So I think universities are fucking. Fake. I just witnessed a group of white males, one in a school shirt and jeans and a santa hat, one in school basketball shorts, a school sweatshirt, a santa hat, and a beard, one dressed as santa, and another one as an elf in a green jacket cross the street together. The elf stopped in the middle of the (thankfully empty) street to whip, and they wished me merry christmas as they passed.

  • Christian Grey: You said you're an English major. Tell me, was it Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, or Thomas Hardy who first made you fall in love with literature?
  • me: Wishbone.

Okay so my thesis draft is at 15 pages. About 6 or 7 of those pages are unedited, so let’s hope that by going through and fixing them, I’ll get to at least 20 pages. Even more would be better, but once I’m at 20, I can breathe. I’ve only got until Thursday and I really want to hand it in on time instead of taking the extension because I have three other classes with final papers that I need to hand in after this. My prof in tonight’s class said that us thesis students will probably sleep until Sunday once we hand our stuff in and I burst that bubble by saying that I’ve got over 25 more pages worth of work for other classes to get done in the week immediately following that. I’ve got no breaks here. 

I was just told to my face by my professor that I’m misinterpreting Gatsby and that my 20+ long page thesis that’s due in just over two weeks is not going to be possible to write even though I’ve been sitting in that class getting no help and no feedback and useless handout after useless handout every single day despite every single student in there practically begging for help because he’s so incompetent and unproductive and unfit to teach I want to kill myself

Okay so my thesis is finally done. After four months of everything being horrible, it came out to 22 pages, 7549 words, and just under a dozen total mental breakdowns. I expected to feel a lot more relieved but instead I’m just exhausted and annoyed? It’s an incredible anticlimax after finishing such a huge project. Anyway, I am now accepting congratulatory presents of any kind just saying.