beach, Fla. Seattle may be one of the nation’s most liberal cities, but support for conversion therapy bans has crossed ideological and partisan lines. The Illinois ban, for instance, was introduced by a Democratic lesbian legislator from Chicago, Kelly Cassidy, but signed into law by a very conservative Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, who has opposed Democratic lawmakers on many other issues.

González praised local LGBT activists for their work in support of the Seattle ordinance, and advocacy groups praised the council’s action. “Today, Seattle has taken a bold step to save children’s lives, and its children have received a clear message that they were born perfect,” said National Center for Lesbian Rights youth policy counsel Carolyn Reyes in a press release.NCLR’s #BornPerfect campaign seeks to end conversion therapy nationwide by 2019, and the group has joined the Human Rights Campaign and Southern Poverty Law Center in a consumer fraud lawsuit against a major provider of such therapy. President Obama and high-ranking members of his administration have spoken out against conversion therapy, and members of Congress have proposed that the Federal Trade Commission declare it a form of consumer fraud and therefore illegal. So the Republican platform — although a platform, of course, is a wish list that includes many things that may never come to fruition — definitely appears to be swimming against the tide.

Just a little reminder that Autism Speaks supports the Judge Rotenberg Center

The JRC does horrible, inhumane things to autistic people in the name of “treatment”. Don’t be fooled by their “success” stories. Their “success stories” are people who have been brutalized and tortured into looking neurotypical and they live the rest of their lives in a nightmare.

This is what REALLY goes on inside the JRC
Trigger Warning: This is beyond abuse, THIS IS TORTURE.


Reblog to make this known.
Seattle could ban conversion therapy as early as next Monday
Under a proposed bill, medical professionals offering conversion therapy could be fined up to $1,000

Seattle is looking to become the second city in the United States to ban conversion therapy.

The City Council’s civil rights committee unanimously passed a proposed ordinance, which would ban conversion therapy for minors inside the city boundaries. So far, it has been banned in the states of California, Oregon, Illinois, New Jersey and the District of Columbia; the only other city to explicitly ban conversion therapy is Cincinnati, Ohio.

Seattle Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez, who sponsored the ordinance, called the practice a ‘disservice’ to LGBTI youth.

‘It’s absolutely offensive to me,’ she told KIRO-TV. ‘Instead of providing these children, who are going through perhaps a moment of confusion […] instead of providing them the support that they need, there are people out there who believe it’s appropriate to convince these children that their same-sex orientation is somehow a disease, or an illness, or something that can be cured.’

The full City Council has to adopt the ordinance before it can come into effect; the decision is scheduled for Monday, 1 August.

anonymous asked:

hi katie! i just read about rosie o'donnel/barron trump being autistic and am really confused on how to feel about it? like everyone is up in arms about her comment but – as an autistic – i'm really offended that people think being autistic is such a bad thing? but similarly, i'm a self-dx and i haven't told anyone yet, so if it's true i understand completely wanting to keep it to yourself. it's not shame, just wanting to be private, ya know? i was wondering what your thoughts were.

(I’m gonna answer this in a PSA format, to help spread the word about this)

For those of you who don’t know, Rosie O’Donnell recently “accused” The Donald’s son Barron of being autistic. After she got backlash for that, she said:

“Barron Trump Autistic? if so – what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.”

This is a very troubling answer for a few reasons:

Reason 1: Autism is not an epidemic. It is not a disease (read this, I beg of you). It is not a death sentence. It can not be caught or spread. It is a disorder (and is only called a disorder because nothing else applies) and it is a spectrum of behaviors associated with the autistic kind of brain (which is simply different than a non-autistic brain, not inferior).

Autism has been called an “epidemic” because:

  1. There have been more diagnoses recently because our understanding of autism has grown - before, only nonverbal white boys who were rich enough to go to doctors and psychiatrists were diagnosed, but now it’s being recognized more and more
  2. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to find a “cure” to make money. That’s literally it. The organization Autism Speaks (please read that article too) is like Susan G Komen: out to make money by exploiting people. They tell the families of autistic children that their child is sick and their child’s “disease” must be cured. 

