Just a little reminder that Autism Speaks supports the Judge Rotenberg Center

The JRC does horrible, inhumane things to autistic people in the name of “treatment”. Don’t be fooled by their “success” stories. Their “success stories” are people who have been brutalized and tortured into looking neurotypical and they live the rest of their lives in a nightmare.

This is what REALLY goes on inside the JRC
Trigger Warning: This is beyond abuse, THIS IS TORTURE.


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The tufted circus peanut has a chance to win.

He’ll allow conversion therapy (literal torture of children and teens) to continue.

He wants to end gay marriage.

He wants to dissolve the FDA and EPA.

He wants to privatize our roads and highways.

He illegal did dealings with Cuba during the embargo.

He brags about sexual assault.

The KKK has endorsed him.

Holocaust victims and those who grew up in Nazi Germany both say the same: he is a new Hitler.

He regularly praises dictators and has wanted to emulate them.

He wants to limit the free press, and on multiple occasions has talked about wanting to limit the expression of media in the future that has criticized him.

He has a history of deleting documents, lying about it in court (this is called contempt of court) in an effort to drag out lawsuits against him until they are dropped.

He doesn’t believe in climate change and may not stop the GOP if they continue their attempt to get rid of national parks–which may and almost certainly will endanger native land. (Yes, this is a thing. Yes, you should be horrified.)

He has compared his business success to the sacrifice of a young soldier.

He claimed he doesn’t consider POWs real heroes because he ‘prefers winners’.

He committed treason, advocating a foreign nation hack our own during the pointless email mess.

He made comments about his opponent being assassinated. 

He’s said that maybe the election should just be cancelled and just given to him, and has refused to accept the results unless he wins, literally dismissing the foundations of our democracy.

Hate crimes on minorities have gone up in the wake of his campaign. 

He talks down to refugees and those that have housed them.

He has been, continuously and unapologetically racist and sexist. He talks down to Muslims and members of the LGBT+ community, demonizing people across the board.

And he is so laughably under-qualified for the position.

We know he lies constantly. He is an honest to god pathological liar and narcissist. 

No living president thinks he can do the job and not a single one has supported him. They have each said, time and time again, that he can not be trusted.

He takes and takes, and he will never give anything back. 

He thinks he’s doing us a favor by running. He won’t donate to his own charity, uses the money people donate to it to buy portraits of himself or pay off people investigating his lawsuits, but he considers running for president his ‘charity work’.

He is a man who will give nothing to no one. He breeds hate wherever he goes.

You do not have to like Secretary Clinton, but you are willfully lying if you have looked at the facts and think she is anything like Donald Trump.

This man will get people killed.

If he is elected, racists and sexists across the nation will feel validated.

The KKK and rapists will feel validated.

This man and the culture he is gleefully cultivating will ruin us.

People will die.

He will not care.

This election is close.

That tells us that his popularity is not a joke. It is not a gag.

There are people who feel like he does. That we need to mass deport our own citizens, that we can judge by color or religion alone, that women are only worth our looks alone. That people with money can break our laws, violate basic human decency because they can pay to make things go away.

Do I think they all feel this way? No. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is a platform for those that do. That it is a platform built on hate, fear, and greed.

If he wins, we as a nation will have told them that their hate and fear mongering is profitable. That this is something we will reward them for.

If you care at all about him not winning, you go and you vote for Secretary Clinton if you are able to.

If you vote third party, you need to be aware that you may well split the vote. It takes painfully few to split them up.

And if you do that, you had better be willing to accept that you may be allowing him to win. And that with that chance, if he does, people will die.

This isn’t guilt-tripping. This is a fact.

And if you are of voting age, you are a legal adult, and you need to be aware that your vote has consequences and you can not bury your head in the sand.

In theory, we should be able to vote the way we believe. In theory we should have more choices, and not be stuck in a fractured system of ‘Us’ vs. ‘Them’.

But the system is not perfect. And if you vote third party, you need to know that your candidate has no chance of winning. Period. They will not magically pull to the top. 

There is no miracle third option. 

Tomorrow it is Clinton or it is Trump.

