Toronto street fashion

© Toronto Street Fashion

Victoria; photographed on Queen St. West.  Analog camera: Leica M6,  film: Solaris Ferrania 400

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Alexa~ I love it when ppl have dimples when they smile :)

~ Minolta X-7A analog camera

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Are you, yourself, strange and unusual? Are you a homicidal maniac (they look just like everyone else)? Are you one of the weirdos, mister?
You asked, we listened: Vocea has a women’s-fit tee - now available for pre-order.

Featuring our favourite perpetually sad female icons as their own Sailor Squad (Sailor Moon): Nancy Downs (The Craft), Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice), and of course Wednesday Adams. The Black Crescent gang has nothing on these 3. This is a limited edition item, so once they’re sold out they’re gone for good. Be sure to get yours by pre-ordering here:

© Toronto Street Fashion:  Ethan & Samantha ~ Models off duty

They’re so playful~ Loved photographing them!

Analog camera: Minolta x-7A

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