“Oh, you want this?  Hmmm…’fraid not.  you’ll have to do something for me first~”

An older Beni for all your older Beni needs.  He’s still got that baby face tho.  He will always have that baby face.  I WAS working on an update for the ask blog but then I somehow ended up making this because this soundtrack makes me think of BeniTori for SOME REASON!

Just imagine Beni going off on a rant and Tori just doesn’t want to deal with it so he just goes and sits on him to shut him up.

Essentially like a momma bird sitting on a really angry egg.

All it does though is make Beni even more ticked because Mink and Koujaku are laughing at him.

“What are you doing, Bird???”
“Cuddling with you. That’s what lovers usually do, right? Or you don’t like it? Also, my name is ‘Huracan’ now, Sparrow.”
“S-stupid! It’s not like I hate it, Idiot Bird! I just asked you what are you doing, that’s it. Also my name is 'Beni’ not 'Sparrow’!”
“Hnn. Yes, sorry, my bad.”

The Online mode is redesign of my old ToriBeni Online mode design (just change some part like Huracan’s hair or their tattoo).

lmao Huracan looks like shotacon

DMMd Rare Pair Week Day 5

Day 1: | Mink/Koujaku |
Day 2: | Mink x Everyone | Noiz/Clear |
Day 3: | Shiroba & Sei |
Day 4: | Trip x Mizuki |

I ship gaybirds.
asfdsfs Seriously, ToriBeni is like my OTP now. asdsfdfgd amg benisruffledfeathers you made me ship them so much now. TsuntsunBeni is forevaaa
Frack, I didn’t know how Tori would look like so I barfed up some design that seems completely irrelevant to his bird form.  what am i doing idk. I like how my style is so damn inconsistent OTL

Fly away

A Toribeni fanmix inspired by Ichi’s Allmate High AU.

Because I ship birds. I ship fucking birds.

Fly away - Lenny Kravitz

Scholarship in punk - Guttermouth

Teenage dream - Katy Perry

Where did the party go? - Fall Out Boy

Everytime we touch - Cascada

Come & Get it (Nightcore version) - Krewella

Alone together - Fall Out Boy

Misery business - Paramore

Wake me up when September ends - Greenday

Dirty picture - Taio Cruz feat. Ke$ha

I know you’re waiting - Autopilot Off

Runaway - Avril Lavigne

Million miles - Kylie Minogue

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Holy god yes. I definitely did research on Cockatoos’ personalities and courting/mating habits because I’m actually insane. They get super duper attatched to the human they connect with. I bet Tori would be SO jealous of Koujaku in the very beginning. Mink is HIS human and he doesn’t like to share at all, but Beni is enough of a nuisance to keep him distracted for the most part. So Mink and Kouj manage to fall in love regardless of what their crazy birds think.

Protective ToriBeni over Mink and Kouj just kill me now god yesss. I headcanon that all of the allmates are deep down as protective of their humans as Ren is to Aoba. So gosh yeah, fuck with them and you have two angry birds to answer to ;)

Cockatoos need to be around people pretty much all the time, so I bet Koujaku and Mink would have such a hard time shooing him away when they wanna do the do. And eventually Koujaku tries to set Beni up with Tori on a bird date or some shit just to get alone time with Mink. “TAKE TORI OUT FOR THE DAY. GO FLY, GO…CATCH WORMS I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU DO BUT GO DO IT AWAY FROM HERE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BENI I NEED TO GET LAID.” Jesus I’m in too deep.