Reason 2: this article titled “Is Barron Trump Autistic? For The Love Of God, Stop Asking” (caption: “Do you really want Trump the breathtakingly ignorant pathological liar to set policy about autism?”) explains it perfectly:

  • Barron being autistic would offend Donald’s shallow sensibilities and having other people know about it would be intolerable. If it were to come out that Barron had been diagnosed as being on the spectrum, Donald would do what he always does: Find someone to blame, deny it even exists or just make up stuff about it.
  • He’s previously blamed vaccines and if he did so as president, the consequences would be apocalyptic. Millions of people would refuse to vaccinate their kids and the widespread return of preventable diseases would be unstoppable. If Trump were to decide that autism isn’t even a real thing or that it can be “cured”, it could set back legitimate research by decades.
  • Even worse, Donald might start spreading massive amounts of misinformation about autism because it’s easier than learning the facts about it. He’s a pathological liar and the damage he could do to the nation’s already tenuous understanding of autism is incalculable.

Here’s something Mike Savage, The Donald’s pick for the head of the National Institute of Health, said:

“I’ll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out. That’s what autism is. What do you mean they scream and they’re silent? They don’t have a father around to tell them, ‘Don’t act like a moron. You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don’t sit there crying and screaming, idiot.”

So yeah, that article’s idea about not talking about autism around Trump has the right idea: if Trump chooses to make autism something he covers in policy, people are straight up going to die.

Autistic kids are already tortured in “corrective therapy” (read that as electroshock/conversion therapy, or torture), and it’ll only get worse if a “cure” is something he decides he wants for us:

The Judge Rotenburg Center received a warning from the FDA stating that the devices the staff uses to shock patients–who wear a backpack wired to various parts of their bodies for easy zapping–violate FDA regulations. The devices, which center staff created and designated as “Graduated Electronic Decelerators” (GEDs), were approved in 1994. However, since that approval, the JRC team has jacked up the voltage on them. It has done so twice, in fact, putting them out of compliance. Their rationale, it seems, was that the original device was just too weak to hurt enough.

The UN also called the corrective therapy autistic people in the United States receive “tantamount to torture and cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment.”

To answer your question: autism is not an insult. Wanting to be private is not a bad thing, because you have a lot of reasons to be scared of or hesitant around non-autistics, especially under a Trump administration. You have no reason to be ashamed, but you have some reasons to be hesitant and cautious.

Rosie O’Donnell shouldn’t have called a child autistic because 1. it makes autistic people The Donald’s potential target, and 2. she called it an “epidemic.” I know that she adopted an autistic kid in her attempt to be seen as charitable, but she’s just like every other Autism Speaks parent whining about how hard her life is because of her child’s Awful Disease that must be cured. She doesn’t care about autism or even her own child: she cares about herself and getting in some kind of “insult” at The Donald in any way she can, and now autistic people are gonna pay the price for that.
Hawaii to ban 'cruel' gay conversion therapy
Hawaii has become the latest state to bring forward plans to ban gay conversion therapy.

Lawmakers on the islands have introduced a bill that supporters say will protect LGBT teens from serious harm. The legislation contains a number of proposals – including making it illegal for teachers or counsellors to try and change someone’s sexual orientation and bans advertising that promotes the same.

Della Au Belatti, a Democratic member of the House, who introduced the bill, said: “These children, these teenagers are quite vulnerable. This is an issue because we don’t want them to be subject to further pressure and stigmatisation during their formative years in school.” She added that the bill aligned with widespread medical opinion that conversion therapy was harmful to teens.

Opponents have said parents should have the right to decide if they want to seek treatment for their children.

Republican representative, Bob McDermott, said: What if I want to steer my kids to the rich life of being a hetrosexual, and as a parent, I don’t have the right.”

