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I really NEED one of B/I kids or grandkids (Bart) to time travel in s4 and not tell them who he is off the bat then awkwardly reveal it. Isi if you've seen charmed but the season Piper and Leo's grown son Chris travels to their time is the best. A fan asked during the SDCC panel and one of the producers said its a possibility for the future. *fingers crossed*

I’m predicting that this season is going to end with Bart walking into STAR Labs, I would cry tbh.. I haven’t seen Charmed but I googled what you where talking about and it sounds like it was a great season. But I am really really hoping for their kids in a couple seasons and Bart at the end of next

Some Headcanons for after Young Justice ended.
  • Kara landed on earth shortly after. When it opened up, she panicked when she couldn’t find Kal-El’s spacepod because she should have been able too, and proceeded to throw the biggest commotion in an attempt to find him. Since she was in pain from her body beginning to change from the yellow sun radiation and she hadn’t been soaking it in for as long as Clark or even Conner, she’s not as strong as Superboy or Superman. Due to it being seen as a minor problem(not knowing that it’s a Krypton doing this) the team is sent in to handle it, where Kara proceeds to kick their asses, until she sees Conner(who looks exactly like Clark, and therefore very similar to her Uncle) and immediately stops, breaks down and begins to apologize to him in Kryptonian.
  • Kara has an even bigger emotional crisis when she finds out that the “real” Kal-El is even older than Conner, and proceeds to be really hard on herself.
  • Kara helps Conner get over the rest of his anger, and he helps her learn how to deal with humans.
  • Kara becomes a bridge for Conner and Clark to start to bond, as she treats both as her cousin. At first Conner is bitter to Kara because Clark immediately accepts her, but then he realizes she’s using that to bring them together.
  • Kara, Cassie, and Babs all become fast friends. It freaks Tim and Dick out.
  • Cadmus is discovered to have made one last clone. This time of Wonder Woman, and the clone turns out to be Donna Troy. It takes her longer to be freed from Cadmus control than Conner had been. When she’s freed she become pretty good friends with Roy, Dick, and Kaldur.
  • The “Dark Flash” arc happens, where they think that Wally has been returned to them for whatever reason. The only people, at first, who are suspicious of him are Bart and Dick. Until he starts acting strange, which is originally brushed off as being an effect of being in the Speed Force. Then he gets super possessive of Artemis and it becomes very clear that it’s not Wally. At least not the Wallace West they know, but instead Walter West from a different world. This is also the introduction of the Multi-verse.
  • After the Dark Flash Arc(or even at the end of it) Wally(their Wally) returns from the speed force, but has lost some memories.
  • The TTs have the speed force problem of aging too quickly and it scares the shit out of Barry and Iris along with Bart. They end up fixing it, but the TTs end up coming out around the age of 6-8.
  • Jason Todd comes back from the dead.

Imagine Barry as a dad, taking the twins to work with him when they’re babies while Iris goes out and investigates shit. The twins just sit in their car seats watching him work while he tries to teach them proper and flails around the lab doing work. 

Imagine Barry taking one kid to work with him, while Iris takes the other to work with her- the little baby speedster just knocked out and swaddled against her chest or back while she goes investigating. The sibling is just sitting in a playpen at the lab staring at Barry while he lectures interns about proper chemical placement or fecal matter on some guys shoes.

“I Don’t Like the Water”

This is for the anon who asked for a story about Barry and Iris on a vacation with Dawn and Don!

Iris hated the beach. She didn’t like the feel of her feet sinking in the sand while her soles burned from the heat of the ground and the blinding beam of the sun sun whenever she tried to walk around. She hated swimming; just being in a position where there was so much open space to get lost scared her. 

She didn’t need to go out and soak up the sun because “I do that every day when I go outside, Bear. Plus hello, I don’t need to tan.” And what made the beach even worse was the sand getting stuck everywhere; her hair, all over her body and somehow in her bottoms.

But somehow Barry convinced her to go. Actually he guilt tripped her into it by saying:

“You can’t deprive the kids a classic childhood memory of going to the beach.”

And so she sighed as Barry looked at her with those soft, adorable eyes that widened a bit more when he stared at her and always looked happy whenever he was home. Those eyes, she learned early on in their relationship, could convince her to do anything and now in their marriage, she accepted that.

They finally had the chance to get away for a weekend since the twins were enjoying their summer and both Barry and Iris requested vacation time. The city was quiet from crime for once, so the team at STAR Labs pushed the couple to take a break. It felt like they were running around every single day for their career, to be heroes, and most importantly to be good parents.