And if you are over eighteen in the US, those are the only two viable options you have.

So, if you care about people, if you care about our nation’s future in the global community, you will vote blue tomorrow.

Tomorrow we decide the future of our nation.

I hope we make it a good one.

non verbal Autistic Bucky is so important to me, giving the finger to anyone who asks him when he;s going to ‘get better’ and talk again

non verbal Bucky frustratingly trying to communicate that he’s uncomfortable, or angry or just anything and not being able to get it across

Clint coming round and noticing this, asks why they haven’t even tried teaching him American sign language? (there’s sort of a collective 'oh’ from the rest, they;d been so focused on 'helping’ him speak, that they’d never considered it)

Clint sometimes teaches him signs but is too busy to fully commit so they get Bucky an outside teacher, someone who’s Deaf themselves at Clint’s request

non verbal Bucky signing about what happened to him, finally being able to share the experiences and confront them

non verbal Bucky screaming and screaming and being asked if he can do that why can;t he talk? 'Its not the same’ he signs, they sigh and shake their heads, he signs angrily about it to Sam, Steve and Nat later

Steve, Sam and Nat all learning American sign language as well so they can communicate with him and Clint better, Nat picks it up quickest since she’s so used to different languages

non verbal Bucky sometimes not being able to sign because he’s too exhausted, his therapist tells him he’s being 'difficult’, Bucky gets rid of him, learning that he’s allowed his own choices and he doesn;t have to stand for being treated badly

non verbal, Autistic Bucky!

Can we PLEASE acknowledge the fact that media can’t help but “normalize” Trump now because they’ve carefully normalized oppression forever? 

 "Right wingers are questioning a group’s basic humanity on TV!“ WOW HOLY FUCK YOU DON’T FUCKING SAY, JESUS THIS TIME THEY’VE GONE TOO FAR

Mike Pence is ok with the gay being literally electrocuted out of me and you people are JUST WAKING UP TO WHAT REPUBLICANS BELIEVE? Why didn’t you fuckwits say something when CNN rubber stamped drone strikes, conversion therapy, and torture? TOO LATE NOW MORONS  

Refusing to critique corporate media has permitted it to degrade to a state where it has no antibodies against literal nazis.

anonymous asked:

"Homosexual" is a slur? I thought it was just the technical term for gay, like heterosexual is for straight, etc.

It was a word used to ‘diagnose’ gay people and justify various tortures like conversion therapy and chemical castration. It’s still used in that context in some cases today, and it’s also used by conservatives with disgust/disdain. 

some people don’t consider it a full blown slur, but I honestly do. I don’t feel safe around people who call gay people that. 

Autism: Why ABA and stim suppression are bad

*** This video may be triggering for autistic people who have PTSD due to ABA therapy. * * * I’m really sorry that I don’t have captions on this. I have basically zero ability to type to dictation no matter how slow a person goes. I always put in what I wrote if I read something for a video, but most times I do it without written aid. A summary if the video’s contents is below.

I talk about why ABA is abuse and I simulate the experience of a child who gets told “quiet hands” by suppressing my own stims during a time where I really need to be stimming to self-regulate. I tell exactly what I’m feeling as I suppress and you can visibly see the reaction escalate as I work harder and harder to not stim. The reactions in this video are 100% real. Now imagine a child going through it. IT IS TORTURE AND IT IS ABUSE TO PUT A CHILD THROUGH THAT.

Btw I do not have any eating disorders or cancer, I am just very skinny. I’ve always been underweight and it’s just a manifestation of my PDD-NOS. (Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified).

anonymous asked:

Jesus FUCKING Christ, are you kidding me? Respect your beliefs? Fuck no. Your beliefs call us an abomination. Your beliefs say we aren't human. Your beliefs send us to conversion therapy to torture us straight. Your beliefs are fucking killing us.


Imagine being the tattoo artist that does Harley and Joker’s tattoos. You were only 10 years old when you started doing Joker’s tattoos and you gave Harley all of hers when her and Joker got together.

