but just imagine jim and bones curled up together in jim’s big comfy captain’s bed, and their legs are tangled together and they’re pressed as close together as humanly possible. jim knows bones is a huge cuddler and he’s okay with that because he secretly loves to cuddle too, especially with his cmo. and it’s even better because bones whispers sweet nothings into his ear in that southern drawl of his, telling jim how beautiful he is, how lucky he feels to have him as his own and jim just grins and blushes and presses their foreheads together because he’s never felt like this about anyone before


Tori's Headcanon - MC YouTuber Frozen AU

I have seen that some folks in the Setosorcerer tag have created a Frozen AU for Seto and Deadlox with Seto as Elsa and Deadlox as Anna. I have been thinking about my own little headcanon with this AU. … Especially since I’ve been fabricating a parody. Haven’t written one in a while… But some explanations are required since it seems if I post it, it’ll be confusing.

Like all headcanons, you do not need to agree with this. … So… I'mma start now.

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Can I please have how Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Belgium, and Vietnam would cuddle their S/O? Thanks! :)

Here is a post talking about Lithuania’s cuddling preferences, and some other cute fluffy headcanons about him, and unfortunately, I don’t know Vietnam well enough to write for her! I’m sorry. Also this will include cuddle headcanons, as a well as a few other fluffy things about the characters!

Belarus/Natalia Arlovskaya 

  • Now I know not everyone headcanons Natalia as very cuddly, but tbh I really like the thought of her being that way. I definitely feel like although she puts up this really sarcastic, somewhat emotionless coverall, she is deep down very easily offended and sweet. I like the thought of her enjoying cuddling and small affections from her s/o, although she seems to act indifferent to it at times. 
  • She is so precious and shy!! Nat turns ten shades of red if you cuddle up close to her and give her smooches. 
  • If you don’t initiate a regular amount of affection with her, then she will be forced to initiate it herself. She’ll just plop down next you and position you both together however she wants, all the while sighing. 
  • Loves leaning into her s/o, with their arm around her shoulders. 
  • Also tends to enjoy holding hands while cuddling. 

Estonia/Eduard von Bock

  • I think Eduard would also try to play it off like he doesn’t enjoy cuddling, but he actually really likes to every once in a while. 
  • The difference between him and other characters like that though, is that when he cuddles someone he goes big or goes home. There’s no sense in just holding hands when cuddling! Your entire bodies have to be intertwined and in weird positions. 
  • I feel like he also wouldn’t mind making cuddling turn into something a little more sexual. 
  • I feel like he gives frequent cheek kisses to his s/o, although not necessarily while cuddling. 

Belgium/Emma Maes

  • Emma lovesss cuddling, and she is definitely not afraid to tell you that. 
  • Although she can get a bit flustered when you two are being super intimate when cuddling, she really enjoys for her s/o to be a little romantic (giving her sweet kisses and the like). 
  • Definitely one to give head messages when her s/o lays their head in her lap. She’s really good at it, and doesn’t mind if they fall asleep because of it. 
  • She’s one of those people that will stare at you in adoration, and then turn red all over when caught doing so.

-Admin K. 

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What are the differences (personality wise) between Earth Prince Endymion and modern day Mamoru? How are they similar?

     firstly, thank you so much for the question!

     so i’ve actually given this some thought and talked some with @maculcte about what i think some of the differences between endymion and mamoru are. i personally believe the greatest diference between the two is CONFIDENCE. as far as we know, endymion’s situation was not like mamoru’s and i believe he was raised in a home with parents who loved and encouraged him. he had friends and teachers and was most likely surrounded by people who helped to build his confidence, which is something mamoru did not have much of growing up. as tumblr user cinnamonrollusagi points out in this post, mamoru is not very confident in himself and, therefore, is vulnerable when the enemy comes around and picks him up.

     i also think that endymion would be more extroverted than mamoru. his mbti type doesn’t necessarily have to change for that, since INFJs can be pretty extroverted depending on whose company they find themselves in, but i do think he would be more at ease with stepping out of his comfort zone.

     one similarity i can think of (as far as my portrayal goes) is how understanding they both are. they’re also pretty level headed (upon entering a relationship with serenity (however RASH he may have seemed doing so), endymion keeps a clear head and does not buy beryl’s bull for even one second). they are trustworthy. and they both have so much love to give.


tori is our fearsome troublemaker, BUT she is a pushover when it comes to things, ideas such as exploring. she trusts in those who just want to LIVE because she believes they wont ask questions and just GO WITH THE FLOW you’ll see her around them, most.

FINALLY I’m able to post it…

Anyways, this is something I had drawn out a while ago and didn’t remember to finally color it in until now, let alone make sure the file didn’t corrupt. But here’s what I finally managed to finish drawing!

Humanized Bonnie Bunny from Five Nights at Freddy’s!

My headcanon for a human Bonnie would be that they are genderfluid thanks to reading about the gender confusion Bonnie has from TV Tropes. So I chose genderfluid Bonnie to have the chance to draw a female and male design. And I like they both came out!

Tori's Headcanons - How Mutes Speak

… And when I say this, I’m talking about Sky’s buddy Ethan and that guy SubZero who apparently no one knows what relationship he has with Sky. Or any of them.

Ethan speaks using emoticons such as “:)”, “:D”, “:(”, “>:(” and whatever you can get on emoji and perhaps some that don’t even exist. This only helps make him harder to understand on certain occasions however. Sub has the ability to create rectangles that are similar to the chat boxes. Or at least when you type something into the chat box. He uses these to state exactly what he wants to say.  This makes him easier to understand.

Silly TDRR Headcanon

One of the attempts Lorenzo and Chet’s parents used to get them to get along is have them wear a “This is our Get Along Shirt” shirt for a day.

It worked a little bit when they both got along just to take it off about two or three hours later. But that moment didn’t last.

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One word prompt: Snow! :D

Living in a snow biome for most of his life was alright. Mitch never minded it but eventually, he grew tired of the cold environment which lead him to leave to see the other biomes.

He much preferred the warmer climate compared to his home. However, he refused to let go of his old roots. There was still a side of him that missed the snow and the ice from his home.

He held onto many memories of having snowball fights with his old friends and creating snow golems that protected the village from mobs. He remembered going out on the rooftop with his parents to look at the falling snow at night. He loved how beautiful the snow looked as it fell down. It was his favorite sight ever.

He also met his best friend Jerome in the snow biome. He stayed by Jerome’s side and helped him get used to being around other humans. Now they were well known for being the unstoppable Hunger Deans champions.

While he doubted he could get used to the cold weather again, he knew he owed a lot to living in a snow biome. It was privilege of sorts to him to grow up in a snow biome since he’s held onto great memories and a great friend.

A/N: … This also counts as a headcanon for Minecraft TheBajanCanadian I guess. … It’s not too good but. Again, decent.