“The problem with Fernando Torres is that people only look at his mistakes.”

So i decided to Focus all of you on this stunning back pass by El Nino :) 

I know he missed a sitter the one he should have scored but He is still the best, he is going through a rough patch we all know that ! He will Comeback Strong ! 

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March arrived and you know what this means right?! It’s Fernando birthday month ! And we have our job to do torristas ! You know what you have to do right? We need to get our surprise ready. All you have to do is write your wishes on a paper and then take a pic of you holding the paper. Then you just need to send it to me and I will make a video like last year! But I need you … So you need to send your photo until 15th March please! Any other question please feel free to ask :))

Ps. Last year his brother and his cousin retweeted the video and this year will be easier since Fer has twitter already!

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È dal 2008 che sogno questo momento, non ho più parole per spiegare come mi sento, quanto sono felice e quanto mi sembra ancora che tutto questo sia solo un bellissimo sogno. E invece no, è tutto così reale e ho la possibilità di vederlo con i miei occhi e a pochi metri e magari un giorno anche di abbracciarlo e di ringraziarlo di tutto. Per ora mi godo tutto al massimo! Benvenuto al Milan mi campeon, fino alla fine con te ❤️