Hawaii is the fifth state to bring in legislation behind California, Oregon, Illinois, New Jersey and the District of Columbia, which ban it for minors. In the UK, meanwhile, the Prime Minister told PinkNews he plans to address “profoundly wrong” gay cure therapies during an interview before last year’s general election. Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, Maria Miller, has also spoken out in favour of ending the practice.

Autism: Why ABA and stim suppression are bad

*** This video may be triggering for autistic people who have PTSD due to ABA therapy. * * * I’m really sorry that I don’t have captions on this. I have basically zero ability to type to dictation no matter how slow a person goes. I always put in what I wrote if I read something for a video, but most times I do it without written aid. A summary if the video’s contents is below.

I talk about why ABA is abuse and I simulate the experience of a child who gets told “quiet hands” by suppressing my own stims during a time where I really need to be stimming to self-regulate. I tell exactly what I’m feeling as I suppress and you can visibly see the reaction escalate as I work harder and harder to not stim. The reactions in this video are 100% real. Now imagine a child going through it. IT IS TORTURE AND IT IS ABUSE TO PUT A CHILD THROUGH THAT.

Btw I do not have any eating disorders or cancer, I am just very skinny. I’ve always been underweight and it’s just a manifestation of my PDD-NOS. (Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified).
Vermont Bans Use of 'Ex-Gay' Therapy on Minors
Gov. Peter Shumlin signed the bill into law today.

Vermont today joined the states barring licensed therapists from subjecting minors to so-called conversion therapy, designed to turn LGBT people straight or cisgender.

“It’s absurd to think that being gay or transgender is something to be cured of,” Gov. Peter Shumlin said in a press release announcing he had signed Senate Bill 132 into law. “Our country has come a long way in a short period of time in recognizing the civil rights of members of the LGBT community, and I am so proud that Vermont has taken a leadership role at every step of the way. At a time when the rights of LGBT individuals are under attack in other parts of the country, Vermont will continue to stand up to hatred and bigotry and show the rest of the country what tolerance, understanding, and common humanity look like.”

The Vermont Senate passed the bill in March and the House in April. The state joins California,New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, the District of Columbia, and the city of Cincinnati in banning the use of such therapy on minors.


Torture Therapy - Rabastan & James

Location: Just Outside London
Quidditch Game - Irish vs. New Zealand
Date: July 20, 1979

He needed a break.  A break from everything.  He needed to get out of his own head and out of his own memories.  Between the attacks and his own wounds and… well every other Gods be damned thing in the world, he needed a little time just doing something that didn’t involve the war in any way, shape or form.

And for James Potter, outside of spending time with his Lily and his mates, the next best thing was Quidditch.

He sighed in contentment as he made his way into the stands.  Lily was busy with a new potion that she couldn’t leave and his mates were busy, but he didn’t mind too much.  Watching Quidditch was something he could enjoy just as contentedly on his own as with someone else. 

Stretching out comfortably on his seat, he pulled out a pack of fags from his cloak.  It was a packed game, but then these things usually were.  Lifting a fag to his lips, he lit it with an absent spell and grinned as he watched the teams begin to circle the pitch. 

Yes.  This is what he needed.  A little Quidditch therapy.  Maybe he really should think about trying out for the Irish once all this shite was done.  He knew he was good enough, though if he was going to do it seriously then he’d need to get some more serious practice in before the try-out.  Wouldn’t do to be rusty.  He wondered if he could get a few of his mates together for a game actually… playing was even better than watching after all…

He grinned and watched as the bludgers shot into the air, excitement dancing in his veins.  Oh yeah.  He needed this.
Man recounts his grim experience undergoing conversion therapy
“The word uncomfortable doesn’t even describe it.”

An activist, forced to endure years of conversion therapy, is speaking once again about his experience. Raised in a “conservatively Jewish home” in the suburbs of New York, 27-year-old Mathew Shurka was   urged to undergo conversion therapy after his father learned of his same-sex attraction.

