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Alexa~ I love it when ppl have dimples when they smile :)

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Wearing white has always made me nervous because I can’t be trusted to keep it clean. I’m clumsy, which means that by the end of the day, I would have gone into the bathroom three times in a frantic attempt to try to clean out whatever I spilled on my white clothes. Still, this summer I found myself buying a lot of white clothes. I just love that way it looks — nothing is more summery.

Lesson: Don’t let fear hold you back from enjoying the little things. I realized that my fear of wearing white was silly. So what if I get it dirty? This all goes into my philosophy of not saving things (like white clothes) for special occasions because everyday is a special occasion.

Photos by Chris Smart csmartfx

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This is basically how I will look all fall, which explains the lack of updates. Sorry guys, I’m going into style hibernation mode. But I am enjoying the precious few days left that I don’t have to wear a shapeless parka and cold-rated/ugly as sin snow boots. 

Photo by Chris Smart. Check out his beautiful street style photography [ csmartfx ]

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I’m terribly pleased that I look like such a badass here. But in reality, I like sewing clothes, cats and collecting tea cups :D

Photo by the talented Chris Smart. You guys NEED to follow his gorgeous street style photography blog. Follow csmartfx if you’re in search of style inspiration and really clean, crisp style photography. 

There was a period of my life where I ONLY wore Converse Chuck Taylors. I resort back to my old ways quite often!

Lesson: Don’t give up on pieces of clothing you really love, even when they’re not “in style” any more. 

Photos by Arnold Lan @arnoldlan

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Outfit 1: I found Hello Kitty flip flops at value village so I’ve decided to make flip flops a thing this summer haha

Outfit 2: Wearing a silk shirt makes me feel like yaaaaaaaas kweeeeeen w my black roll up lunch clutch

Outfit 3: FREE THE NIPPLE!!! It all boils down to the fact that some nipples are legal, and some aren’t wtf

Leeay Aikawa & Ashley during the Toronto Tweed Ride

Leeay is a really talented illustrater/designer, check out her page!

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