Wizard World Comic Con Pt2

Me dipping John Barrowman (God, I love this man):

My photo op with Christian Kane (what a sweetie!):

I don’t usually do duck faces, but when John Barrowman says, “Do a duck face,” you do a duck face!

Me, kissing a Dalek (don’t tell the Doctor!):

John at his panel in his Pokemon dress and high heels (he can run in those like a damn pro):

John and a little fan whose mom “made him make” a little Malcom Merlyn figurine:

I gotta say, John Barrowman is the freaking shit. There were deaf people with a translator at the panel, and he made sure to check in with them to see if they wanted to ask a question. There was a little boy that was in his autograph line who had lost his fez, so John arranged with another fan to get him a new one. John’s parents were at the panel, and his dad even came up on stage and told a story about John as a baby. When I was in line for his photo op, he got up on a chair and made an announcement setting down “the rules.” He said, “Anything goes except kissing (because last time I got swine flu) and lifting (because some people aren’t as light as they think they are). But if you want, I’ll cup titties for the ladies or grab [motioning to his crotch] for the men, unless you’re underage, in which case, ask your parents about that on the drive home tonight!” Finally, in his autograph line, instead of standing or sitting behind the table, keeping a professional distance, he stood in front of the table WITH HIS FANS. He hugged, he chatted, he spent quality time with each and every fan in his line. When someone was directed to the wrong line by WW staff, he made sure they didn’t have to go back to the end of the line. This man is a freaking angel dressed up as the best fucking badass Disney princess ever, and we are so lucky to have him.

(Btw, he was asked about what other shows he’d like to be on, and a few of us shouted out, “Supernatural!” while he was thinking, and he said he’d LOVE to do SPN, because he loves “his boys!” He said every time he gets to see them, he never asks them to pretend to kiss him or anything, they just do it (AND HE LOVES IT), and he always sends the picture to his sister just to make her jealous. I say it’s fair payback for her apparently not wanting to watch him when he was a baby. LOL!)


WARNING: if you love Torchwood, this video will probably made you sad.


So my big brother, Kevin, and I went to Dallas Fan Days today. Kevin was so excited to meet John Barrowman who talked to my brother a bit and noticed his service dog Scrappy. Kevin explained he’d done 2 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and that watching John play Captain Jack really helped him. John Barrowman shook my big brother’s hand, thanked him for his service and asked if if he could pet Scrappy…and proceeded to CRAWL under the table and play with Scrappy for about 10 minutes. John then thanked Kevin again and shook his hand, crawled back under the table, signed Kevin’s picture “To Torvald” and then refunded Kevin’s autograph money and then gave him a half hug. That made Kevin’s day and probably is the one of his happiest memories. John Barrowman is so awesome! I will never, ever forget the awesome kindness he did.
Gareth David Llyod at Film and Comic Con Glasgow. 22.08.15.
*CONTAINS SPOILERS* Sorry about my horrendous laugh through this I couldn't help it. But seriously. How the hell do you go about stealing a bath? Like? Steal...

So I filmed all of Gareth David Lloyd’s panel yesterday at Comic Con and honestly thank fuck I did.