“My father was afraid I would live a horrible life as a gay man in society,” he says.

Shurka spent the next five years participating in both face-to-face and phone counseling, during which he was told there was “no such thing” as being gay and that homosexuality was a “psychological condition” that stemmed from unaddressed childhood trauma.

“It made it sound like a disease,” he says. “It was made to feel like a disease too, that I was suffering from.”

Part of the “cure” included being “banned” from talking to his mother or sisters.

“This was so I didn’t pick up any feminine behavior from girls,” he says. “It was extremely difficult to come home from school and not talk to them. The word uncomfortable doesn’t even describe it.”

Shurka says his mother disagreed with the therapy for the get-go.

“My mother didn’t agree with the therapy at all. She felt like she was losing me,” he recalls. “I’d walk out the door in the morning and not say bye to her. But I was 16 and vulnerable, so listened to the advice of my therapists for a while.”

The bogus therapy continued for five years. It wasn’t until he was 21 that Shurka finally refused to keep participating in it.

“I was 21 and although the therapy taught that there was no such thing as love between two people of the same sex, I had fallen in love with another boy,” he says. “When I said this, I was told I was suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. I had been doing everything they said, and yet my attraction for men never lessened. So I left conversion therapy and went through two years of recovery and standard therapy.”

Today, Shurka serves as an ambassador to the #BornPerfect campaign with the National Center for Lesbian Rights. The campaign is working to end conversion therapy in the United States by 2019. As for his father, Shurka says they have been able to work though their differences.

“I let go of any resentment I had towards him in that conversation,” he says. “I know my father truly loves me, and was only seeking what he thought was best for me. I’ve got my father back in my life, and now I get to share it with him.”

The tufted circus peanut has a chance to win.

He’ll allow conversion therapy (literal torture of children and teens) to continue.

He wants to end gay marriage.

He wants to dissolve the FDA and EPA.

He wants to privatize our roads and highways.

He illegal did dealings with Cuba during the embargo.

He brags about sexual assault.

The KKK has endorsed him.

Holocaust victims and those who grew up in Nazi Germany both say the same: he is a new Hitler.

He regularly praises dictators and has wanted to emulate them.

He wants to limit the free press, and on multiple occasions has talked about wanting to limit the expression of media in the future that has criticized him.

He has a history of deleting documents, lying about it in court (this is called contempt of court) in an effort to drag out lawsuits against him until they are dropped.

He doesn’t believe in climate change and may not stop the GOP if they continue their attempt to get rid of national parks–which may and almost certainly will endanger native land. (Yes, this is a thing. Yes, you should be horrified.)

He has compared his business success to the sacrifice of a young soldier.

He claimed he doesn’t consider POWs real heroes because he ‘prefers winners’.

He committed treason, advocating a foreign nation hack our own during the pointless email mess.

He made comments about his opponent being assassinated. 

He’s said that maybe the election should just be cancelled and just given to him, and has refused to accept the results unless he wins, literally dismissing the foundations of our democracy.

Hate crimes on minorities have gone up in the wake of his campaign. 

He talks down to refugees and those that have housed them.

He has been, continuously and unapologetically racist and sexist. He talks down to Muslims and members of the LGBT+ community, demonizing people across the board.

And he is so laughably under-qualified for the position.

We know he lies constantly. He is an honest to god pathological liar and narcissist. 

No living president thinks he can do the job and not a single one has supported him. They have each said, time and time again, that he can not be trusted.

He takes and takes, and he will never give anything back. 

He thinks he’s doing us a favor by running. He won’t donate to his own charity, uses the money people donate to it to buy portraits of himself or pay off people investigating his lawsuits, but he considers running for president his ‘charity work’.

He is a man who will give nothing to no one. He breeds hate wherever he goes.

You do not have to like Secretary Clinton, but you are willfully lying if you have looked at the facts and think she is anything like Donald Trump.

This man will get people killed.