Barry led the way and found the perfect spot in the middle of the beach between a young woman who sat while reading a magazine and an older couple who appeared to be in their late forties who both laid silent on their backs, sunglasses covering their eyes as the sun’s rays beamed down on them.

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Fanfic - Strange Day at the Christmas Tree Farm - 1/1

Prompt:To Prettycitie  who wanted Don and Dawn travel back in time to visit Barry and Iris while they shop for a Christmas tree. The Twins of course want to set their parents up on a date.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1559

“What a perfect day to look for a tree,” Iris breathed out happily. Her breath coming out in a white curls against the cold air. Her head tipped back as snowflakes lightly kissed her skin.

“A little too cold for me,” Barry shivered as they walked through the thick layers of snow that covered the Christmas tree farm.

“Spoil sport,” Iris stuck her tongue out at him.

Barry grumbled under his breath but continued to follow her through the rows of pines trees lined up for inspection. Picking out a tree had been a tradition of theirs since they were teenagers. Joe couldn’t care less what the tree looked like while Iris and Barry were a bit more picky. Normally Barry looked forward to doing this every year but today something felt off.

For the past half an hour Barry had a feeling they were being followed.

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XS: Jenni Ognats

Jenni was born into the heroic Allen bloodline home to many super heroic speedsters dating back to the golden age. Her mother was Dawn Allen one half of the tornado twins duo, children of Barry Allen/Flash. Along with her cousin Impulse/Bart Allen she grew up with her parents in the future after her family fled from the present after being pursued by “Professor Zoom”. Soon after   her mom and uncle were killed in battle, this prompted her grandmother to take Impulse back to the past leaving Jenni alone in the future with her biological dad. Unlike the other members of her family her speed powers did not manifest during childhood or pubescence instead they emerged after she was captured by the “Dominators”; an alien race bent on taking control of Earth’s superhuman population.

With her newly emerged powers she joined the Legion of Superheroes and became an asset to the team, saving them multiple times. Thanks to her powers she traversed the time stream aiding her many relatives in numerous battles.

After infinite crisis she was stranded in the time stream when her future was wiped from existence. Upon finding her way to “New Earth” she learned her true origins and remained there until Flashpoint remade time.

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There was lots of foreshadowing about children in The Flash Season 2. Most of it was subtle. I think the most blatant references came in Welcome to Earth 2 and Invincible. Do you think Candice's response to Grant about the Flashpoint storyline potentially mean that we could see Barry and Iris' kids or grandkids? I would love that. I think it would be really wonderful to see Barry and Iris as parents and Joe, Francine, Henry and Nora as grandparents.


Everyone who knows me knows I love the Tornado Twins. I have been taking ever little hint from Earth2!Nora wanting grandkids to Joe wanting his grandkids to call him Paw-Paw as hopefully meaning they will be coming soon. 

I would love love love to have the Tornado Twins show up. Whether it be…Cisco gets a vibe vision of them from the future, teenage Tornado Twins travel back in time, or in the final season we see Iris give birth to them. I don’t care cause I love them and want them on the show :)

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I feel like a lot of the things that worked in the comics are being condensed in order to work on the show. For example, Wally is now a brother to Iris rather than a distant cousin. I think in the show there's a good chance that Bart may be Barry and Iris' kid, instead of the tornado twins. Are there things in the comics that make this impossible to happen on the show? What are your thoughts on this being a possibility?

That’s actually a pretty big possibility, especially since no one really remembers the Tornado Twins. They barely even factor in the comics and aren’t alive at the same time as Barry, sadly, so it’s very possible Bart could just be their son. That, or they will have Bart pop up as their descendant without ever making direct reference to his parents or to Iris and Barry’s kids.

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B would be overprotective too. WestAllen family: *in food court at mall* Dawn: Daddy, what's a threesome? Is it where babies come from? Barry: *chokes on drink and starts coughing* Iris: *thinks the kids are old enough to know the truth* It's a-- Barry: *interrupts Iris* Sweetie,she asked me, not you. A threesome is a game people with no future or life or happiness play and babies come from storks.You know this. Dawn/Don: *lean forward with widened eyes* Iris: *groans and rolls eyes*

I’m LOLing at the “sweetie, she asked me, not you.” Petty Barry for the win. He’s going to try to play dumb when a sex topic comes up or be like “close your eyes and cover your ears!” when it comes on a movie or tv show, and Iris will be like we have to tell them and he’ll procrastinate until Iris calls a family meeting and she talks to them. She’d walk in and be like “alright, it’s time we had the talk.” Dawn and Don would groan but Barry would join them too and become Mr. PoutyFace. Once it’s over with, Iris will be like “any questions??” Dawn and Don shake their heads and she looks over at Barry who’s sitting on the couch like

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