As the King and Queen of Gotham, nobody messed with them. But when word got out that a high school girl was aquainted with them, you became a prime target to indirectly harm Joker and Harley. They didn’t know something was amiss till Harley wanted a new tattoo on her arm that said “Puddin’ Lover.” Neither of them could get in touch with you and Joker became enraged, thinking that you were directly insulting Harley by ignoring them. It wasn’t until Joker sent out his right hand man to bring you to them that they found out where you were.

You had been unwillingly taken to Arkham Asylum under a false alias. You were forced under torturous treatment. Electric shock therapy. Solitary comfinement. Disgusting foods. Unjust food portions. Guards harassed you. And your mind was slipping into an insanity that you hadn’t thought possible. You saw everything in red, black, and white colors. The voices you heard were disoriented and echoed in your head. You were losing your mind. You were losing yourself. You were no longer the honor student on her way to a good future with a selection of ivy league schools. You were demented. You were driven to hatred of everything. You began attacking your guards and doctors. You started to become the false alias you were admitted as. Your doctor’s began injecting you with glowing substances and liquids. You were no longer just a patient, now you were an experiment.

It took a few weeks for Harley and Joker to find a way to get you out of Arkham Asylum. They simply wanted their tattoo artist back. But they got more than they expected. When they got you out, they were the only one’s you didn’t want to kill at all. You were only devoted to them and you entrusted them by showing your power. You could go into the minds of others and through their memories. You could rip apart their minds from the inside, driving them to desperation. If you could really focus, you were capable of sending one’s bidy into paralysis just by hitting them.

You were Harley and Joker’s new toy. Their new favorite at that. You weren’t just their tattoo artist anymore, you were their bodyguard, accomplice, and trustee.

A Navy SEAL explains why you should end a shower with cold water

Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation, explains why it can be healthy for you to end a shower with cold water. Following is a transcript of the video. 

Cold water will wake you up, without a doubt, and it will keep you awake. But it has more health benefits than anything else. In SEAL training you spend a lot of time in cold water and there’s actually some science to the madness of putting us in cold water. One, the reason professional athletes do it all the time after a workout is it increases recovery. It vasoconstricts the entire body, squeezing out all of that lactic acid so that you can feel good to go the next day and be ready for the next day training.

That cold water is therapy. Even though it was torture, it’s therapy so that it keeps you healthy, keeps your joints and inflammation down, vasoconstricts everything down and allows you to keep moving forward, hopefully without any more injury.

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Torture Therapy - Rabastan & James

Location: Just Outside London
Quidditch Game - Irish vs. New Zealand
Date: July 20, 1979

He needed a break.  A break from everything.  He needed to get out of his own head and out of his own memories.  Between the attacks and his own wounds and… well every other Gods be damned thing in the world, he needed a little time just doing something that didn’t involve the war in any way, shape or form.

And for James Potter, outside of spending time with his Lily and his mates, the next best thing was Quidditch.

He sighed in contentment as he made his way into the stands.  Lily was busy with a new potion that she couldn’t leave and his mates were busy, but he didn’t mind too much.  Watching Quidditch was something he could enjoy just as contentedly on his own as with someone else. 

Stretching out comfortably on his seat, he pulled out a pack of fags from his cloak.  It was a packed game, but then these things usually were.  Lifting a fag to his lips, he lit it with an absent spell and grinned as he watched the teams begin to circle the pitch. 

Yes.  This is what he needed.  A little Quidditch therapy.  Maybe he really should think about trying out for the Irish once all this shite was done.  He knew he was good enough, though if he was going to do it seriously then he’d need to get some more serious practice in before the try-out.  Wouldn’t do to be rusty.  He wondered if he could get a few of his mates together for a game actually… playing was even better than watching after all…

He grinned and watched as the bludgers shot into the air, excitement dancing in his veins.  Oh yeah.  He needed this.

I have officially been cleared to stop going to that fucking inhumane torture known as physical therapy. You have no clue how much I wanted to cartwheel around, but then I remembered why I was getting the torture and decided better not. Now that I have my shoulder back, I can finally hit the gym for a real but light weight work out. Anyone want to tag along? I need a new work out buddy.