If he is elected, racists and sexists across the nation will feel validated.

The KKK and rapists will feel validated.

This man and the culture he is gleefully cultivating will ruin us.

People will die.

He will not care.

This election is close.

That tells us that his popularity is not a joke. It is not a gag.

There are people who feel like he does. That we need to mass deport our own citizens, that we can judge by color or religion alone, that women are only worth our looks alone. That people with money can break our laws, violate basic human decency because they can pay to make things go away.

Do I think they all feel this way? No. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is a platform for those that do. That it is a platform built on hate, fear, and greed.

If he wins, we as a nation will have told them that their hate and fear mongering is profitable. That this is something we will reward them for.

If you care at all about him not winning, you go and you vote for Secretary Clinton if you are able to.

If you vote third party, you need to be aware that you may well split the vote. It takes painfully few to split them up.

And if you do that, you had better be willing to accept that you may be allowing him to win. And that with that chance, if he does, people will die.

This isn’t guilt-tripping. This is a fact.

And if you are of voting age, you are a legal adult, and you need to be aware that your vote has consequences and you can not bury your head in the sand.

In theory, we should be able to vote the way we believe. In theory we should have more choices, and not be stuck in a fractured system of ‘Us’ vs. ‘Them’.

But the system is not perfect. And if you vote third party, you need to know that your candidate has no chance of winning. Period. They will not magically pull to the top. 

There is no miracle third option. 

Tomorrow it is Clinton or it is Trump.

And if you are over eighteen in the US, those are the only two viable options you have.

So, if you care about people, if you care about our nation’s future in the global community, you will vote blue tomorrow.

Tomorrow we decide the future of our nation.

I hope we make it a good one.
A Firsthand Account of the Torture of 'Conversion' Therapy
While 'ex-gay' therapy gets the headlines, this attorney reminds us that conversion therapy is used to demoralize and abuse transgender youth too.

When I was 15, my parents took me to the basement of a church in my western hometown for “therapy.” The “therapist,” Michael, was an older, pale-faced man with graying brown hair. His office was painted sky blue and decorated with white-framed pictures of his family sitting on hay bales, grinning at the camera. The white-on-blue color scheme gave the room the impression of somewhere bright and cheery — a sharp contrast to the concrete, windowless reality of the oppressive space.

“When did your ‘best friend’ first touch you?” was the first complete sentence Michael ever said to me, his voice full of obvious contempt and disdain.

After the initial shock of being asked such a question passed, I burst into tears. When I eventually looked up from between my hands, I was greeted by Michael’s smug face looking gleefully pleased that my gender and sexuality fit neatly into the narrative he had devised.

“She never touched me,” I said, gritting my teeth through my tears.

This was my best friend we were talking about — the first woman I fell in love with, the person who taught me to live with integrity, to stand up for who I am. She was the same person who encouraged me to be honest with my parents about our friendship, in hopes of allaying their concerns. That honesty landed me an almost immediate visit to Michael’s office.

For eight months, it went like this: once a week, my parents, usually my father, would drop me at the back door of the church. I would walk down a dark staircase to find Michael waiting for me. I remember counting my steps down those stairs, desperately trying to figure out a way to escape — looking at windows to crawl out of, considering turning around and making a run for it, past my dad’s idling car and into the nearby neighborhood.

I remember the first time Michael slammed his fist down on his desk and screamed: “You are not gay! You will burn in hell! Jesus died so that you can repent from your sins!” Too shocked to look away, I made eye contact, and even now I can see his desperate, watery eyes trying to burn those thoughts into my teenage brain, to force them into my psyche.


The author CARL CHARLES is a Skadden Fellow and staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union’s LGBT and HIV Project. His work at the ACLU focuses on advocating for transgender and gender-nonconforming youth who are homeless, in foster care, or in the juvenile justice system. He is passionate about working for LGBT youth and their families who are impacted by the criminal justice system. Find him on Twitter @rarlrarles.