“The problem with Fernando Torres is that people only look at his mistakes.”

So i decided to Focus all of you on this stunning back pass by El Nino :) 

I know he missed a sitter the one he should have scored but He is still the best, he is going through a rough patch we all know that ! He will Comeback Strong ! 

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So i am really tired of this shit

People acting so disgraceful and disrespectful when it comes to Nando, the Chelsea Fans are just so rude and it really needs to stop i mean, wishing him cancer and stuff is just disgusting and i don’t wanna even imagine him reading this. We need to stop it! They stepped over the line and i do not just wanna sit here and read those haters comments, i don’t wanna just sit in my corner with my laptop and read this stuff. It’s time to change! We need to take care of our idol, we need to stop those hate attacks! Those people don’t know anything about sports and respect. Nando doesn’t tweet often but he once said that he read every single tweet. It’s time to end the era of hate! Let’s motivate him, let’s encourage him - he really needs it now, he deserves all the best! I think it’s no secret that he doesn’t like it at all in Chelsea, i just think, he doesn’t found his role there and i am also convinced that this will be his last season there. A row of injuries and bad luck just smashed his self confidence and it’s time Torristas to show him our support and belief! It’s time to show him, that we still have faith. He’s 30 years old, the best age for a footballer. The old Torres is still there! If you once kicked a ball like a monster you can still do it! If you once scored the victory goal for Spain in the European Champion Chip you can still do it! You cannot just unlearn how to kick a ball right, Nando is born to play football and he play it with all his passion (“If football was a drug, i’d died from overdose”), but you can lose your faith in yourself. And it’s our job to help him to restore his self confidence! He can do it!

So here’s the Plan:
Let’s all tweet to him how much we adore him and that we still believe in him and always will and that he don’t need to be unsure about how to play ‘cause its his job and it’s his passion. Football is his destiny.

Tweet motivation stuff to him, you can also upload pictures of yourself with encouragements in it or add photos with glorious moments of our bae like


We Believe In Spain !

So finally I Decided Do a Little For Spain Fans as I also Love Spain  !!  Its Not Over , The Champions Will Return !!

Gif Created By me !! 

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March arrived and you know what this means right?! It’s Fernando birthday month ! And we have our job to do torristas ! You know what you have to do right? We need to get our surprise ready. All you have to do is write your wishes on a paper and then take a pic of you holding the paper. Then you just need to send it to me and I will make a video like last year! But I need you … So you need to send your photo until 15th March please! Any other question please feel free to ask :))

Ps. Last year his brother and his cousin retweeted the video and this year will be easier since Fer has twitter already!

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